By Jade
    Things were peaceful little too peaceful, if his instincts told him any 
better.  However, the dead do not have instincts, but he had been on the Lexx 
long enough to know when the proverbial storm was going to arrive-along with 
the expected trouble that followed right behind it.  He should have enjoyed 
the calm of it while it lasted, if he could feel calm or any emotion like it. 
He did feel something though-felt that it was time for another fix, and 
that's where he was heading.  To get another borrowed fix of life from a 
woman that tried to kill him, but that was the past.  Now she serves only as 
a hybrid dispenser to give him some extra "borrowed time". 
Experiencing a small bit of weakness in him, he increased his pace to the 
cryo room, but ran into a small and unexpected stop along the way. 
    It was their robot helper-or rather what was left of it-790, who was 
looking over said substance to see if it was really safe for him but rather 
was mostly just curious about the stuff.  It usually called Kai over when a 
new discovery was found and as usual the assassin would listen and take it 
all in, but now was not a good time for either one of them.  Going over to 
the lab slowly, Kai looked at the robot head first then before glancing up at 
the screen, looking at miscroscopic version of the donors DNA codes, which 
was not very interesting to him or the rest of the crew except for 790 who 
seemed more prone to enjoy that sort of stuff, but didn't seem that way at 
the moment  . 
    "790...I take it you found something new again?" 
    "Of course I have.  I wouldn't have called you here if I didn't." 
    "What have you found, robot?" 
    "That they're may be some long term side effects after all, dead boy." 
    "Like what?" 
    "Unknown...it's rather hard to tell when you're looking at the DNA 
patterns of several different species.  There are some praying manti, black 
widow, chameleon like reptiles from several planets, including the 
Gigashadow-which explains how and why she can bleed the stuff-along with 
others that I can't place or don't know about." 
    "You have mentioned that before." 
    "I know, I just wanted to say that as scary as it was, The Divine Order 
did some good work." 
    "You have also mentioned that before." 
    "Show off.  Other than that, nothing's new.  Just thought I'd let you 
    "Have you been able to determine what race her human DNA came from?" 
    "No, not yet.  That's the only minor detail I haven't clawed out yet. 
I've narrowed it down but with a little more time and some more of her blood, 
I may be close to it." 
    "I am heading over there right now.  I am in need of some more.  I could 
get some for you as well." 
    "Would you?" 
    "Yes", he responded as he started to walk away. 
    "Thanks.  I owe you one." 
    Moving quicker than before, he resumed his way back to the cryo room, 
knowing he would have to hurry again before he started to shut down-and from 
experience, he knew that's not what he wanted.  Knowing that he was close, he 
readied his brace to prepare for the extraction-but ending up scaring someone 
else in the process, as he bumped into another one of his crew mates along 
the way. 
    "Whoa!  Geez, Kai, don't scare me like that." 
    "I am sorry, Xev", he replied, retracting his brace, "but I must be 
going.  I need to head to her cryo chamber and get more for me and a little 
for 790.  It is time for it." 
    "Oh...I'm sorry.  Mind if I walk with you then?" 
    "No, I do not mind", he responded, walking away again with her quickly 
joining him there after, "have we found anything new yet?" 
    "No, nothing.  It seems there's just nothing there but empty space.  I'm 
getting really bored out here.  I just hope we find something soon before we 
all go crazy from it." 
    "I do not go crazy." 
    "I know that, but we of the living do." 
    "I've noticed.  If you do find anything of interest though, let me know. 
After I am done extracting more blood from our frozen captive, I plan to rest 
until you do." 
    "I understand...but Kai", she said, stopping him as she stood still to 
face him, "with all this emptiness going on right now outside...I'm a little 
afraid of what we could find...afraid that it could be the worst one yet. 
Are...are you a little worried about all of this?" 
      "No...but if I could feel it, then I probably would be as well." 
    "Thanks...that makes me feel a little better", she replied starting to 
walk with him again until they reached his destination, "here you are.  I'll 
talk to you later." 
    "What will you be doing until then, Xev?" 
    "Oh, I don't know...probably finding the best ways to kill the time, I 
    "Good luck on that then." 
