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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from MK fandom that I have posted to several lists. The ones located here are too small to have a seperate page yet. Well see how many I think up as time passes.......
Challenge #1 
Mortal Kombat/RGB Crossover 

One year after Mortal Kombat A lost soul(ghost) named Johnny Cage comes to the RGB for help because someone/someforce from the Netherworld has stolen the powers of the lightning god Rayden and is holding hostage the Elder Gods, as the being plans the destruction of a universe. 

- Must be M/M(Rayden/Johnny, Peter/Johnny<PSR>, Peter/Egon) 
- A grotesque weapon 
- Soul sacrifice 
- ray of hope 
- Resurrection 
- Secrets, Lies, Truths 

PSR = Past Sexual Relationship 

Three warriors, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage and Lui Kang, battle the servants of the evil sorcerer Shang Tsung to determine the fate of the world. 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #2  

During Mortal Kombat Johnny goes for a walk and is bothered by a group of the outworld warriors who are looking for entertainment. 

- must be m/m(Johnny/Rayden) 
- divine intervention 
- Red/White Room 
- Surprise 
- Torn Fabric 
- Marked 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #3  
Mortal Kombat/Highlander 

What if when Johnny Cage died in Mortal Kombat 2 he woke up as an Immortal and wandered off with a case of Amnesia? And during his travels he meets up with Methos and is trained for the Game. 

- must be m/m(Johnny/Rayden, Methos/Richie) 
- Unexpected meetings 
- Lightning Storms 
- New Paths 
- Erotic Dreams 
- Discoveries 


Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #4 

What if Raydon's father was being assisted by another being in his bid to take over. Just suppose that this being took Johnny after he arranged his psuedo death in front of Rayden, Liu Kang & Sonja Blade in an act of revenge against Rayden. 

- must be m/m(Rayden/Johnny) 
- Abduction 
- Brainwashing 
- Torture 
- Revelations 
- Defeat 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #5 
Mortal Kombat/Shanghai Noon(knights) 

After Johnny is believed dead his body vanishes from the temple and he reappears alive in the late 1800's in Carson City Nevada where he meets Roy O'Bannon and Chon Wang. 

- must be m/m(Johnny/Rayden, Roy/Chon) 
- Confusion 
- Decisions 
- Shaolin Temple 
- Truths 
- Strange Travelers 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #6 

Johnny Cage has died at the hands of Shao-Kahn's Allies and has passed into the land of the dead. But his soul is discontent with the way things were left behind him. On All Hallows Eve he has one night to tie up the loose ends with those he left behind before dawn. 

- must be m/m(Johnny/Rayden) 
- Three Visitations (Sonya, Liu, Rayden) 
- Heartfelt wish 
- Blessing 
- Confession 
- Bridge 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #7 
Mortal Kombat 2/Buffy TVS 

Johnny Cage awakens in Sunnydale CA in a daze after the events of Mortal Kombat 2. He runs into the Scooby Gang and his Nephew Xander who takes him in. While an ancient evil arrives to open the hellmouth to bring Outworld into contact with the Earth. 

- must be m/m(Rayden/Johnny, Xander/Giles) 
- Prophecy 
- Consort 
- Blood Moon 
- Lightning Strike 
- Codex 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #8 

Long ago Rayden fell in love with another man/god(you decide) who was destroyed by a woman/goddess/demoness who wanted Rayden for herself. She cast his soul into the abyss believing that he would turn to her, but he didn't. Over the centuries he has searched for the soul of his lost soulmate. Seemingly in vain until the 9th round of Mortal Kombat where he kept sensing his soul. 

- must be m/m(Rayden/Johnny) 
- Starless night 
- Song "Bonny Swans" by Loreena McKennitt 
- Mysterious dreams 
- Dancing figures 
- Eternity's Gate 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #9 
Mortal Kombat 2/Quantum Leap 

Sam leaps into the body of (You Choose - can be good person or bad person) just before the battle at the beginning of the movie and has to prevent the death of Johnny Cage. 

- must be m/m(Sam/Al, Rayden/Johnny) 
- Abduction 
- Trapped 
- Escape attempts 
- Guardian 
- Rayden's Gift 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #10 

Johnny Gage was the youngest of a set of triplets but he doesn't know this because the other two children were taken into outworld when they were born due to the abilities Shang Tsung knew the first two had. Yet Johnny also has a gift... 

- must be m/m(Rayden/Johnny) 
- Sub-Zero & Scorpion 
- Universal Nexus 
- Forgotten Myth 
- Reawakenings 
- Book of Life 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #11 
Batman/Mortal Kombat 2 

Johnny Cage apparently was killed during the beginning of the Mortal Kombat 2 movie but just suppose that when he appeared to be killed he actually woke up in Gotham City under the protection of his cousin Bruce Wayne - Batman. 

- must be m/m(Johnny/Rayden, Bruce/Liu) 
- Evil Gods 
- Battle Zone 
- Destuction 
- Dicoveries 
- Gateways 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #12 
What if Johnny Cage woke up from a coma and believed that the entire events of Mortal Kombat 1 & 2 had been an coma enduced dream. What if he ran into Liu and Sonya 2 years later?

- must be m/m(Johnny/Rayden, Johnny/Liu)
- Nightmares
- Lightning storms
- Recluse
- Attack
- Recovery
- Confusion & Revalations

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #13 
G*I*Joe/Mortal Kombat 

Falcon runs into Rayden at the grave of his old friend Johnny Cage... 

- must be m/m (Johnny/Falcon, Johnny/Rayden) 
- Broken Hearts 
- Storm 
- Memories shared 
- Shang Tsung 
- Favour 
- Seduction 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #14 
 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge # 
 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge # 
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Challenge # 
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