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I create so many challenges that I have put my own challenge section up so I 
don't clog up the "Exist-In-Shadow" Challenge section too badly. I'm on several 
mailing lists and very recently I have been called a very prolific challenger. I love 
to come up with ideas:) Hope that this may inspire some of the writers out there..... 
Sincerely DSRT(Aka: Myst and many more)
Challenges Section
Challenge #1A,B,C: 

Challenge #1A 
Challenge Crossover 
Diganosis Murder/Men In Black(TAS) 

Agent Jay is brought alone into the Emergency Room at the Hospital by an EMT. Steve is sent to investigate, he recognises Jay as Dt. James Darryl Edwards III a friend from his past.....(can be set in the Holiday season if your muses wish it:) 

- Should be M/M(Steve/Jesse, Jay/Kay) 
- An Attack(Aliens? or Humans? You decide) 
- Coma & Amnesia(Jay) 
- Alien weapon/device 
- Explosion 
- Abduction 
- Clean up team 

TAS=The Animated Series 

Challenge #1B 
Real Ghostbusters/MiB:The Animated Series 
Crossover Challenge 

Alpha finds a way to use ghosts against the Men In Black which wreak havoc at the MiB headquarters and within the city(New York) itself. Not realizing the scope of the dangers he has unleashed. RGB are called in........ 

- Should be M/M(Jay/Kay, Peter/Egon) 
- Various Ghost Classifications 
- Abduction of Agent Jay 
- LTD Garage Demolished 
- A Portal(gateway, what ever you want to call it) 
- An Alien Book(Magic? Technological? demonic? You pick) 
- 48 hours 
- Strange invaders 

Challenge #1C 
Sherlock Holmes/The Men In Black The Animated Series 

Moriarty is actually an alien whose mate is also a criminal who has arrived on Earth in the year 2000. During an attack on the MiB it(she/he? you decide)abducts Agent Jay and escapes back into time to the late 1800's searching for Moriarty. 

- must be m/m(Holmes/Watson, Jay/Kay) 
- Amnesiac Jay 
- Watson's Secret****You decide:) 
- Alien device 
- 6 murders 
- Hidden doorways 
- Spacecraft 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #2: 

A newly transfered MiB Agent desires Agent Kay as a partner(& more) and decides to remove any obstacles from his/her way, even if it means eliminating the current partner Agent Jay through an act of murder to get Kay.... 

- Must be m/m(Kay/Jay)with H/C(hurt comfort),angst 
- A very dangerous case(alien) 
- Jealous Agent 
- Collapsed building 
- Gunshots, poison, drowning, burial alive 
- explosions 
- car accident(the LTD) 
- comatose Jay 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #3A,B,C.D,E: 
Challenge #3A 
MiB:TAS/Buffy TVS 

During a mission Agent Jay is abducted, tortured left for dead by a group of Apokolyptic Demons & Aliens(they are working together), but he awakens with amnesia wandering around the Hellmouth. He is rescued by the Slayer & Slayerettes who discover that he is involved with an ancient prophecy. 

- must be m/m (Jay/Xander, Xander/Giles, Jay/Kay) 
- An Ancient Prophecy 
- Healing body & soul 
- An Apololyptic war (Aliens & Demons unite) 
- Secrets & Truths 
- Revelations 
- MiB joins forces with Slayerettes 
- A Battle 
- sacrifice 
- the rite of Heartsblood & Soulmusic 

Heartsblood & Soulmusic is whatever you want it to mean..... 

Challenge #3B 
The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS 

Alpha and Ethan Rayne have joined forces, they each abduct the companion of their old lovers(Alpha gets Xander & Ethan grabs Jay), to use in an horrible ritual to gain power.... 

- Must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
- Jay & Xander Abducted 
- Nasty things done to them(Use your demented minds:) 
- Blood & Soul Ritual 
- Alien version of Necromnomican 
- Obsidian Blade 
- Admissions 

Challenge #3C 
The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS 

Agent Jay is finally able to get a Vacation away from the MiB(and his overprotective partner) and somehow ends up in Sunnydale, CA. Where he is attacked and later disappears..... 