    "Thanks", she replied as she walked out, "see you later, Kai." 
    Letting off a small nod in response, he went inside and readied his brace 
once more, heading toward to the control panel to wake their "guest" when he 
was yet again rudely interrupted, this time by their captain, who as to which 
Kai had no idea why he was there in the first place. 
    "Stanley", he asked, tapping him on the shoulder lightly to grab his 
attention but scaring him once again in the process when the living man saw 
his brace sticking out at him once again. 
    "Ah!  Don't do that, Kai.  The first time scared me enough." 
    "What are you doing here?  Shouldn't you be on the bridge?" 
    "Yeah, but I figured since I had nothing to do there and since this puppy 
needed a little tweaking, I thought I'd come over here and fix it", he 
replied, tapping the control panel. 
    "I do not think it needed fixing in the first place since it has been 
active as of late." 
    "Well, excuse me.  So, what brings you here-no, let me guess?  You 
jonesing for another fix?" 
    "Yes, I need some more...I am almost out." 
    "Well, why didn't you say so?  Just let me get this thing running, and 
I'll wake her-" 
    As their bumbling but noble captain started to reach for the control, the 
both of them started to involuntarily rock to the side, thanks to the Lexx 
working on it's own and changing course somewhere to the side-grabbing both 
their attentions and curiosities but also making Stanley a little peeved in 
the process. 
    "Ugggh!  I know the Lexx is still a little hungry, but what does it want 
    "Maybe you should go find out." 
    "Yeah, maybe I'll take the head with me since it's probably got nothing 
better to do either.  I'll just get the controls for you-" 
    "That is not necessary.  I can do that." 
    "Fine...fine, whatever.  Go ahead.  I don't care.  I know you want to 
spend the time between you two alone." 
    "I do not want anything, living man", he responded coldly to Stanley. 
    "Fine...sure, be that way.  Deny it...I believe you", he replied with a 
smirk before heading out of sight and out of mind-at least for the time being. 
    Moving slowly and closely to the cryo pod before activating the 
controllers, something slightly different came over him once more as he 
gently raised his cold, dead hand and slowly wiped it across the glass to 
reveal a beautiful but cold face underneath, which was that of a young 
woman's. Her eyes were closed but everything about her physically (except for 
the rip on her rubber suit over her heart, but he didn't count that) was 
still exactly the same as the day they forced her in there 
unconscious...after he crushed her heart with his brace before doing 
so...after he just barely saved his own life and that of his friends as she 
tried to destroy them all before changing her mind.  He did regret doing that 
to her, but for completely different reasons than usual...reasons he did not 
entirely understand and would rather not explain.  He did not know much about 
her, but he did know her name.  Her 
name was Jaina, and she had become their prisoner-and his blood supply. 
    Glancing at her cold and empty face once more, he turned around and 
headed toward the controls, working over to activate the machine before 
heading back to the pod more quickly than usual, for she would wake up 
instantly after he did and he could not put himself and the others in any 
more danger again. He also had a more personal and merciful reason for it 
though...he didn't want her to feel any pain over what he was going to do to 
her, even though they had been though it before many times.  As the door slid 
upward slowly, he readied his brace and placed it at her throat, grabbing a 
small jar along the way while the smoked cleared out.  Quickly 
raising the brace, he slit her throat mercifully before she had the chance to 
wake up, the sacred protoblood flowing from it like water; but in reality 
that was just a distraction, something to keep her regenerative abilities 
busy while he drained more of it our of her right arm, the small jar like 
machine pumping and draining it out of her slowly as the wound on her neck 
already began to heal. 
