RARE SLASH - Alien Nation Challenges
This grouping of challenges are all based on the now defunct tv series and tv movies Alien nation.  I'm on several mailing lists and very recently I have been called a very prolific challenger. I love to come up with ideas:) Hope that this may inspire some of the writers out there..... Sincerely DSRT(Aka: Myst and many more)


Challenges Section
Challenge #1: 
Alien Nation/Dead Zone
(sort of)

During an investigation into a murder of a wealthy Newcomer Matt is attacked and left for dead. He is in a coma and awakens 3 years later but in coming back he brought back a very unwanted gift. A lot has changed in 3 years.

- must be m/m(Matt/George)
- Grief and loss
- Many unexpected changes
- Recovery
- Decisions
- Paths

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Challenge #2: 

What if Cathy was married onboard the mothership and believed that her husband had died. But now he suddenly appears back in her life and she decides that she must go back to him. Leaving a broken hearted Matt behind her, wondering why every one he loves leaves him. Well except one. Whom he would never approach...but just suppose George and Susan knew and decided to do something about it.

- must be m/m(Matt/George)
- Difficult answers
- Cornered
- Misplaced fears
- A Gift
- Changes

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Challenge #3A,B,C.D,E: 
Alien Nation/War Of The Worlds The Series 
have both series take place in same timeline...

The Mothern Aliens join forces with a couple of ex-overseers who are unware that the people are really Mothern aliens. They begin abducting various people including Matt Sikes who's related to Paul Ironhorse on Matt's mothers side of the family.

- must be m/m
- Native ancestory
- Vengeance
- Alien Technology(Newcomer/Mothern)
- Lightning
- Ancient Knowledge

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Challenge #4: 

A modern day Jack the ripper is stalking the streets of Los Angles except all the victims are gay men who were all dating Tenctonese men. Matthew is sent undercover as a lure to trap the killer because he fits the appearance of the victims and had gone through inter-species sex course.

- must be m/m(George/Matt)
- Old Haunts
- Previous Case
- Hidden Disires
- Abandoned Dreams
- Dancing


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Challenge #5: 
Alien Nation/Kindred The Embraced(Very AU)

While Matt and George are working an abduction case they become separated near a deserted building. Matt is attacked and Embraced by the leader of Kindred clans of Los Angeles Frank Kohank who was poisoned with a Tenctonese drug that causes temporary insanity to any Kindred it is given to. 

- must be m/m(Matt/George, Matt/?)
- Vanished
- Decisions & Deceptions
- Reluctant New Prince
- Forgiveness
- Responsibilities

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Challenge #6: 

What if Purist leader Darlene Bryant decided to extract revenge on Matt Sikes for interfearing with her plans again and again. How far would her revenge go?

- must be m/m(Matt/?, Matt/George)
- Abduction
- Torture
- Games
- Major mistake
- Reactions


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Challenge #7: 
Alien Nation/Buffy TVS 
What if the realms of Buffy TVS coexisted with Alien Nation(TS) at the same time. Now just suppose that Matt Sikes & Xander Harris are related and involved in an ancient Apocalyptic Prophecy that Overseers & Demons intend to have come to pass and others want stopped. Matt & Xander both have mysterious ablilities (you decide type)

- must have m/m pairings (Xander/Giles, Matt/George) 
- Dire curse 
- Exchange Of Favors 
- visionary dreams 
- Dark Knight 
- Blood Moon & Black Fire 
- fabled pairings 
- Crossroads 
- A battle 
- death's heart 
- a sacrifice 
- Changing paths 

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Challenge #8: 

In the episode "Fountain of Youth" we see that the Doctor Jim Trenner is an old friend of Matt Sikes and is using Newcomer body parts on rich clients to make them young and healthy. At the end of the episode Matt destroys the information on the papers after the deaths of trenners and Ed. But what if Newcomers begin being harvested for body parts and that Trenner's knowledge is somehow being used again.

- must be m/m(Matt/George, Matt/Trenner)
- Past Returns
- Odd Murders
- Revenge
- Showdown
- Healing


 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #9: 
Alien Nation/Twin Peaks 

Matt has broken up with Cathy because he found out she was having an affair with another human who worked with her at the lab. He doesn't tell George or anyone else and suddenly takes a vacation to see his cousin in Twin Peaks...a Sheriff Harry S. Truman.

