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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from various fandoms that I have posted to several lists. The ones located here are too small to have a seperate page yet. Well see how many I think up as time passes.......
A List Member on one of the Buffy TVS Slash lists asked me to think up some challenges for a Adult/HP Slash list<Revolves around the Adult characters only> I thought up 16 Challenges for it.....Yipes! 

Harry Potter Crossover Challenges 
Challenge 1A 
Harry Potter/Men In Black:The Animated Series 

Alpha gains the assistance from his old friends Snape & Lord 'He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named' Voldemort to aid in his attacks on the MiB. Severus Snape abducts Agent Jay, does nasty things to him. The MiB will need the help of all Hogswroths to put a stop to them..... 

- Must be M/M(Jay/Kay, Zed/Hagrid) 
- Alien Wizard(Good Or Evil you decide) 
- Ancient powers 
- Forgotten rooms 
- Torture Chamber 
- Universal heart 

Challenge 1B 
Harry Potter/Buffy TVS 

During Season 2-3 of BTVS 
When his magical talents suddenly and violently come online Xander is abducted by Giles to prevent the Watchers council from claiming him into the order first and sent to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry....for training & protection. 

- Must lead to m/m(Xander/Percy, Giles/Xander, Giles SR/Dumbledore) 
- Ancient Prophecy misread 
- Obsidian Light 
- Wheel of Fortune 
- Mystic Heart Awakens 
- The Fates Unspoken 

Challenge 1C 
Harry Potter/Earth Final Conflict 

William Boone prevents an attack on the Taelons by Severus Snape but it dammages his mind horribly sending a massive visions of possible future events to ravage his mind and soul. Headmaster Albus Dumbledore of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and friend of Auger's family comes to help repair the damage. 

- Must be M/M<?>(Boone/Da'nn, Sandoval/Zo'or) 
- Visions(future possiblities) 
- Decisions 
- Final Conflict 
- Heart & Soul entwined 
- New Future Dawn 

Challenge 1D 
Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings 

What if Hagrid had been transported to Middle Earth before & during the Fellowship Of The Ring saga during a magical accident...caused by Dumbledore who now must try to reclaim his friend back to this realm 

- Must be M/M(Gimli/Hagrid, Gimli/Legolas, Hagrid/Dumbledore) 
- Rescue 
- Chalice 
- Second Chances 
- Realizations 
- Soulmates 
- Mirror 

Challenge 1E 
Harry Potter/Lord Of The Rings 

What if Headmaster Albus Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione & Ron had been accidently transported to the dimention of "Middle Earth" during the Fellowship Of The Ring because of an old ring(Not that one,folks). Merry, Pippen, Hermione, Harry and Ron join forces to bring Gimli and Legolas to admit their feelings for each other while also planning to bring their Headmaster and Gandalf together. Devious little minds with idle hands:) 

- Must be M/M(Gimli/Legolas, Gandalf/Dumbledore) 
- An odd ring of Obsidian and silver 
- Backlashed Magic 
- New Paths forged 
- Dumbledore took Gandalf's place in Moria 
- Love & Hope 
- Different Age of Men, Elves and Dwarves begins 

Challenge 1F 
Harry Potter/War Of The Worlds The Series 

What if Harrison Blackwood attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the deaths of his parents during the 1954 invasion and adoption into the Forrester family. Just suppose that his Foster father had attended the school along with Harrison's real parents. Now as an adult Harrison also has the talents of his family that he keeps hidden from his current friends that is until the Mothern aliens discover Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..... 

- Must be M/M(Blackwood/Snape<PSR>, Blackwood/Ironhorse) 
- Infiltration 
- Attacks on the teachers & Students 
- Signals detected 
- Secrets & Truths 
- Blackwood arrives with team 
- Chessboard, Fires, & Moonlight 

PSR:Past Sexual Relationship 
Challenge 1G 
Harry Potter/Kindred The Embraced 

Dt. Frank Kohanek had trained at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry until a corrupt classmate caused a horrible accident that caused a death of his best friend plus buried his talents away deep within him. Now years later when a insane Brujah attacks Frank his long buried talents are unleashed once more which saves his life. But an old enemy is heading his way with his old teachers and friends following to prevent history from repeating itself. 

- must be m/m(Frank/Julian, Frank/Snape<UST>) 
- Old Enemy returns 
- Attacks on Kindred Clans 
- New paths or Old 
- Crossroads 
- Shadows & Moonlight 
- Choices 

UST:Unrequited Sexual Tension 
Challenge 1H 
Harry Potter/MFU 

Thrush is attempting to infiltrate Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry to gain knowledge to destroy U.N.C.L.E. within a hidden space in the school. But Agents Solo & Kuryakin are sent in to help root them out after Headmaster Albus Dumbledore contacts his old lover Waverly..... 