    Expecting as such, he made the machine go quicker until he received the 
amount he needed before setting it aside and then ever so gently laid her 
back against the coffin like pod, stroking her cold face gently with the back 
of his hand then heading back to the controls to close it, glancing at her 
the whole time as the lid lowered down over her...all of it done mercifully 
and without waking her.  He was proud of and for that.  Placing his hand 
against the glass one last time before he headed to his own cryo pod, he 
opened it up and attached the needle the working on his chest, filling it and 
him up with the protoblood he needed (just in case Stan and Xev call on him 
unexpectidly, that way he could be ready for anything) before climbing 
inside, the lid slowly closing on him now too.  As he waited for the cold fog 
to take over him once more, he started to think of why he was acting 
so...differently about and toward her, maybe it was the side effects of the 
protoblood or something else-something else in which he was hoping would not 
be, because it could not be.  Whatever it was, it was in the past...the past 
cannot haunt someone like this.  His only release was maybe in the fact that 
the robot can deny what his thoughts keep rambling him about for and maybe 
ease the pain of why he was acting a little differently these days.  He was 
hoping that robot would not let him down as the effects of the cold fog 
finally started to take hold of him once more. 

Meanwhile, in a slightly more closed and slightly more closer corner of 
universe, a man was sitting in front of a screen.  Not just any screen 
though, this one was special.  So special, that it could pinpoint all foreign 
visitors-or at least the ones from outer space.  This one screen right was 
being intently and deeply stared by one who wished he didn't, considering 
that it was just as blank and empty now as it usually was every night and it 
started to grow weary on the poor man until the most unexpected thing started 
to happen...he got a response.  So excited was this poor man, that he jumped 
right out of his seat and rushed right over to the nearest telephone and 
called the person he was supposed to call right then and there, but even he 
though that no one was going to believe this. 
    "Um...yeah...sorry to interrupt your night, sir....but...but...there's 
something heading our way...obviously it's alien, sir.  Well, what do you 
want me to do?  Can I tell you anything about it...well", the man replied 
grabbing several sheets of paper, "I don't believe this, sir.  This thing, 
this spacecraft that's heading toward us...it's a bug, sir.  This is no joke, 
sir.  These configurations and dimension designs say it's a large dragonfly. 
Very funny, sir..." 
    As he tried his damnedest to convince his "sir" over the phone, one of 
the louder background noises suddenly went silent, forcing him to rush over 
to check on it quickly before he rushed over to pick up the phone in shock, 
not believing yet again what he just discovered. 
    "Well, sir, it seems these "bug aliens" has made their first move because 
probe is gone.  No, it's not the new and expensive one.  Well, I'm glad to 
hear that you're happy about that, sir, but I'm worried now.  This bug 
obviously destroyed our probe and that could obviously only mean thing, sir. 
Well, it means that they're not peaceful and the they're obviously quite 
dangerous, and more importantly-they're getting closer by the second!" 

    Back at the other end of that small corner of the universe, Stanley H. 
was confused.  Confused as to why this bug ship that was at his control would 
make such a huge fuss over such a small object just to put it into one of its 
many stomachs and control its ever growing appetite.  He tried asking the 
ship itself, but he didn't get much of an intelligent response on its end 
    "Lexx, what was the point of that?" 
    "What do you mean, Stanley?" 
    "Why did go chasing all this way for some small...stupid probe all the 
way out in the middle of nowhere?" 
    "I was hungry, Stan." 
    "So, you probably threw us way off course for that?!  Well, I really hope 
your happy, Lexx, not to mention I hope that was the best damn snack you've 
ever dropped down your holes!" 
    "Actually, it was pretty funny tasting, Stan and it still tickles my 
insides real funny." 
    "Gee, thanks for sharing that, Lexx." 
    "You're welcome, Stan", it replied, making its captain let out a heavy 
sigh then slump back in his chair while he heard his traveling companion 
mutter out some strange words in the process. 
    "What are you doing, robot?" 
    "Trying to call you an imbecile in all the languages I can remember.  A 
very good way to kill the time, I might add." 
    "Well, geez, why don't you try spending your time looking a suitable 
planet instead so that I can have the pleasure of not being in your company 
anymore which would be real nice right now." 
    "Well, it seems we don't have to worry about that anymore, imbecile." 
    "Oh, and why's that?" 
    "Because there's one right over there", 790 replied with a sneer, 
scanning over the sector to reveal the planet he was talking about, making it 
close up to see that it was mostly water but had some huge land masses in 
    "Yeesh!  It doesn't even look intelligent.  Any signals or anything?" 
