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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from the fandom Enterprise that I have posted to several lists. The ones located here are too small to have a seperate page yet. Well see how many I think up as time passes.......
Challenges Section
Challenge #1: 
 Unrequited Challenge 

Write a story where a new Lieutenant is assigned to the Enterprise and becomes fixated on the chief engineer Charles 'Trip' Tucker and will literally do anything to obtain his affections even assault and murder... 

- must be m/m (Tucker/Reed can be established or pre-slash) 
- Bonds of Leather 
- Attack 
- Close quarters 
- Fears and loathing 
- a phaser blast 
- Bodyguard 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #2: 

While investigating the mysterious destruction of 3 planets and the decimation of 2 others. They locate a ship that looks like a gigantic insect on a nearby planet feeding on the surface of the world. They decide to investigate the strange ship and find a  lot more than they bargianed for... 

- must be m/m(Stan/Tucker, Reed/Tucker, Stan/Kai, Zev/Hoshi) 
- Odd atmosphere 
- Bugs 
- Cryochamber 
- Carnal Needs 
- Desires Revealed 
- Shredded uniforms 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #3: 

Daniels appears on the Enterprise again to stop the abduction of Commander Tucker, who is taken by a member of the Temporal wars. Reed and Archer go with Daniels on the rescue mission to retrieve Tucker from the enemy hands. 

- must be m/m(Tucker/Reed, Daniels/Archer) 
- Secrets & Omissions 
- Obsessions 
- Dementia 
- Brainwashing & Torture 
- Requited Love 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #4: 

While the crew is on 3 day leave on (you decide), Tucker runs into another lonely soul who is also pining after a love they both  think they can never have. They decide to comiserate their believed losses together, only to run into of one of the beasts that  Stone is hunting...Now the hunter has become the hunted dragging Tucker into the mess that is a few Millennium old. 

- Must be m/m( Stone/Tucker, Stone/Lucien, Tucker/Reed) 
- the 105th soul 
- Eyes, Keys, Bloodstained uniforms 
- Forbidden Moon 
- Hotel room 
- On the run 
- Healing & truths 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #5: 
Tucker is having dreams that appear to begin to come true as they approach a chaotic solar system in answer to a distress call  from a Vulcan ship. The closer they get to the Vulcan ship the stronger the deams become...The more the crew begins to act  them out. 

- must be m/m(Tucker/Reed<1st time>, Archer/Daniels, T'pol/Hoshi) 
- Head injury 
- Second sight 
- repressed desires 
- Couples entwine 
- "A Facinating two days, don't you think Captain?" 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #6: 
Enterprise/Buffy TVS 

While the ship is assisting an alien race, a demonic creature attacks the crew. Wounding many and abducting Tucker before vanishing through a black portal. 

 - must be m/m(Tucker/Reed, Giles/Xander) 
- Bloodlines of the Slayer 
- Prophecies Of Light 
- Strange meetings 
- Sacrifice & Finalities 
- "Starfleet never put this in the brouchre." 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #7: 
AU Bordello challenge 

Write an Alternate Universe fic where Tucker and Reed meet for the first time at an Alien bordello on an ancient Space  station. Where Tucker works as a Tech repair man plus sometimes as one of the prositutes and Reed is hunting a criminal for Captain Archer on the same station. 

- must be m/m(Tucker/?, Tucker/Reed) 
- Undercover Operation 
- Baffled clients 
- Bloodstained sheets 
- Strange Attraction 
- Secrets & Revelations 
- Abduction 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #8: 
Enterprise/Babylon 5: Crusade 

While working on the Enterprises engines an overload from the test of a new system causes a rip to form within the engine room causing Tucker and three of his staff to vanish. The reappear on a White Star ship called Excalibur and are taken to  Babylon 5 for further assistance in getting home. 

- must be m/m(Tucker/Zack Allen, Tucker/Reed) 
- Strange Station 
- Sector 13 
- Starquake 
- Decisions 
- "Why do ah always want Tactical Officers?" 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #9: 

Hoshi, Travis and Tucker end up in the mirror universe where things are greatly more brutal than home. The three of them must struggle to survive there by any means until they are able to find their way back to their own universe. 