- Must be m/m(Xander/Giles, Jay/Xander, Jay/Kay pre-slash) 
- An Attack(Aliens? or Humans? You decide) 
- Coma & Amnesia(Jay) 
- Alien weapon/device 
- Abduction 
- Explosion(The Magic Shop, Library, LTD - you decide) 
- Truths 
- Clean up teams 

Challenge #3D 
The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS 

An escaped alien serial murderer(think worse than Hannibal Lector folks) crashes it's spaceship in Sunnydale, CA. Finding the perfect place to entertain itself after a run in with a demon. 

- Must be m/m(Giles/Xander, Jay/Kay) 
- 6 murders(2 alien, 2 human, 2 demon) 
- abduction of Jay And Xander 
- Magical search in Magic Shop 
- Clues(3 you pick) 
- Bloodstained Tarot cards - The Fool, Knight Of Wands, Judgement, The Hanged Man, The Devil & The World Cards 

Challenge #3E 
The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS 

An Alien Jewel is stolen through magic by someone(you choose who) in Sunnydale,CA. But the jewel is more than anyone realizes.... 

- Must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
- Alien Invasion Fleet 
- Hellmouth opens 
- Dangerous ritual 
- Destroyed LTD 
- Hybrid weapon(magic/Tech) 

Challenge #3F 
The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS  

The daughter of an Alien Diplomat runs away from home and ends up involved with an evil crowd/cult "you decide type" in Sunnytdale, CA and the MiB Agents Jay & Kay are sent to retrieve her. Paths cross between MiB and the Slayerettes.... 

- Must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
- An Alien Book(Magic? Technological? demonic? You pick) 
- Prophecy 
- Abductions 
- Two pairs of conjoined souls 
- Alien devices 
- Major mistake 
- Clean up team 

Challenge #3G 
The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS/Angel 

Alpha and Ethan use quick clones to impersonate Jay and Xander which they then destroy in a way that makes each group(MiB & Slayerettes) believe that the two are dead. Why(you decide)? The two reappear together one year later in LA at the Hyperion Hotel.... 

- must be m/m(Giles/Xander,Jay/Kay, Wesley/Angel) 
- Two furnerals 
- Prophecy 
- Demonic/Alien War 
- Second Chances 
- Dragonfire & Gryphon Feathers 
- Mind Healing 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #4: 
The Coffee.....A Challenge 

A alien drug is accidently/or purposely mixed in with the MiB's Coffee supply at headquarters with some very erotic results which last for 48 hours... 

- must be m/m, m/f,?/?(Kay/Jay, Elle/Zed, X/Twins, worms/coffeemaker) 
- Alien drug in the coffee 
- everyone affected except Jay & ? 
- Seductions 
- Locked office, Elle's desk, break room floor, Zed's closet, LTD 
- embarassment and uncertainty 
- Confrontion & revelations 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #5: 
MiB:TAS/Harry Potter 

Alpha gains the assistance from his old friends Snape & Lord 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' Voldemort to aid in his attacks on the MiB. Severus Snape abducts Agent Jay, does nasty things to him. The MiB will need the help of all Hogswroths to put a stop to them..... 

- Must be M/M(Jay/Kay, Zed/Hagrid) 
- Alien Wizard(Good Or Evil you decide) 
- Ancient powers 
- Forgotten rooms 
- Torture Chamber 
- Universal heart 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #6: 

What if there were some agents within the MiB who disapproved of Jay becoming Kay's partner? Enough so that they begin to cause problems for the new agent through threats, harassment and abuse(can be all or any of these three verbal/physical/written)....What if they went really way too far? 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay either pre-slash or slash) 
- Supposed accidents 
- cruel pranks 
- embarassment 
- Near Death Experience 
- Galactic incident 
- Hospitalization 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #7: 
Brimstone/Men In Black TAS 

When Agent Jay was a police officer he helped catch a serial killer who went to the electric chair for his crimes. Now he has escaped from Hell<as one of the 113 souls> seeking vengeance on all those involved in his capture & execution leaving a bloody trail of death for Dt. Ezekiel Stone to follow leading straight to the MiB...... 

- Must be m/m(Zeke/Lucien, Jay/Kay) 
- Deaths of several MiB Agents 
- Abduction & Torture<Jay> 
- Stone meets the MiB 
- Webcam 
- Clues(3 you pick) 
- Bloodstained Tarot cards - The Fool, Knight Of Wands, Judgement, The Hanged Man, The Devil & The World Cards 
- Angel of Death 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #8: 

Alieen returns to earth following an escaped mass killer who she and Kay had caught years before. But before her arrival Kay is wounded and Jay is missing. Alieen and Elle must work together to find Agent Jay and stop this killer before the death toll is noticed by the media.... 