    "Just a bunch of mindless and gibberish transmissions, nothing you'd ever 
be interested in considering that it's way too intelligent for you." 
    "Well, in that case...Lexx, play some of those signals for me", Stan 
replied putting his hand to the control key and getting just wanted he wanted. 
    That robot was right about one thing, most of the stuff was just gibberish 
welcomes and other assorted stuff he considered either too boring, too easy 
or too primitive for his taste until he happened to stumble on one that 
really seem to get his attention and then some.  He told the ship to clear up 
all the static and focus more on that signal to get the full effect. 
    "Is that hardcore enough for you, baby?" 
    "Oh yessss, that's so hard for me, big daddy." 
    Stan was really interested in all they were saying-considering that he 
really couldn't much understand them anyway-but the view was more than 
incredible enough for him, or as much and as clear as he could receive it and 
obviously for him to be interested it in this much, it just had to be one 
involving porno.  Gazing on at the lusty chick for a few more glimpses before 
the signal just suddenly went away and was replaced with something less 
interesting, he knew he had made up his mind right there and then.  He was 
going to get the walking corpse and the love slave and he was going to go 
down to that planet, the one that just seemed to tempting to resist.  One way 
or another. 

    At the same time, back on the planet of temptation, things did not seem so 
pleasurable as all the important and hidden folks wearing the dull uniforms 
were trying to decide what to do about the big bug that was heading their 
way.  All those suits didn't know if it was friendly or a threat, but the 
sudden destruction of their probe by that big bug pointed their opinions 
toward the wrong direction, of course nothing was for certain until the man 
in the leather chair behind the big wooden desk, who just happened to be the 
biggest suit of all, made his final decision. 
    "Okay, what do we know about this...thing?" 
    "Well, Mr. President, we do that it is a giant bug ship for sure but we 
also suspect that it's an organic ship-" 
    "Excuse me, son.  Did you just say organic...like this thing is alive?" 
    "Yes, sir, that's exactly what it means.  These diagnostics say that it 
is also the size of Manhattan Island and is exactly the shape of a dragonfly." 
    "Is that all we know of it?" 
    "Yes, I'm afraid it is, sir." 
    "Okay...but that doesn't tell me anything about it being hostile or 
friendly and certainly doesn't if we should roll out the red carpet or blow 
it straight to hell!" 
    "I say we give them more time, sir-" 
    "And I say we blow it!" 
    "General, can you please calm down?  Maybe if we give these aliens some 
maybe they can prove themselves to be peaceful-" 
    "I don't think so, Doctor.  Mr. President, sir, if they destroyed our 
probe, that obviously has to tell us something of their real intents.  I say 
we should be prepared just in case they try to do something to us!" 
    "Sir, I think the General is being a little overexcited-" 
    "And I think you're being too much of a pussy, doctor!" 
    "Enough!  Shut up, the both of you!  I make the decisions here, not you 
two so just shut up please!" 
    "Sorry, sir", the both replied at once before another aide opened up the 
door and showed up with a report in his hand. 
    "I'm also sorry to butt in, sir, but something big has just happened 
involving our new alien friends." 
    "Well, spit it out, kid." 
    "Callisto, one of the larger moons of Jupiter....or at least I think it's 
Jupiter...it could be Saturn-" 
    "The point, son...get to the damn point." 
    "Well, that ship...just blew it up." 
    "Yes, it seems it has the capability to blow up planets at will." 
    "You see what I mean, sir", the General butted in, "this just proves that 
it's obviously a threat to us.  Callisto was bigger than this planet, and if 
that...that...thing can blow that up with ease, imagine what it can do to us!" 
    "I see your point, General, and I have to tend to agree with you on this 
    "But, sir-" 
    "No buts, Doctor.  This thing needs to be stopped.  Is there any thing 
that can do the trick?" 
    "Well, sir, there are the new guidance missile we've been testing as of 
late.  They have been successful in each one and I think that they can do the 
trick if this ship gets close enough." 
    "Do it, then.  Get one of them ready for launch." 