- must be m/m(Tucker/Reed ALT, Tucker/Reed) 
- the punishment machine 
- A Gift from the captain 
- Ship board Slavery 
- Submission 
- Escape 
- Hunted 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #10: 

Reginald Barclay was working with two other engineers(B'Elanna and LaForge) testing new type of engine but a breech sends the shuttle the three are on careening through time and space. They are rescued by the Enterprise captained by John Archer. 

- must be m/m(Barclay/Tucker, LaForge/Travis, Tucker/Reed<pre-slash>) 
- Gentle Seductions 
- Rough nights 
- Love within reach 
- Admissions 
- Bajoran Wormhole 
- Temporal Officers 

 Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #11: 
Ambassador Soval and Captain Archer are forced together on a diplomatic mission that leads them into becoming bonded to each other but not by their own choice. 

- must be m/m(Soval/Archer, Tucker/Reed) 
- Crisis & Misadventure 
- Obsession 
- An accident 
- Fallout 
- "I 'm dying here." 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #12: 
Archer and Soval go undercover to check out a dispute on a politically fractured world and become caught up in the imminent disaster that is about to sweep the planet. 

- must be m/m(Soval/Archer) 
- geophysics 
- dubious pasts 
- hiding out 
- conflicting views 
- error in judgement 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #13: 
The Orions and Vulcans are fighting for control of the dead world where once an ancient advanced culture thrived. But the conflict brings up why some things are better left buried... 

- Alien runes 
- rickettsia 
- moribund 
- diagnosis 
- Jasmine 
- Unusal cure 
rickettsia a microorganisim rods that cause various diseases ie typhus 
moribund being in a dying condition 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #14: 
Captain Archer is fed up with the way the Vulcans treat him especially one in particular...Now he has a chance to teach Ambassador Soval a lesson neither of them will ever forget. 

- must be m/m(Soval/Archer) 
- Black Leather 
- Restraints 
- Blindfold 
- Torn Fabric 
- "You can tell me to stop at any time." 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #15: 
Captain Archer is investigating a claim against the Vulcan Ambassador Soval by (you decide) that he murdered their  ambassador during diplomatic talks. 

- must be m/m(Soval/Archer, Archer/Tucker PST) 
- Vulcan weapon 
- Soval's blood 
- Crushed crystal 
- Tattered trust 
- questionable motives 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #16: 
Ambassador Soval and his younger brother come aboard the Enterprise for a meeting with the crew of the ship for a review of  the past events of the orion incidents. But Soval's unbonded brother seems more interested in pursuing Captain Archer than obtaining the required info much to Soval's dismay or is it jealousy? 

- must be m/m(Archer/?, Archer/Soval) 
- obtuse questions 
- roaving hands 
- Harried Archer 
- Avoidance or confrontion 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #17: 
Ambassador Soval is abducted by an old enemy(you pick or make one up) Captain Archer is sent after him. How far will Archer go to retrieve the abassador? What will he have to give to rescue Soval? How would Soval react to the sacrifice? 

- must be m/m(soval/Archer) 
- Star of night 
- Blood path 
- Revenge 
- Revelations 
- Prayer in darkness 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #18: 
Captain Archer wasn't the only officer up for command of Enterprise. What if that person used contacts with the Vulcan high  command who disapproved of Archer's posting to enact his own revenge on Archer. Dragging the council   into double dealings, betrayal and mistrust between Earth and Vulcan. 

- must be m/m(Soval/Archer) 
- Bad Blood 
- Vile deception 
- Hard Truths 
- Backlash 
- Shattered trust 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #19: 
Archer is trying to take shore leave and runs into an unexpected visitor... Ambassador Soval 

- must be m/m(Soval/Archer) 
- Parlor Games 
- Vacation 
- Healing 
- Ghost Nebula 
- Lightning Storm 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #20: 
What if Soval and Archer had a past history together that no one knew about? Just suppose it now came back to haunt them  both in the form of a bond neither was aware of, but that the Vulcan council discovered. What would they do? 

- must be m/m(Soval/Archer) 
- Buried past 
- 4 year affair 
- Family interference(both sides) 
- Vows and choices 
- heartstone 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #21: 
Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #22: 
Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #23: 
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