- Must be m/m, f/f,m/f(Kay/Jay<UST>, Alieen/Elle, Kay/Alieen<PSR>) 
- Extremely violent alien mass killer arrives on earth 
- 13 innocent deaths 
- Alien Ritual 
- LTD Destroyed 
- explainations 
- medical leaves 

UST:Unrequited Sexual Tension(nothing has happened yet...) 
PSR:Past Sexual relationship 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #9: 
MiB/Sailor Moon 

During an assignment in New York Jay disappears, abducted by a dark entity(You Decide) from the Negaverse and is transformed into one of it's new soldiers/Agents as are 8 other people<all men> from various places. They are taken to Tokyo, Japan to search for something the Negaverse forces have been looking for. 

- must be M/M(Kay/Jay, Elle/Setsuna) 
- Vicious Attacks on visiting aliens & humans 
- A transfigured Jay(pick a new name for him)appears 
- Major battle 
- Twisted memories 
- Confusion and night terrors 
- Sacrifice of the heart 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #10: 

What if more went on between Kay and Alpha back when they were partners before he betrayed The MiB? Could the reason that Alpha is so fixated on harming Agent Jay at times be related to jealousy? What if Alpha used Jay against Kay?.... 

- Must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Kay/Alpha<PST>) 
- Ambush 
- Missing partner(Jay) 
- clues(blood soaked coat, Videotape, demolished nuralyser, Pictures) 
- Nasty things done to Jay 
- traitor within MiB 
- quote "But Kay, hurting him tortures you in the depths of your soul because you know there is nothing you can do to stop it" 

PSR: Past sexual relationship 
PST: Past Sexual Tension 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #11: 

**MiB/KTE Crossover Challenge 11A** 

A group of alien criminals(gang/mob) are in San Francisco running their 
illegal activites there. Causing havok among the police and the Kindred plus  drawing the MiB to the city as well as drawing attention of the hunters  towards the Kindred. 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Frank/Julian) 
- Jay goes missing 
- Underground 
- Warehouse district 
- Inferno 
- War 

**MiB/KTE Crossover Challenge 11B** 

A seemingly mild mannered alien is Embraced by a rogue Kindred of the 
Clan(your choice). But the sire abandons the childe to its own devices. The  newly embraced Alien becomes far worse than any Kindred clan in existance... 

- must be m/m(Frank/Julian, Jay/Kay) 
- Forgotton Warrior 
- The Promise 
- Torture 
- Magic & Alien Technology 

**MiB/KTE Crossover Challenge 11C** 

This is a what if type of challenge idea...we all know that most of Frank's  background was pretty much shrouded from us. Now just suppose that Frank  wasn't fully human. What if one of his parents was an Alien who basically vanished for some reason off their homeworld then ended up on Earth where this being married a human and raised a family. Now just suppose that the  parents never told the kids any of the true background of their family... Now for the main challenge a trio of assassins have arrived on Earth looking  for the offspring of that marriage because of recent events on their  homeworld. Bringing mayhem and destruction along for the ride they head out  to San Francisco with the Men In Black chasing after them to try to stop  them from succeeding. 

- Must be m/m(Frank/Julian, Jay/Kay) 
- Family secrets 
- Shocking discovery 
 - Choices 
- MiB infirmery 
- Haven destroyed 
- Painting by Daedalus 

**MiB/KTE Crossover Challenge 11D** 

Frank was once a member of a secret organization that polices aliens on 
Earth that is until a violent attack traumatized him so much that he was  retired. Now the case that caused him to be retired has returned to haunt the MiB, resulting in the abduction of Agent Kay's partner Jay. The MiB  recall Frank back to active duty... 

