"Secretarial Gossip"
by  D.F. Hillford
"So do you think that Agent Kay is really having sex with his partner?" 
 asked Agent Alt-Em eyes alight with lust as she and her two friends ate 
 their late night dinner within the closed barely lit cafeteria. 

 "They spend so much time together and I don't believe that either of them 
 attends the MiB's Twain Club." replied Alt-Te. 

 "Using that club is how everyone here deals with their sexual needs, but 
 neither of them attend any of the parties." stated a disappointed Alt-Oh who 
 kept checking the club to see if she could corner Kay sometime. 

 "Vectors are not aligned for you desires to succeed Alt-Oh." stated a 
 muttering Alt-Te who continued to nip at her herbal tea while practicing 
 with her tarot cards. 

 "What do you mean by that?" asked Alt-Em looking confused at the odd comment. 

 "X doesn't always mark the spot, you know." replied Alt-Te with a faint smile. 

 "You are totally weird Alt-Te?" commented Alt-Oh. 

 "Zealtor seems to think I'm nice." replied Alt-Te her eyes gleaming with 
 mischief . 

 "An alien mad scientist and a mystical Waco have found the perfect match 
 within each other" stated Alt-Oh looking disgusted at Alt-Te. 

 "Back to the original question girls, Kay and Jay are they or aren't they?" 
 asked Alt-Em once more looking annoyed at the other two. 

 "Could be....maybe." replied Alt-Te attempting to look daggers at Alt-Oh over 
 her comments. 

 "Dare you to try to prove it, bet you your new Dreamcatcher novel that you 
 can't." stated Alt-Oh with a mischievious grin. 

 "Entrapping them both someplace might help." murmured Alt-Em thoughtfully her 
 mind a roar with a multitude of plans. 

 "Following them might be better." commented Alt-Te as she put away her cards 

 "Guess we could try that first." Alt-Em stated as she put her ideas on the 
 back burner for later if this first one doesn't pan out. 

 "How are we going to do that without getting caught?" asked Alt-Oh 

 "It can be done quite easily, most agents tend to ignore us anyway." replied 
 Alt-Te mischievously. 

 "Just remember that we should still be careful." voiced Alt-Oh. 

 "Karmic forces shall aid us in our quest." Alt-Te confidently stated. 

 "Look girls there they are now...be quiet." whispered Alt-Em as the two 
 agents quietly entered the darkened cafeteria not noticing the three 
 secretaries there. 

 "My, oh my this looks promising." commented Alt-Te as they watched the two 
 agents head to one of the furthermost tables in the darkest corner of the 

 "Now be quiet, we don't want them to hear us." came the faint whisper from 
 Alt-Em as they strained their eyes to see what they two were up to. 

 "Oh my god..." stated the shocked voice of Alt-Te as they saw agent Kay 
 push his partner against a table forcing Jay to sit upon it while he began 
 to kiss him deeply. 

 "People, will you just look at that!" came Alt-Em's muffled comment as she 
 tried not to drool on her feet while gaping open mouthed at the two making 
 out. Her mind clamoring about slash fanfic ideas as she continued to watch. 

 "Queer as folk Alt-Em was right." came Alt-Te's soft voice laced with a 
 smile as she watched the erotic activity taking place. 

 "Rat's, I lost the bet" stated Alt-Oh crossly as she continued to look at 
 the tableau playing out before them in the dim room. 

 The End... 

Completed January 11, 2002