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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from various fandoms that I have posted to several lists. The ones located here are too small to have a seperate page yet. Well see how many I think up as time passes.......
Challenge #1 

Timeline takes place during Charlie's training with the bounty hunters Ug & Lee after the first critters movie. They are hired to retrieve an criminal from far away Space Station by an Ice Moon but find more than they bargained for..... 

- must be m/m(Ug/Charlie) 
- icy wasteland 
- decimated Spacestation 
- 4 survivors in hiding? 
- traps 
- Deceptions 
- malfunctioning weapons 
- Backlash effect 
- implosion of Spacecrafts 
- Decisions & Choices 
- temporal fields 

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Challenge #2  
Flesh Gordon/Rocky Horror Picture Show  

Flesh Gordon,Dale Ardor,Dr.Alexi Jerkoff revisit planet Porno to help Prince Precious and his people fight the impending invading forces from the planet Transexual "the Planet of night" who are being lead by <you decide>. 

- must be m/m,f/f,m/f(Flesh/Precious,Dale/Magenta,RiffRaf/Jerkoff) 
- Invasion of Porno 
- A Transgender machine(changes one's sex) 
- All characters change their gender at least 4 times 
- Magic cockring <well they had magic pasties so why not?> 
- leather whip, blindfold, restraints 
- Confusion & curiosity 
- experimentation 
- monsters 
- orgy 
- Bondage fairies 
- Feasts 
- The Time Warp 
- Lunar explosion 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #3  
TekWar The Series  

Jake is sent on an undercover operation and runs into Winger while there...... 

- Must be M/MA(Jake/Winger) 
- Undercover Operation 
- Bordello 
- Winger's mistake 
- Handcuffs, Silk, Feathers 
- Unusual bed 
- Interference 

MA:Male Android 

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Challenge #4 
Alien Nation/TekWar The Series  

Matthew Sikes vanished several years ago while he and his partner were investigating a murder of a young Tectonese scientist who was working on the cryostais units. Now a Newcomer corporate executive who was involved with setting up the cryostatis units for prision use as well as the dead scientist is found murdered with a strange computer chip. The Cosmos Agency is looking into it(why? you decide) 

- must be m/m(Matt/George, Winger/Jake) 
- fragmented memories 
- Flashbacks 
- Unlisted Cryocrypt 
- Hidden secrets 
- A New World 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
Challenge #5
The Brotherhood Of The Wolf

What if when the were at the Bordello and the girls were all afraid of Mani so Grégoire was the the one to please his blood brother instead, with the prostitues watching them?

- must be m/m(Grégoire/Mani)
- Silk
- body paint
- torn fabric
- exhibitionism
- Wine

I recently watched a strange movie called "The Brotherhood Of The Wolf" loosely based on the true story of the Beast of Gévaudan. My main bit of interest in the movie was the lead characters interactions and friendship between Grégoire de Fronsac played by Samuel Le Bihan and his Iroquois blood brother Mani played by Mark Dacascos(from the Crow TV Series). There was a number of slashy undertones in the movie between them.

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Challenge #6
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Challenge #7


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