    "Yes, sir", the General replied happily while the scientist just sighed 
aloud while the President just sat behind his desk and started to wonder (as 
he did with every decision he made) if it was the right thing to do after all. 

    Sitting there in his chair, being able only to sigh aloud in impatience, 
he thought more and more about the green and blue planet that was 
irresistible to him, as he stood beside the others now having told them about 
it and Xev just seemed to find it as tempting as he did while Kai really had 
no opinion on it but right along with 790, who was just trying to protect his 
darling Xev no matter regardless of what was happening, was more curious as 
to why the Lexx blew up a moon for no particular reason at all. 
    "Now what was that all about Lexx?" 
    "I was still hungry, Stan.  It has been a while since I've last eaten a 
full meal and I need to replenish my energy, Stan." 
    "I see, Lexx, but can we get going now?  I want to reach that blue and 
planet up ahead, the third one out from their sun.  You think you can do that 
now, Lexx?" 
    "As you request, Stan." 
    "Thank you, Lexx.  Finally." 
    Cruising their way slowly through the galaxy to avoid any more moving 
and unnecessary distractions until they near the destination they finally 
wanted to reach, passing by a small and rather ugly gray moon which didn't 
appease any of them at all, and they showed it. 
    "Ugh, how did such a pretty planet as that get stuck with such an ugly 
    "Yeah, it looks like something bashed it in several times?" 
    "Something did smash it in several times, retard.  There are craters all 
over it to tell you that." 
    Not giving another thought, all of them just let it go and headed to the 
place they wanted to be, looking over its vast and straight land masses and 
bodies of water that surrounded up to the two slowly diminishing white caps 
that were on top and the bottom of the lovely planet.  Stan took a huge sigh 
and gloried over its beauty and rather the beauty of its people before 
placing his hand to the control key to start a transmission, but it seems 
that who alreay makes the rules there beat him to the punch because there was 
a small, pointed object thrusting it way toward and no one knew what to make 
of it. 
    "Hey, it seems that the welcome committee has arrived.  What the hell is 
thing anyway?" 
    "Must be some sort of beacon or something", Xev replied as she looked on 
the robot head for answers. 
    "Your guess is as good as mine, sugar plume." 
    "Kai?  What do you think?" 
    "I do not know either, but I am curious to find out." 
    It seems that the dead man was not the only one, for the Lexx-still in 
its feeding frenzy-swerved to the side once and sent the crew members 
tumbling out of control as it headed straight toward whatever was coming 
there way and swallowed it whole in one gulp before stopping and resuming 
what it was doing before.  All of the crew gathered themselves up slowly, 
making sure each other was all right but it did not last long for something 
else, something worse happened inside the Lexx-its food came back to haunt it 
as an explosion soon followed there after and the shaking became much worse, 
knocking all of them down at once along with several other things. 
    "What was that?" 
    "I don't know, but that beacon must have done something to the Lexx." 
    "Well, obviously, Stan." 
    Unfortunately for, things went from bad to worse when a hole blew itself 
into the bridge and making the ship go in swirls, tossing and tumbling the 
crew left and right, up and down and through thick and thin, moving loose 
objects as well along with the crypods, knocking several of them down and 
even cracking a couple of them as well.  All four of them were starting to 
wonder when this nightmare was going to end, but the screen going blank and 
the lights going out didn't make them feel any better as the ship continued 
to go haywire until mercy showed itself upon and finally stopped the ship, 
allowing the others to gather themselves up and try to figure out where they 
were before going to search for the others, hoping that they were as much in 
one piece as they were. 

