Batman & Beyond Slash Challenges
This grouping of challenges are all based on Batman and Batman Beyond.  I'm on several mailing lists and very recently I have been called a very prolific challenger. I love to come up with ideas:) Hope that this may inspire some of the writers out there..... Sincerely DSRT(Aka: Myst and many more)
Challenges Section
Challenge #1: 
Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge A 

Agent Jay mysteriously appears in Gotham city at the same time Alpha(or choose a villian) appears, obtaining control of the Jokerz. Drawing the attention of both Terry and Bruce who recognises the young man from his past. 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Jay/Kay, Bruce/Jay<PSR>) 
- Alien device 
- Mayhem 
- Revelations of the past 
- Choices 
- New Hope 

Past Sexual Relationship 
Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge B 

Terry encounters a alien criminal who abducts him and drags him back in time where he encounters the Men In Black, Batman/Bruce, and a whole lot more. 

- must be m/m(Terry/Jay, Bruce/Terry, Jay/Kay) 
- Vengence 
- Bloodlines 
- Protection 
- Questions & Truths 
- Safehouse 

Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge C 

Agent Kay appears in Gotham city through a time portal chasing a criminal from the past and collides with Batman(terry) literally. Bruce recognises the unconcious agent and has terry bring him the the cave. He calls a hidden number and waits... 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Bruce/Jay, Jay/Kay) 
- Second chances 
- Fools and Hope 
- MiB HQ 
- Heart or Mind 
- Surprise 

Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge D 

A mysterious Alien is working for Derek Powers but what is its real agenda? 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Powers/?<alien>, Jay/Kay) 
- Stolen Technology 
- 3 deaths 
- Gotham Fires 
- Desire and Mayhem 
- Batcave, shattered glass, 1 boodstained jacket 

Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge E 

While at a dance club with Max, Terry is grabbed by a group of Alien crooks who are looking for test subjects for their boss... 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Jay/Kay) 
- New Drug 
- Mysterious disappearances 
- Lost time 
- "We spent too much time around aliens, it really disrupted up our ability to grow old." 

Batman/Men In Black 
Challenge F 

The Joker and Harly Quinn discover the truth about aliens & the Men In Black. Abducting one of the MiB agent's named Agent Jay and bring him to Gotham City and begin to use the weapons he had on him when they captured Jay. 

- must be m/m(Bruce/Kay<PSR>, Jay/Kay) 
- Torture 
- Nurylyser mis-use 
- Blackmail 
- Revenge & Therapy 
- Broken Mirrors 
PSR:Past Sexual relationship 

Batman/Men In Black 
Challenge G 

What if Kay hadn't retrieved Jay after being retired by Kay in the animated episode "The 'J' Syndrome"? What if Jay/James had accepted a transfer to Gotham city Police Dept instead of returning to the NYPD? 

- must be m/m(<Jay>James/Bruce, Jay/Kay) 
- Bodyguard duty 
- Alien Assassins 
- Wine and Dining 
- Trust 
- Revenge & Truths 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Sep 16, 2002
Challenge #2: 
Batman Beyond 

While Bruce is away on a business trip leaving Terry to do his rounds as Batman. Bruce has a run in with a old enemy(you choose from Batman, Justic league villians) who takes him hostage. 

- must be m/m(Bruce/?, Bruce/Terry<pre-slash>) 
- trickery 
- Traps 
- mind games 
- VR brothel 
- Leather, Satin, Whip 


Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #3: 
Alien Nation/Batman 

Joker is terrorising the people of Los Angeles drawing Batman to the same city. Bruce Wayne attends a function at the local branch Of the Wayne Foundation that supports various Tenctonese/Human innovations. 

- must be m/m(Bruce/Matt, Matt/George) 
- Past Case 
- Relationships 
- Misunderstandings 
- Confrontions 


 Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #4: 
J'onn Verse/Batman Beyond 

What if the Bruce Wayne we see in the series isn't really the orginal Bruce Wayne what if Bruce Wayne(Batman) was killed and Jonn was unable to handle the severing of their links had pulled the memories and personality of his lover into himself. Waking up to discover that he was now Bruce Wayne with no memories of being Jonn Jozz and believing that Jonn was destroyed instead. Now just suppose the soul of Bruce was reincarnated as Terry... 

- must be m/m(Jonn/Bruce, Bruce/Terry, Terry/Jonn) 
- Flashbacks 
- Terry Near Death experience 
- Nightmares/visions 
- Truths 
- Adjustments 


 Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #5: 
Batman/Mortal Kombat 2 

Johnny Cage apparently was killed during the beginning of the Mortal Kombat 2 movie but just suppose that when he appeared to be killed he actually woke up in Gotham City under the protection of his cousin Bruce Wayne - Batman. 

- must be m/m(Johnny/Rayden, Bruce/Liu) 
- Evil Gods 
- Battle Zone 
- Destuction 
- Dicoveries 
- Gateways 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #6: 
Batman Beyond

Bruce Wayne has taken control back of his family company which doesn't sit too well with a number of the board members families. Some of whom decide to strike back at the Corporate head but instead strike his assistant Terry who recognises them...

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce<pre-slash to slash>)
- an bomb
- Hit & Run
- IV tampering
- coma
- memory loss
- Bat Family


Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #7: 
Batman/Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Napoleon's teenage nephew Bruce is captured by T.H.R.U.S.H. in an attempt to gain control of Wayne Enterprises. Solo decides to go after his Nephew while his partner searches withing Wayne Enterprises for the reason as well as for who helped them capture the young man.

- must be m/m(Bruce/?, Illya/Napoleon)
- Betrayal
- luck
- forgotten designs
- accidents
- steps on the path

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #8: 
Batman Beyond

Since Bruce Wayne has taken back control of his family company there has been a lot of speculation as to the role of his personal assistant Terry within the company and by the media. Now a reporter for the trash papers has been hired to find the dirt of their relationship...

- must be m/m(Bruce/Terry)
- Garbage theft
- holo vid pictures
- stalking 
- break and entering(the mansion and Terry's home)
- Caught(you decide)


 Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #9: 
Batman Beyond/Nightmare on Elm St/Sandman

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Freddy/You Choose)
- Waking Nightmares
- Hidden Desires
- Trapped
- Coma
- Dreamland war

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #10: 
Batman Beyond

A predator who often kills his victims is stalking the students of Gotham high who fit the type he prefers. He abucts them and when finished with them he dumps their near lifeless corpses. Will Terry be the next victim?

- must be m/m
- cold & darkness
- blood soaked jacket
- Nightmarish images
- Bat Armor 
- Underground Temple


 Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #11: 
Batman/Justice League/Firestorm(original dc version)

Killer Frost, Plastique, Harley Quinn and Posion Ivy have joined forces and are terrorising the city of Gotham. Batman and J'onn ask Firestorm to help assist in the capture of the quartet of villinesses. A lot more comes out of the venture than was expected...

- must be m/m(Bruce/J'onn, Ronald/Martin)
- Accident
- Wounds
- Secrets revealed
- attractions 
- decisions

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
August 10, 2003
Challenge #12: 
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Challenge #13: 
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Challenge #14: 
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Challenge #15: 
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Challenge #16: 
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Challenge #17: 
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Challenge #18: 
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Challenge #19: 
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Challenge #20: 
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Challenge #21: 
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Challenge #22: 
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Challenge #23: 
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