"Dream Storms"
by  D.F. Hillford
Dream Storms 

 Cycles of tormenting memories 
 catch this sleeper nightly. 
 Shattering the peacefulness of dreams 
 with visions unspeakable in light. 
 Unspoken pains dwell heavily 
 upon the unconscious mind 
 Yet mute they remain kept in silence 
 Since a trust was shattered by a hidden agenda 
 unable to breech the walls that have arisen 
 Suffering in unrelenting silent distress 
 hiding the wounds that endures past all bounds 
 A quiet protest at the one who broke the trust between them 
 Now shaking in the darkness of an austere room 
 reliving malignant horrors of violation 
 within the sleeping pain wracked mind 
 Tendrils of fear ripping its way across closed eyes 
 as long fingers twist the passive sheets 
 within their clenching grasp 
 straining against the nightmarish memory 
 that chills the blood and stains the soul 
 with the terrors left behind by an enemies vile touch. 
 The dreamtime horrors go on and on 
 repeating themselves in an endless circle 
 increasing the ravaging of the mind 
 with the depravities witnessed in suffering 
 until the slumbering form begins to thrash and moan 
 as tears of silver appear, marring the sleeper's visage 
 leaving dampened tracks behind as evidence of misery. 
 The intensity increases 
 the fabric splits asunder 
 under the grasping fingers. 
 Suddenly repeated screams rend the air 
 echoing the depths of suffering within 
 jarring the sleeper awake 
 out of the horror filled cubical of dreams 
 As the sound reverberates throughout the room 
 another begins, 
 of soft sobbing as pain floods the waking mind 
 shaking loose the burning core of grief 
 Of what was deemed to be lost 
 to a madman's clawing hands. 
 Rending the mind and soul unto the darkness 
 which alone may never heal from the blight 
 that now consumes this wayward soul. 

 Outside this room a lone figure stands 
 a quiet sentinel in night shadows. 
 Listening to horror wrenched cries 
 that devours the sanity of psyche. 
 Unable to enter, yet incapable of leaving 
 caught and held immobile by the keening voice. 
 Soul breaking at the agonizing sounds 
 that ravage the air with their tormented suffering 
 The heart shattering pleas 
 clashing within a tempest of emotions. 
 That rage like the oceans in gale 
 assailing itself upon the shores 
 dividing and barring the way to one another. 
 Unrevealed and hidden are the pathways 
 that stretch out eternally ahead 
 Leaving only darkness and shadows, 
 blocking away the light from sight. 
 The echoing sobs of terror 
 which call out to this spellbound figure, 
 whose soul bears the claw marks of suffering 
 Clings to the last shreds of the barriers between them 
 gathering strength and compassion to help bridge the void 
 amidst these two wounded souls. 
 With soothing balm to calm and share the fears 
 to ease the soul, suffering pain within 
 The silent figure opens the door 

 In the confines of the room barren of light 
 mournful soul struggles to gain purchase 
 against the endless waves of pain. 
 A sudden awareness of no longer being alone 
 startles the sobbing form into mild panic, 
 with tears marring the view about this grim room. 
 Dark blurred eyes furiously searching 
 until alighting on the silent figure at the foot of the bed. 
 Recognition floods his mind, 
 realizing the identity of this invader of privacy. 
 Watching in confusion as the other slowly moves forward, 
 the mind trying to find reason for the presence now here. 
 Jumping slightly as fingers touch the wet tracks on flesh 
 branding sensitized skin with a gentle touch. 
 Sending waves of sorrow throughout the psyche, 
 the walls between them shattering 
 feeling the resounding crack 
 as they finally buckle and give way 
 Freeing tears which soar once more into sobs 
 which are quickly enveloped within an strong embrace 
 Revealing truths of suffering through the tears 
 sharing the torments and loss together. 
 Bridging the way amidst the damage, 
 echoes of pain release their stranglehold 
 Triggering a beginning of healing and peace 
 while plummeting downward into the arms of sleep, 
 yet held safely from harm 
 as the storm breaks into morning light....... 

 completed August 18,2001