- Must be m/m(Frank/Julian, Jay/Kay, Kay/Frank) 
- the De-nuralyser 
- Bugs and vemom 
- Chains 
- slaughterhouse 
- Assault 
- Decisions 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #12: 

Challenge #12A Birthday 

On Kay's birthday the MiB throw a surprise birthday party for him full of revelations and aliens threats plus a special surprise from an unexpected place:) 

- must be m/m(Kay/Jay) 
- detailed plans 
- 5 day vacation 
- Strange resort 
- erotic dance 
- Ties 
- Leather 

Challenge #12B Birthday Challenges(Jay) 

Jay's birthday is approaching and he is trying to keep busy to avoid 
thinking about something that happened before joining the MiB(you decide  what). His birthday always makes him think about the event, which makes him  appear to be slightly depressed to those around him. 

- Must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Unforgettable 
- Alien takeover 
- MiB Cell 
- Energy whip 
- Sacrifice 
- Truths 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #13A-G: 

Batman Beyond/Men In Black  
Challenge 13A 

Agent Jay mysteriously appears in Gotham city at the same time   Alpha(or choose a villian) appears, obtaining control of the Jokerz.  Drawing the attention of both Terry and Bruce who recognises the young man from his past. 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Jay/Kay, Bruce/Jay<PSR>) 
- Alien device 
- Mayhem 
- Revelations of the past 
- Choices 
- New Hope 

 Past Sexual Relationship 
Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge 13B 

Terry encounters a alien criminal who abducts him and drags him back   in time where he encounters the Men In Black, Batman/Bruce, and a 
whole lot more. 

- must be m/m(Terry/Jay, Bruce/Terry, Jay/Kay) 
- Vengence 
- Bloodlines 
- Protection 
- Questions & Truths 
- Safehouse 

Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge 13C 

Agent Kay appears in Gotham city through a time portal chasing a  criminal from the past and collides with Batman(terry) literally.    Bruce recognises the unconcious agent and has terry bring him the the  cave. He calls a hidden number and waits... 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Bruce/Jay, Jay/Kay) 
- Second chances 
- Fools and Hope 
- MiB HQ 
- Heart or Mind 
- Surprise 

Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge 13D 

A mysterious Alien is working for Derek Powers but what is its real  agenda? 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Powers/?<alien>, Jay/Kay) 
- Stolen Technology 
- 3 deaths 
- Gotham Fires 
- Desire and Mayhem 
- Batcave, shattered glass, 1 boodstained jacket 

Batman Beyond/Men In Black 
Challenge 13E 

While at a dance club with Max, Terry is grabbed by a group of Alien 
crooks who are looking for test subjects for their boss... 

- must be m/m(Terry/Bruce, Jay/Kay) 
- New Drug 
- Mysterious disappearances 
- Lost time 
- "We spent too much time around aliens, it really disrupted up our 
ability to grow old." 

Batman/Men In Black 
Challenge 13F 

The Joker and Harly Quinn discover the truth about aliens & the Men  In Black. Abducting one of the MiB agent's named Agent Jay and bring   him to Gotham City and begin to use the weapons he had on him when  they captured Jay. 

- must be m/m(Bruce/Kay<PSR>, Jay/Kay) 
- Torture 
- Nurylyser mis-use 
- Blackmail 
- Revenge & Therapy 
- Broken Mirrors 

PSR:Past Sexual relationship 

Batman/Men In Black 
Challenge 13G 

What if Kay hadn't retrieved Jay after being retired by Kay in the  animated episode "The 'J' Syndrome"? What if Jay/James had accepted a transfer to Gotham city Police Dept instead of returning to the NYPD? 

- must be m/m(<Jay>James/Bruce, Jay/Kay) 
- Bodyguard duty 
- Alien Assassins 
- Wine and Dining 
- Trust 
- Revenge & Truths 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #14: 
In the animated episode "The Sonic Boom Syndrome" what if Jay and Eddi had both been wounded by the voice when he escaped from the Ship. 

- must be m/m, f/f(Jay/Kay, Alieen/Eddi) 
- Fire 
- Surgery 
- Memory loss 
- Guilt 
- Rehabillitation 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #15: 
MiB/Red Dragon 

In honor of the release of the MiB 2 movie onto video/dvd I thought that it might be nice to send a odd challenge to the list. I just thought that it would be interesting to see if anyone out there who writes slash Red Dragon fic could write such a crossover between Red Dragon and The Men In Black. I dare someone out there to at least give it a try... 

only requirements 
- must be slash 
- must have Agents Jay and Kay in the story 
- Be inventive and nasty:) 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #16: 

In MiB II Agent Jay destroyed Jarra during the fight in MiB headquarters. Just suppose that someone has now come to Earth to obtain revenge for the the death of Jarra. 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay) 
- Deadly Game 
- Alien box 
- a card, name and asteroid 
- Time frames 


Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #17: 
Crossover Challenge Men In Black with G.I. Joe 

While on an assignment MiB Agent Jay is abducted by Cobra along with an G.I. Joe called Lt. Falcon. What nastiness may be instore of these two? What reason were they taken? Does Cobra know about Aliens? Why would Cobra abduct these two people. Hmm...all this and more may be instore for the brave soul who dare to try this challenge. 