    Not feeling any of the swishing and the swoshing of her make shift cage 
until it rolled around like a log on the floor, Jaina realized that something 
had to be terribly wrong in or with the Lexx for something like this to 
happen, but then again it wasn't necessarily a bad thing.  She could this to 
capitalize on her situation and more importantly, escape.  Seeing another 
bonus in noticing that the cryo gas that was produced to keep her cold was 
escaping out through a crack in the glass, she placed her lips to the hole 
and started to suck some air through her mouth and into her lungs, slowly 
making herself strong enough to break free from the case. Wriggling her body 
around some more to make it more comfortable, her hand accidentally reached 
her throat and felt a thin scar over it, noticing that someone had repeatedly 
cut through it several times to get something out of her.  It had to be the 
assassin, she knew it had to be.  They obviously must have found out someway 
that she bled the stuff that he needed to survive, which was protoblood, but 
she wondered if he could even take the stuff in without going haywire.  She 
told herself that she was about to find out as rammed her fist through the 
glass top, proceeding to push the lid up slowly then crawling out of her 
shell, laughing gently to herself before letting out a sharp cry of 
"freedom!" in an alien tongue before following it up with a piercing sharp 
scream of pleasure and pain. 

    Climbing her way up the levels of the Lexx by its walls, Xev started to 
wonder just exactly how far this ship knocked her down when a bigger concern 
overtook her mind: how badly was the Lexx damaged by that little surprise 
which the blue and green planet sent to them and how much it would hurt them 
in the long run.  Those thoughts and concerns kept running through her mind 
as she kept going up, finally pushing herself to the bridge above then 
started to search the passengways and rooms for her lost friends and nearly 
killing one in the process as she suddenly found herself stepping on 
someone's fingers. 
    "Owwww god!" 
    She looked down to see Stanley clinging on to dear life-not to mention 
the ledge that she was standing on below her feet.  His fingers started to 
slip slowly until he was grasping for it with one hand which quickly went 
after and if not for Xev who quickly grabbed that hand before he fell, who 
knows what might have happened but no one would be able to control the ship, 
so they wouldn't be able to go anywhere for sure. 
    "There you are, Stanely", she responded as she used her strength to pull 
him up from the ledge back onto his feet on the ground, "I see you've been 
    "Cute...real cute", he retorted, releasing his grasp from her knowing now 
he was safe as least for now, "you've seen Kai or the head yet?" 
    "No, I just got here myself.  You?" 
    "No, me neither.  I hope they're well because I have a bad feeling about 
Lexx and when I get a bad feeling, bad things happen." 
    Stanley was ready to continue his spiel as they headed toward the bridge 
to check up on the ship itself when something else interrupted him, a loud 
and piercing shriek that seemed totally unnatural and really seemed to scare 
the pants out of them both. 
    "What was that?  I don't like the sound of it." 
    "Well, I can tell what I think it is.  It sounds like something crawling 
out of the dead to me." 
    "You're probably right on that.  Come on, let's get to the bridge...I'm 
worried about the Lexx right now more than any of us." 
    "Yeah, you're right.  This doesn't look good." 
    "I agree with you both." 
    Both of them turned their heads to see Kai walking cautiously up to them, 
carrying their missing robot head 790 as well, which seemed to be in off mode 
because all they saw was empty screen and while both of them were glad to see 
Kai in one piece (which was no surprise to anyone but that didn't stop Xev 
from feeling that way), all of them were concerned about 790 as they hurried 
themselves to the bridge, but something else started to plague Stan's mind 
once more and he tired to bring it back up as quickly as he could. 
    "Look what I found." 
    "790", Xev replied, taking the head from Kai, shaking it in order to 
revive the machine but had no such luck, "wake up.  What's wrong with him?" 
    "790 must have taken more of a fall than we did. I shall try to revive 
him when we have a better idea of what the condition of the Lexx is." 
    "That's another thing!  Did you hear that loud shriek earlier, Kai?  That 
noise that made my skin crawl." 
    "Yes, I did." 
    "Well, what do you think it was?" 
    "I am guessing it was probably a cry of pain or something from the Lexx in 
response to what happened." 
    "Yeah, well, I'm not so sure of that." 
    Staying silent the rest of the way their, all three arrived at the bridge 
to a less that cordial and hopeful response.  Instantly noticing a hole in 
the floor, Xev and Kai ran over to look over it while Stanley took the empty 
minded 790 and laid it beside the control chair before placing his hand on 
the key and stared on at the blank screen. 
    "Lexx, how are you feeling?" 
    "Not well, Stanley.  My insides are burning." 
    "What do you mean burning?" 
