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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from various fandoms that I have posted to several lists. The ones located here were posted to holmesslash mailing list. Each of my challenges are broken off into the names of the muses that began them for instance this page is the room muse RT has. More shall appear here over time........
Sherlock Holmes 
Challenge #1 
Highlander Immortals/Jack Challenge 

What if Dr Watson had been keeping a dark secret that he was a "Highlander" Immortal related to the cousins MacLeod but older than Methos? What if 
Holmes found out about him? How would it affect them? 


 - M/M 
 - Jack the Ripper(Another Evil Immortal) 
 - Watson keeps disappearing 
 - headless bodies 
 - Holmes is suspicious 
 - Abductions, Confrontions,and other bits of angst 

Submitted By DSRT
Sherlock Holmes 
Challenge #2 

This is a birthday challenge 

- Must be m/m 
- Some sort of Celebration in London(The Queen's birthday/whatever?) 
- Holmes finds out that it's Watson's birthday 
- a pair of manacles, A blindfold 
- a secret room at the diogense club 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #3 What If.... 
Sherlock Holmes/Dracula 

What if Dr. Van Helsing & Mr. Harker came to Sherlock Holmes for help. What if Dracula wasn't really after Mina & Lucy but was using them as a distraction from his real intended quarry....Dr. Watson? 

- must be m/m(Holmes/Watson, Dracula/Watson) 
- an ancient curse 
- abduction(Watson) 
- A dark act 
- Secrets revealed 
- Dracula's Castle 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #4 
Sherlock Holmes/Sleepy Hollow  

An elderly retired Constable Icabod Crane arrives in London, England in the fall of 1880's.. With "The Hessian Horseman" fast on his heels but is it to harm, to protect, or to claim? 

- Must be m/m(H/W, IC/HH) 
- Several decapitated bodies 
- Watson abducted by the The Hessian Horseman 
- Search & Aid 
- Crossroads at night 
- Hyde Park 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #5 
Sherlock Holmes/Frankenstein 

An old friend of Dr. Watson's pays a visit bringing with him a dangerous foe that causes havokc and destruction to many within London. 

- Must be M/M(Holmes/Watson) 
- Several murders 
- Dr. Fankenstien suspected 
- Watson abducted 
- Mycroft lends a hand 
- Underground 
- Shackles 

Submitted By DSRT
RT's Challenge #6 
Sherlock Holmes/The Men In Black 

Moriarty is actually an alien whose mate is also a criminal who has arrived on Earth in the year 2000. During an attack on the MiB it(she/he? you decide)abducts Agent Jay and escapes back into time to the late 1800's searching for Moriarty. 

- must be m/m(Holmes/Watson, Jay/Kay) 
- Amnesiac Jay 
- Watson's Secret****You decide:) 
- Alien device 
- 6 murders 
- Hidden doorways 
- Spacecraft 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #7 
Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes 

Dr. John Watson attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a young boy. Now years later his past is about to arrive in the form of his Professor Albus Dumbledore seeking aid from Watson's friend Sherlock Holmes to help discover who murdered one of the professors and what happened to the most forbidden Tome.... 

- must be m/m(Watson/Dumbledore, Holmes/Watson) 
- Betrayals 
- Hidden Talents 
- Lost paths 
- 2 magic portraits 
- Dragon & Gryphon 
- Trickery 

(Dumbledore is 150 years old so it is possible) 

Submitted By DSRT
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