- must be m/m(Falcon/?, Jay/Kay) 
- Secrets Revealed 
- Torture 
- Experiments & Escape 
- Vengeance 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #18: 

At the end of the episode "The Back to School Syndrome" Kay told Jay that he had to have the report done by Monday. What do you think happened on Monday?:) 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Discipline 
- Neckties 
- Desktop 
- Silence 
- Long Night off 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #19: 
Alien Nation/Men In Black 

Before the arrival of Newcomers Matt Sikes had been a member of the MiB but a violent accident caused him to loose his memories. They hadn't expected him to survive at all. Now his forgotten past is about to appear in his life with a bang as 3 criminals he help apprehend arrive on earth to settle the score. 

- Must be m/m(Matt/Kay, Matt/George, Kay/Jay) 
- Old nightmares 
- Darkness 
- Final chance 
- Horrible choices 
- New reality 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #20: 
Challenge #20: 

A plague ridden alien(kind of like typoid mary) arrives on Earth and causes an outbreak of the disease on Earth...even infecting the MiB agents it comes  unknowningly in contact with... 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay) 
- Decimated World 
- Vengeful Hunters 
- Jay in Isolation 
- Travel bans 
- Ancient Plant 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #21: 
MIB/the House On Haunted Hill(1999) 

Jay is targeted by a maniac who traps the agent within the House On Haunted Hill(1999) along with 5 other agents(the other agents and be MiB or from other series). Now he must either survive to escape with the others who are trapped or learn the hidden secret of the house... 

- must be M/M(Jay/Kay, &/Or Jay/?) 
- 6 Missing Agents 
- Hidden rooms 
- Blood stained celings 
- Shadowed figure 
- The Tank 
- Daylight 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #22: 

Kay is having nightmares where he keeps seeing his partner Jay being murdered in various manners and different beings. Causing him to act very overprotective of his partner. 

- must be m/m(kay/jay pre-slash) 
- Black Forest 
- Hunter's Moon 
- Paranoia 
- Bomb 
- Experiment 
- Bats 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #23: 
Crossover Captain harlock 

Agent Jay is hit by strange alien weapon and vanishes right in front of his partner Kay. He reappears on a prison ship in the far depths of space. He falls in with a group of what appears to be human prisoners who are all space pirates and when their Captain(Harlock) comes to collect them Jay gets taken along as well. How will he get home? 

- must be m/m 
- Search 
- Gates 
- capture 
- Reverse tech dept 
- Blackmail 
- Forest of Blue trees 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #24: 
After having hidden night terrors for a week Jay begins to suffer from insomnia, which has been going on for days causing him a lot of problems and his partner a lot of worry as to the cause... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- attack 
- hallucinations 
- fall 
- trauma 
- injection 
- Confession 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #25: 
Crossover Tremors the series 

A couple of Alien Tourists vanish near the little southern town of Perfection...Zed sends Jay and Kay there to locate the missing tourists... 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Burt/Tyler) 
- El Blanco 
- Alien Terrorists 
- Government Lab 
- Fever 
- Collapse 
- Downtime 


Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #26: 

Alieen and Edi are on a stop over on earth when an old enemy of Kay and Alieen's attacks MiB HQ and abductes their partners as an act of vengence against them... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- 4 Clues 
- Torture & Abuse 
- Drugs 
- Traps 
- Recordings 
- Catatonic 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #27: 
Crossover The matrix 

Agent Jay is abducted by Agent Smith because he needs to obtain access to some of the alien technology that the MiB has to increase his control of the Matrix in his own plane of existance. But his plan goes slightly awry when... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Torture 
- Dagger 
- Trace 
- Duplicates 
- Cell 
- a strange holiday 