    "I mean that my body is burning inside and it is slowly starting to hurt 
me more, Stan." 
    "Oh yeah, that's not good." 
    "What is your status now, Lexx?" 
    "There is severe damage in my digestive system and it's getting worse, 
    "Well, can you get the lights back on so we can see better, Lexx?" 
    "As you request, Stan", it replied before the lights slowly came back on, 
exposing the damage to itself more while Stan and Xev turn to Kai for advice. 
    "Is there anything we can do?" 
    "I do not know that." 
    "Well, that's just great-" 
    "But they might", Kai responded, pointing down to the blue and green 
globe below, "if they sent this thing...this weapon, they might have a way to 
fix what damage it has caused to the Lexx.  If we do not, the effects of this 
weapon may cause serious damage because right now he may be slowly dying." 
    "Whoa, whoa, whoa!  You're telling me that this thing is killing the Lexx 
because of a serious case of heartburn?" 
    "If you can put it that way." 
    "So, I guess we just have to go and get it some Antacid?" 
    "Okay", Stan replied, jumping out of his chair and headed toward Kai, 
"then we should go right away, the sooner the better." 
    "Wait a second", Xev interrupted, "what about me?" 
    "I am afraid you'll have to stay here and look over the ship while we are 
gone since 790 is not activating-" 
    "But, Kai-" 
    "It's all right, Xev", Stan replied in Kai's place, "if this is going to 
be our new home after all, you won't be missing much.  As soon as we can fix 
Lexx right up, we'll go back down there and you can do all the exploring you 
    "Yeah sure", Xev smiled hastily as Stan handed her a sqauker. 
    "Thanks, Xev", Stan replied as he and Kai were already on the way out, 
"maybe you should check around the rest of the ship...you know to kill some 
    "Sure thing, Stan", she replied as her smile faded away and her expression 
turned into that of like a child being let out of something good, then 
deciding to take Stan's advice and check around for more damaged areas on the 
ship, but not for his sake, as she picked up a shovel nearby for protection, 
but rather to make herself feel just a little bit better for the cause. 

    Arriving at the moth as hastily as they could, Kai and Stan were sure of 
what had to be done, but had no idea on where to start or on how to do it 
because they were strangers in an even stranger land and they had no idea 
what was laying wait for them, but for the sake of the ship, the being, that 
took them this far and will probably take even further, they had to save it 
at least in thanks for what it do for them if not much more.  They weren't 
necessarily ready for what was in store for them, but at least they could 
face with at least a strong chin if much else.  Trying to decide on where to 
start first, they decided to turn to the one thing that got them this 
far in first place-the transmissions. 
    "Do you remember anything you heard from earlier, Stan?" 
    "Just the important stuff." 
    "Which was?" 
    "All the porno stuff." 
    "That isn't important, Stanley." 
    "Well, it is to me!" 
    "Do you remember anything else on them?" 
    "Oh, it was just a bunch of gibberish.  You know, news and stuff." 
    "What such news?" 
    "Oh, like they have these "astronauts" and military like guys finally 
discover life in space.  Ha!  Talk about primitive!" 
    "Anything else?" 
    "Yeah, like they were having this big summit in their capital.  Supposed 
to get them one step closer to world peace an all of that." 
    "Do you remember the name of it?" 
    "Yeah, but I also know that I really don't want to go there.  It sounds 
really boring.  I think it starts with a W or something..." 
    "Do you know where this city is?" 
    "Oh yeah, from what I saw, they said that it was on the western side of 
the planet with a small vertical strip down the middle and-wait, there it is." 
    Stan pointed to which continent he was talking about before Kai took a 
nose dive through the planet's thick atmosphere and headed closer to wherever 
Stan was talking about, getting more and more help in his quest from his 
comrade as they went along. 
    "That's it-that's the city!  I knew it started with a W", Stan screamed 
happily, "it sure has several nice white big houses.  Too bad you can't see 
it in the dark.  Do you think anyone has seen us land down?" 
    "Fortunately, no.  We have to keep our cover or be hunted down, and we 
cannot afford that." 
