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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from various fandoms that I have posted to several lists. The ones located here were posted to RGB adult/ mailing lists. Each of my challenges are broken off into the names of the muses that began them for instance this page is the room 2 of 2 that my muse RT has been alloted. More shall appear here over time........
Challenge #1 


 - some sort of attack on Peter{not by anything supernatural or by RGB} 
 - recovery with lots of H/C, angst and guilt 
 - there might be the chance of permemment dammage from the attack 
 - One to three of the Ghostbusters{not Peter} seeking vengence{might use 
 Supernatural means here}for the attack. 

Submitted By DSRT
July 18  1999
Challenge #2 


 - Peter must be the main {victim}focus of the drama 
 - The drug Rohypnol{AKA Date Rape Drug} 
 - missing time, amnesia 
 - possibility of Aids{testing} 
 - Lots of H/C,guilt, fear and anger 

Submitted By DSRT
August 3, 1999
Challenge #3 


 - Must be m/m 
 - A disastrous day 
 - Peter's Birthday 
 - an unusual present 
 - a warm night 

Submitted By DSRT
August 30, 1999
Challenge #4 

Dr. Noah Faulkner was the scientist in the Bio Dome movie that went insane, 
ran off into the desert at the end of the movie and he was played by William 
Atherton(he played Walter Peck in Ghostbusters movie...hmmm just supose that 
the characters could be related) What if he wanted revenge for Peck on the RGB. 


 - Must be m/m 
 - Peter disappears 
 - Dr. Noah Faulkner must be the villain 
 - revenge 
 - The guys to the rescue 

Submitted By DSRT
September 7, 1999
Challenge #5 
War of the Worlds the Series crossover with RGB 


 - Must be m/m 
 - The Blackwood Project is in New York following the aliens trail. 
 - Alien "Quinn" & Walter Peck must be involved as villians. 
 - An Ancient Ritual of Destruction. 
 - Ghosts & Demons must help the RGB & Blackwood Project. 

Submitted By DSRT
January  7, 2000
Challenge #6 

Crossover RGB/Transformers(original  series)together. Well the Original series of both take place at about the  same time so why not. Well here are the requirements below. 

Crossover RGB/Transformers(original series) 

 - Demons/Ghosts invade the ark(Autobot spaceship) 
 - a major demon & Decepticons involved 
 - Spike & Peter are abducted(sacrifice?) 
 - RGB and Autobots must work together 

Submitted By DSRT
January  28, 2000
Challenge #7 

Write a dramatic story in which the RGB must summon the spirits of  the Magnificent Seven to help stop a group of vengeful spirits that are  attempting to destroy the RGB and that the M7 fought against when they were  all alive(you decide which ones to use, could be several different ones that got together after they were dead) 

 - Spirits of Magnificent Seven 
 - RGB must be decendents Of M7 
 - Seven vengeful ghosts 
 - one elaborate curse(good or bad?) 
 - One Sacrifice 

Submitted By DSRT
August  5, 2000
Challenge #8 

It's another Crossover fic this time with Twin Peaks 

 - Sheriff Truman is kidnapped by the black lodge residents 
 - Town is overflowing with ghosts ever since 
 - Peter's cousin calls for help(you decide who that might be) 
 - A Curse, A Demon overlord, & a major battle 
 - H/C(if you can please) 

Submitted By DSRT
August 20, 2000
Challenge #9 

In this challenge the RGB are having a trying time 
 - A very busy month, with many incidents 
 - A forgotten bithday(Peter's) 
 - near death experience 
 - A present from beyond 

Submitted By DSRT
September  1, 2000
Challenge #10 
RGB/The Tick 

The city is inidated by the ghosts of Dead Super Villians with a  hybrid demon supervillian is in charge of them. The RGB is hired by the City to help the Tick & Arthur. Peter is taken, brainwashed and transformed into the villian's 
 sidekick(even villians needs sidekicks) 

 - Magical Crystal(a gem) 
  - a harsh melody 
 - The guys don't recognise Peter, nor he them(amnesia) 
 - pain & torment 
 - a colossal battle 
 - a moment of grief and sorrow 
 - destruction of the City Hall 
 - a sacrifice 
 - major explosion 
 - Netherworld 
 - a long winded nonsense speech by the Tick 

Submitted By DSRT
January  26, 2001
Challenge #11 

A group of goofing off hackers unwittenly creates a program/virus using the  powerful summoning spells from an ancient book of magic. They attempt to translate the spells into computer code for fun, which unleashes a mass fury of energy Gremlins into the Internet Cyberspace where they cause a lot of destruction & mayhem throughout the systems(ie, computers, Subways, Trains, Planes, hospitals...ect). 

 - must be m/m(Peter/Egon) 
 - Four computer hackers(2 girls & 2 guys) 
 - Havok, Fear, Terror, Malice 
 - exploding terminals 
 - vanishing computers 
 - Attack on RGB HQ 
 - Peter vanishes & Ray blames himself 
 - Virtual Reality 
 - Wandering through the internet systems 
 - Soul Destroyers 
 - A VR Arcade 
 - Battle online 
 - Mistaken choices 
 - Proton explosion 
 - hope & forgiveness 

Submitted By DSRT
January  26, 2001
Challenge #12 

Ray and Janine are thrown together during a few crisis, a couple of slow times, plus events where plans fell apart that brought them together in companionship during the recent months. They are beginning to develop feelings for one another yet both are too hesitent to make any sort of overture other than in friendship<they don't want to lose their friendship by pressing matters>. Egon who has been observing them slightly realises their unspoken feelings and decides to bring them together in any way possible to get them to admit their feelings, convincing Peter, Winston plus 
Slimer to help in his plans. 

 - Must be Ray/Janine, Janine/Egon UST, Peter/Egon 
 - Customer slow down 
 - Awakening feelings 
 - 4 Imps at RGB Firehall 
 - two labs explosions 
 - one computer crash 
 - Firehouse boredum(idle hands) 
 - Discovery.... 
 - several failed attempts 
 - sudden ghost invasion of(you decide) 
 - Hope and Heart 
 - a candelight dinner 
 - thirteen roses 

Submitted By DSRT
August  2, 2001
Challenge #13 
RGB/MiB:The Animated Series 
Crossover Challenge 

Alpha finds a way to use ghosts against the Men In Black which wreak havoc at the MiB headquarters and within the city(New York) itself. Not realizing the scope of the dangers he has unleashed. RGB are called in........ 

- Various Ghost Classifications 
- Abduction of Agent Jay 
- LTD Garage Demolished 
- A Portal(gateway, what ever you want to call it) 
- An Alien Book(Magic? Technological? demonic? You pick) 
- 48 hours 
- Strange invaders 

Submitted By DSRT
December  13, 2001
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