The Prophecy Of The Forgotten....
By D. F. Hillford
"This is a copy of a page from a very mystifying tome of prophecies. Because 
 of the fact the author was a persecuted closeted prophet and a magic user 
 there are a few odd geas on the book itself to protect the knowledge 
 contained within its pages..." 

 The Prophecy Of The Forgotten.... 

 In the days of yore, when silence reined. 
 The Watchmen arose entwined 
 protecting and guiding the masses of life 
 with compassionate strength and knowledge endless. 
 Until undying darkness enraptured our sphere 
 In sacrifice they turned the tide 
 tearing asunder the bonds they held most dear 
 closing the door unto themselves. 
 Half of their number fell, to the ripping waves of time. 
 Cast into exile by a malicious wrought curse 
 In madness those who were lost travel alone Wayfarers all 
 while those whom they trusted broke their vows 
 By clinging to One in mistaken belief of need, 
 they lost the truth of purpose, 
 hampered their knowledge, 
 and betrayed their oaths with the dark ones falsehoods. 
 In anger and rage they let go of their hearts 
 banishing the memories of the truth from the lore 
 rewriting themselves and the histories to hide the lie 
 Oathbreakers they have become with their willful forgetfulness 
 Causing untold suffering of their forgotten companions souls. 

 The Wayfarers, tortured souls wail in the endless night 
 abandoned and lost to the worldly light 
 set aside from their gifted unions 
 forgotten.... and parted 
 They toil along the pathways of miserable days 
 wandering in confusion as their abilities manifest 
 until madness and death claim them once more 
 into the dark embrace of silence of the grave 
 again and again they return to the roads of life 
 searching for what they lost throughout time 
 but never have they been searched for themselves 
 So alone they pass by, often quickly forgotten 
 by those who suspect the power of their true natures 
 Unable to remember what they search for 
 they continue this pathway lost and often alone 
 Pain filled souls filled with rents and tears 
 asking a single question of "Why?" 

 The mighty wheel of change shall alter 
 its fated course once more 
 when the One becomes Two 
 the veil shall weaken and fracture 
 Then shatter in an obsidian storm of blood and pain 
 heralding the final deaths of all upon this sphere 
 As the ravaging darkness returns once more 
 to tear all the gatherings of life asunder 
 within its grotesque blackened claws of destruction 
 No beings shall escape its wrath of this most ancient of foe 
 There is no place to run, nor anyplace to hide 
 for all secrets are revealed to this hideous enemy's might 
 that shall twists truths and secrets into lies of betrayals 
 spiraling emotions into fears and hatreds 
 sending rivers of blood among the masses 
 Driving the lust of bloodshed into frenzy unmeasured 
 to the screaming voices of the One who is Two 
 Overwhelmed and unprepared to face this foe 
 who comes from everywhere yet nowhere. 
 They will fail to heed the warnings strewn along the pathway 
 sending them headlong into its deadly maw 
 Death will not find them there for that is not their fate 
 but the suffering agony shall claw at their very souls 
 with its deceitful lies of false images 
 will rend them truly in the night but only until daylight 
 rises once more in the bleakest of times 

 Only once before was this dark creature defeated in this sphere 
 by those who stood watch over all within the true great circle 
 The Watchmen once long ago bared its pathway of conquest 
 sending themselves into a spiral of suffering and confusion. 
 A second chance shall once again reappear in two forms 
 the forgotten ancient Conclaves shall begin to reform 
 Within the new dawning in lands unknown 
 In a Cascade of Light, in a Dale of Darkness 
 the Conclave rises anew 
 protecting the many varied clans of this sphere 
 through many trials of conflicts upon their journey 
 If the binding the heart hold true in friendship and love 
 A time of rebinding the forgotten oaths 
 of the Heart & Mind will arrive, 
 healing the rifts of the once lost faiths and broken vows 
 upon the interlaceing bonds between their souls. 
 Reborn once more the Watchmen will arise, once more fully entwined 
 retaking their place protecting and guiding the masses of life 
 With a newfound purpose and understanding of themselves 
 as well as the dauntless tasks before them 
 they return to the position of protectors 
 while holding fast to their hearts and minds. 
 Rejoined the Watchmen must unite to prevail 
 against the incoming waves of the consuming darkness. 
 Only combined the forces of strength & knowledge shall be its bane 
 from devouring all that they seek to protect 
 They must summon the Guides to aid them in this quest 
 The Void they must walk to the Temple of Trials 
 To petition for the doorway to entrap it back to its home 
 Together the Watchmen and Guides of spirit must travel 
 a most deadly of paths to find the way 
 What is unspoken and unseen walks among this place hidden away, 
 this knowledge is kept away from all prophets sight 
 or madness will reside within our eyes 
 Unable and barred from seeing there 
 onward we pass unseeing, 
 to places where what is seen can only be revealed. 
 With love and hope alongside on this journey 
 to conquer this grotesque creature who devours all light 
 by encompassing it within a stone of light 
 holding it in chains of strength and knowledge. 
 Shattering its ancient curse, 
 releasing those unknown from their bonds of imprisonment 
 summon the opening of the battered doorway 
 to the darklight that lies waiting within 
 Blood and mystic words 
 Let and intone upon the stone 
 release all anger, hate and fear 
 By casting the stone upon the sea 
 through the blacklight gate. 
 The tides have turned 
 Oaths are now renewed 
 as the remaining Oathbreakers and Wayfarers meet anew 
 Now no longer alone in the circle of life 
 The rebirth of the Watchmen has arrived once more 
 With the dawning of a new life and true purpose realized 
 which their immortal souls had searching for 
 in every cycle of life they have passed through on this journey 
 May this now bring balance to the debt 
 that was owed their sacrifices 
 In time immemorial 

 Exerpt from Mystaillen's Book of Ogimos