- must be m/m(Waverly/Dumbledore, Solo/Kuryakin) 
- Two clumsy THRUSH Agents 
- Stone Dragons 
- Death & Shades 
- Deceptions 
- Discoveries 
- Kiss 

Challenge 1I 
Harry Potter/Wizards & Warriors 

Professor Slatero Quirrell & Madam Xiomara Hooch are examining what appears to be an old magical relic brought to them by William Weasley which they accidently trigger a spell that sends all three of them across the galaxy to another world..... 

- must be m/m, f/f(Dirk/Eric, William/Quirrell, Hooch/Ariel) 
- Magical War 
- Broken Relic 
- Wormhole effect 
- Amulet of Light 
- Werewolves, demons & Ghosts 

Challenge 1J 
Harry Potter/Brimstone 

One of cruelest of the 113 souls that escaped hell is hiding out within Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  

- must be m/m(Stone/Lucien, Stone/Quirrell<UST>) 
- Mysterious illness 
- strange dazes 
- Vanishing familiar(Owls,cats,) 
- broken keystone 
- forbidden gardens 

Challenge 1K 
Harry Potter/Lexx 

While investigating Xev<Zev> accidently discovers Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry on a quiet backwater planet and decides to see if they have any magic that can restore Kai back to life. They refuse to help her with such forbidden knowledge that they keep locked away. Snapes decides to go against the wishes of the school, giving her the knowledge she needs but it backfires horribly....for her or does it:) 

- must be M/M,M/F,F/F(Kai/Stan, Xev/Snape, Xev/Madam Xiomara Hooch ) 
- backfired spell 
- entire planet effected 
- confusion 
- 3 days 
- True feelings revealed 
- Choices 

Challenge 1L 
Harry Potter/Highlander 

Headmaster Albus Dumbledore calls upon the aid of a very old friend to teach the history classes for the 2nd year students....but can the two withstand the history between them? Or will their past betray them once again? 

- must be m/m(Headmaster Albus Dumbledore/Adam Pierson(Methos) 
- Old jealousy 
- Betrayal 
- Mistakes 
- Need and desires unspoken 
- Revelations 

Challenge 1M 
Harry Potter/Kung Fu The Legend Continues 

What if when Peter was separated from his father after the attack on the monestary, he was sent to the same school where his maternal grandfather attended long ago called Hogworth's instead of ending up in the orphanage? Would he still become a police officer? Would he eventually meet up with his father once more? How different would he have become? 

- Must be M/M(Peter/William Weasley) 
- Alternate Paths 
- Crisis Of the Heart 
- Hope renewed 
- Tiger & Dragon 
- Second chances 

Challenge 1N 
Harry Potter/Sherlock Holmes 

Dr. John Watson attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a young boy. Now years later his past is about to arrive in the form of his Professor Albus Dumbledore seeking aid from Watson's friend Sherlock Holmes to help discover who murdered one of the professors and what happened to the most forbidden Tome.... 

- must be m/m(Watson/Dumbledore, Holmes/Watson) 
- Betrayals 
- Hidden Talents 
- Lost paths 
- 2 magic portraits 
- Dragon & Gryphon 
- Trickery 

(Dumbledore is 150 years old so it is possible) 
Challenge 1O 
Harry Potter/RGB 

Peter's Mother was schooled at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as a child but for some reason she never told Peter(you decide why, perhaps that might be why he attracts ghosts so much). Now an ancient evil(demon) is awakening at the school drawing strength and power through the bloodlines of four established families of magic of which Peter is a part of.... 

- must be m/m(Peter/Egon, Peter's Mother/Madam Xiomara Hooch) 
- Forbidden Secrets of the past 
- Demonic realm rift 
- Sacrifice 
- Blood & Tears 
- Ancient Binding Spell 

I don't believe that they ever stated what her name was in RGB Series so you get to pick one.... 

Challenge 1P 
Harry Potter/The Worst Witch 

A magical accident occurs between Weirdsister College and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry caused by Starfinder which has an odd effect on the teachers of both schools drawing them all together on the solstice at Stonehenge..... 

- must be m/m & f/f(Shakeshaft/Dumbledore,Starfinder/Quirrell, McGonagall/Thunderblast, Jenny Wendle/Hooch,) 
- Solstice Full Moon 
- Erotic Tarot Cards 
- Bewitchment Machine 
- Backlach overload 
- Unexpected Consequences 

Submitted to the list by DSRT
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