Alpha joins forces with Agent Smith who has found the doorway into the universe of the Men In Black with hidden knowledge taken from the Matrix looking for a way to stop the rebels from destroying the matrix itself... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Target MiB 
- Misinformation 
- Deadly Blast 
- Bridge 
- a white Canary 


Agent Smith attacks the Men In Black Headquarters searching for a alien device that would help further his plans.... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Rebels 
- Heist 
- Bomb 
- Lemon 
- Fire 


Agent Jay is abducted by Agent Smith but not converted by him. What is Smith up to and why is he interested in the captured MiB agent and what does it have to do with the source of the Matrix? 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Degraded 
- watch 
- blood soaked clothes 
- wounds 
- Doorway 
- Broken Glass 


Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #28: 
Agent Jay loses his memory(not from Nuralyser) and takes off from the medical wing when the base is suddenly attacked...His disappearance is not noticed until the clean up begins... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- wounded 
- lost 
- flashes of Memories 
- Bookstore 
- Hiding 
- Storms 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #29: 
Crossover Buffy TVS 

What if Agent Jay(James Darryl Edwards) had once been an accidental victim of a vengence spell gone very wrong and because of that spell itself D'Hoffern cannot locate the young man to remove the Curse(he has been searching since 1990. So he has to enlist the aid of the slayer and company to find him before the current year is out or his kind get taken over by the first evil... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
- mistaken identity 
- "oops, I hit the wrong one."  "I'm so dead!" 
- First's trickery 
- Prophecy 
- forgotten trinity 
- sight 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #30: 
Alpha fakes Agent Jay's death in front of Kay, when he abducts the younger man for use in a plan to destroy Agent Kay... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay, Alpha/?) 
- Violent death 
- Breakdown 
- Drugged 
- Restrained 
- Truths & Lies 
- imprisoned 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #31: 
Crossover Vengeance Unlimited 

Mr. Chapel calls in a old favor owed to him by James Darryl Edwards...Kay follows his partner on this trip and learns a lot more about his partner... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Revelations 
- secret cipher 
- foggy rendezvous 
- underworld 
- Golden Bird 
- Hidden Rooms 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #32: 
What if Jay hadn't run into the Cephalpoid that night? 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Strange murders 
- An attack 
- Conscription 
- stone & water 
- Clean up crew 
- 2nd chances 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #33: 
Crossover Quantum Leap 

Sam leaps into Agent Elle to prevent the murder of Agent Jay and the subsequent breakdown and retirement of Agent Kay... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- carnival 
- explorers 
- Engineering 
- dimension 
- "move along people, nothing to see here." 


Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #34: 
James Darrel Edwards was working undercover as a stripper to investigate a string of violent murders of male exotic dancers. Yet while undercover a strangely familiar man keeps appearing at the club. Who seems to be very interested in him... 

- must be m/m(jay/Kay, James/Kay) 
- 3 clues(colored glass, Card, pendant, and a odd pen) 
- Body paint 
- lap dancing/strip tease 
- abduction 
- denuralyser 
- hospital 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #35: 
Crossover Real Ghostbusters  

An Abassodor from (you choose) arrives on Earth with his two children for a important meeting not realizing that they brought with them an alien version of the Boogyman which begins a regin of terror on earth...Who will they have to call...Ghostbusters:) 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Nightmares 
- Disappearances 
- High spectral Activity 
- Jay And Peter vanish 
- Nexus 
- Blackmail 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #36: 
After a nasty run in with a strange alien Agent Jay being to have vivid hallucinations and episodes of disconnection from reality which are becoming more frequent... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Delusions 
- Sedatives 
- Convulsions 
- promise 
- Old Files 
- Venom 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #37: 
Crossover with "Dream" Sandman DC Comics 

While racing after a alien criminal Jay is struck by a car and ends up in a coma... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- unnatural dreams 
- warning signs 
- Warmth and Cold 
- The Endless 
- gates 
- Choice 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #38: 
Jay goes jogging in Central Park one morning but never shows up for work that day... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Accident 
- Head injury 
- Dead Body 
- Church 
- abduction 
- Lab 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #39: 
Crossover Buffy/Angel 