- must be m/m(Matt/George, Truman/Albert, Matt/Dale)
- desloation
- Fears
- Discoveries
- Spirits
- Home

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Challenge #10: 

Just suppose that Ahpossno had attacked Matt (in Dark Horizon) when he realised that the human was suspicious of him. What if Matt hid the attack from everyone but it starts to effect his life too much.

- must be m/m(Ahpossno/Matt, Matt/George), m/f(Matt/Cathy
- Break up
- Distance 
- Emotional Distress
- Secrets
- Truths


 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #11:
Alien Nation/Batman

Joker is terrorising the people of Los Angeles drawing Batman to the same city. Bruce Wayne attends a function at the local branch Of the Wayne Foundation that supports various Tenctonese/Human innovations.

- must be m/m(Bruce/Matt, Matt/George)
- Past Case
- Relationships
- Misunderstandings
- Confrontions
- Violet Rose

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Challenge #12:

George is at home ill and Matt heads into the station to tie up some loose ends of their latest case. When a bomb detonates with the building. Shattering lives of many and sending the city into chaos.

- must be m/m(Matt/George)
- confusion & Mass hysteria
- Shattered Spine
- Burns
- Hunt
- Purist radicals

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Challenge #13:
Alien Nation/TekWar The Series  

Matthew Sikes vanished several years ago while he and his partner were investigating a murder of a young Tectonese scientist who was working on the cryostais units. Now a Newcomer corporate executive who was involved with setting up the cryostatis units for prision use as well as the dead scientist is found murdered with a strange computer chip. The Cosmos Agency is looking into it(why? you decide)

- must be m/m(Matt/George, Winger/Jake)
- fragmented memories
- Flashbacks
- Unlisted Cryocrypt
- Hidden secrets
- A New World

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #14:

What if Ahpossno was interested in Matt instead of Cathy.

- must be M/M(Ahpossno/Matt, George/Matt)
- unrequited attraction
- Suspicion
- Abduction
- Trickery
- Hurt/Comfort

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Challenge #15:
Alien Nation/Men In Black

Before the arrival of Newcomers Matt Sikes had been a member of the MiB but a violent accident caused him to loose his memories. They hadn't expected him to survive at all. Now his forgotten past is about to appear in his life with a bang as 3 criminals he help apprehend arrive on earth to settle the score.

- Must be m/m(Matt/Kay, Matt/George, Kay/Jay)
- Old nightmares 
- Darkness
- Final chance
- Horrible choices
- New reality

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Challenge #16:

A criminal that Matt and George put away has been biding his time before striking out at the two officers. This person uses the purist officers within the station to get the extra help they need to extract Revenge.

- Must be m/m(Matt/George)  
- Ambush    
- clues(blood soaked coat, Videotape, demolished nuralyser, Pictures)  
- Nasty things done to Matt
- Reverberations through the station 

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Challenge #17:
Alien Nation/G.I. Joe

Matt and his partner Theo worked worked guarding the Newcomers during quarantine. Matt often found himself teamed with a member of G.I. Joe called Duke. Now after a Cobra/Purist attack on the same facillity at the same time, Matt meets up with Duke again...

- must be m/m(Matt/Duke, Matt/George) 
- odd friendship
- Secrets & Omissions
- Interesting Times
- Hotel room  
- questionable motives

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Challenge #18:

What if George's brother Ruthra wasn't killed on the day of Decent but survived to live on Earth. Just suppose Ruthra not George was the one to become a police officer, eventually Matt's partner then his lover.

- must be m/m(Matt/Ruthra)
- Rough Case
- Family Secrets
- Accident
- Troubled Teens
- Black Waters

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Challenge #19:
Alien Nation/Strange Luck

Chance Harper an old friend of Matt's is in town to cover a story for the paper that revolves around the mysterious deaths of 4 people(2 newcomer and 2 human).

- Must be M/M(Chance/Matt, Matt/George)
- Acidental Meetings  
- Hidden Files  
- arsons  
- Seductions

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Challenge #20: 

What if the fumes from the toxic chemicals that Matt was exposed to in the episode "Gimmee, Gimmee" did cause lasting damage to Matt's health? Would they be able to save his life? How far would his friends go to do so for him?

- must be m/m(Matt/George)
- Sudden Collapse
- experimental treatment
- Breakdown
- Final Chance 

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Challenge #21:
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Challenge #22: 
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Challenge #23:
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