Agent Jay was raised by his Aunt Rose because his parents were murdered when he was very young. His mother was a slayer and his father had been her watcher as well as a powerful wizard. Now a powerful demon needs to fill an prophecy regarding their child... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
- Prophecy misread 
- Gateways 
- sacrifice 
- leap of faith 
- Captured 
- Wolfram & Hart's library 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #40: 
An old case returns to haunt the founders of the Men In Black when the victims they rescued are being murdered one by one. Leading to the discovery that Agent Jay is also one of those they rescued that dark night... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Scars 
- Unique modes of death 
- Flashback/nightmares 
- black box 
- alien cult 
- Tomb 

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Challenge #41: 
Any Series Crossover you pick whom might be related to Agent Jay 

Jay awakens in a convolasent home after being in a coma for 3 years due to a violent incident he cannot remember and unable to talk when a distant realative arrives to take him in while he recovers... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Strange Dreams 
- Faceless people 
- Doubts 
- Tests 
- Chance meeting 
- Experimental Surgery 

(you pick the series xover - ex. Real ghostbusters, X-Men,Buffy,...ect) 

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Challenge #42: 
How did James Darryl Edwards run into the Cephalpoid in the first place in the Men In Black movie? 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- a Breakup 
- Lonely Night 
- Wrong Turn 
- Suspicious bulge 
- Metal glint 
- missed target 

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Challenge #43: 
Crossover MiB/Love Boat 

A group of Alien delegates decide to take a cruise on the Pacific Princess (Love Boat)cruise lines on a tourist trip to a meeting. So Agent Jay and Kay are sent along on the trip to make sure there are no problems. 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay) 
- Shared Room/Bed 
- amourous Civilian 
- Trapped Jay 
- Rescued 
- Quiet Walk 
- Teasing Seduction 

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Challenge #44: 
In episode "The Little Big Man Syndrome" what if Agent Jay had been hurt during the fight with the fmeck on top of the sattleight dish tower? 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay) 
- collapse 
- fever 
- injections 
- odd dreams 
- surgery 

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Challenge #45: 
Crossover MiB/You Pick The Horror Movie 

Jay is having trumatic nightmares regarding a case he worked on as a detective in the NYPD due to recent headlines in the paper involving the murders of those who worked on the case 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Old Newspapers 
- Gey Van 
- Storage Warehouse 
- Chains 
- Videotape 


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Challenge #46: 
Jay is abducted by Serlena's vengeful realative and is tortured for his part in Serlena's death 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Traps 
- Broadcast 
- 4 Clues 
- a Traitor 
- Living Base 

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Challenge #47: 
Crossover Twin Peaks/MiB 

An retired MiB agent has been living in Twin Peaks for a number of years as their Sheriff of the strange little town. Until an killer he helped put away arrives on Earth looking for revenge... 

- must be m/m(Truman/Albert or Cooper, Jay/Kay) 
- Haunted past 
- Vermorel Sprayer 
- Yellow wood 
- Zyoidic poison 
- Murders 
- Judas Tree 

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Challenge #48: 
Animated Series Challenge 

What if when Ede had wreaked the LTD in episode "The Sonic Boom Syndrome" Jay had been hurt seriously? 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Trauma Team 
- Seizure 
- CPR 
- Coma 
- Experimental procedure 

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Challenge #49: 
Crossover Star Trek Voyager/TNG/DS9(pick one or all) 

Jay is taken and assimulated by the borg during their time traveling attack on MiB HQ looking for a device to help further their future plans...Now Kay must retrieve his partner from the future... 

- must be m/m(Jay/Kay) 
- Theft 
- Attack 
- Fractured Memories 
- Reclaimation 
- Temporal Investigations 


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Challenge #50: 
Jay gets a brain injury that causes him to revert to a teenager but not all teenagers had a good life and James Darryl Edwards has quite a bad one indeed... 

- must be m/m (Jay/Kay) 
- Attacked 
- Murder 
- Escape 
- Hidden Fears 
- Chase 
- Old Church 

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Challenge #51: 
Crossover Invisible Man/Men In Black 

While hunting for some stolen Alien technology Jay runs into an "old friend" named Darien Fawkes when the stolen Technology turns out to have been taken by the Chrysalis group...now both groups must work together to obtain the item back 

- must be m/m (Jay/Darien, Bobby/Darien, Jay/Kay) 
- Old secrets 
- Pen, Cards, Glasses, Ties 
- Wild night 
- QSM attack 
- Seduction 
- devious Partners 

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Challenge #: 
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