    "I guess not", Stan replied back before they landed down quietly into a 
big grassy patch that Kai made sure was hidden so no one could spot it 
easily, both of them getting out quietly and shutting the lids before he 
noticed a big sign up ahead, "welcome to Washington, DC.  What a silly name 
for a city?  Of course, the name of their planet isn't too beautiful either." 
    "You know where we are, Stan?" 
    "Of course, silly, I know where we are.  We're on some planet called 

    Completely tired and desperately bored, Xev realized that the one major 
burden about being on the Lexx was that it surely didn't help you kill time 
unless you had the key, which she didn't.  Thinking that the passageways and 
corridors of the massive ship could provide her with some sort of 
entertainment, but not they showed enough signs of danger to keep her 
interested, which certainly wasn't making things easier.  Sadly, the Lexx 
wasn't doing much better considering.  She kept hearing its moans of pain and 
groans of illness and she couldn't but feel sorry for it and mad at 
herself for being so selfish.  Continuing to side step through the corridors, 
brushing the flat end of the shovel against the wall as she did while trying 
to find anywhere to be, the ship let out it most painful moan yet and Xev 
could help but try to do something to stop it. 
    "How are you feeling?" 
    "Not good...the burning is getting worse.  I am in great pain." 
    "I understand that, Lexx, but Stan and Kai will be back soon to help and 
to make it go away." 
    "I hope so.  I need it badly." 
    "I know you do, Lexx...we all do." 
    "What was that?" 
    "Nothing, Lexx.  Just relax, help is on its way." 
    Letting out another heavy sigh in uneasiness, another and even more 
depressing though suddenly entered her mind: what if they had to leave?  If 
the Lexx died, what would they do...what could they do?  The thought of 
having to go from the ship that's been their home for so long scared her 
deeply and caused her to shudder-but what if Kai or Stan didn't prevail in 
time?  Anything could happen then.  Stan and her would have to leave and 
start over on that planet for sure, while 790 would probably want to go with 
them, of course.  Kai, on the other hand, would probably feel that if he 
could find a way to finally fulfill his wish and die truly and in peace, he 
would probably welcome the Lexx dying along with him.  Trouble was, it may 
explode or anything like that to keep Kai from not dying...it could just 
drift there forever, and what would that leave him?  No, he would have to go 
with them if the worst came to pass, besides, it wouldn't be right not to. 
    Now motivated to do something, she decided to start being prepare and 
quickly headed to the cryo room to get the stuff ready. Thinking of what 
stuff to pack up first and what had to be carried more  carefully and what 
had to be left behind as she rushed over to where she was going to start the 
packing, Xev raced to the cryo pods-shovel still in hand-expecting some 
damage from what had happened earlier, but still not counting on the 
surprises that were coming her way.  Looking over the 
damaged beaks and vases from the lab along with several of the medical 
equipment that shorted out and damaged itself from various sources and 
finally the crypods themselves, sneaking up closer to them and noticing that 
one of them had fallen down flat on its back, shattering itself into pieces, 
what really grabbed her attention though was the other, more strange and more 
noticeable open hole right in the middle, which she crouched down to get a 
much better look at it, glacing it over carefully and giving it her full 
attnetion and curiousity-not of course, noticing the hand that slowly 
reaching for her shoulder from behind until she felt it and snapped around 
to see, in shock and confusion, an old enemy from behind. 
    "Hiya, Xev.  Miss me?" 
    "How did-" 
    Not giving her the chance to answer her question or confirm her surprise, 
Jaina quickly punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious before 
hoisting Xev up over her shoulder and heading to the control panel, moving 
the knobs and switches back and forth, which did nothing until she gently 
banged the panel on its side before it actually did anything, making one of 
the remaining doors open up before Jaina carried her new victim over to it 
and put her inside, shutting the door once more before she had the chance to 
get up, smiling all the way as she did. 
    "It's only fair, hon", Jaina replied slyly as she quietly walked around 
and spotted her weapons on the floor near the fallen lab table, picking them 
up before looking over the place, either thinking that they haven't really 
been doing a good job of keeping the place tidy or that something happened, 
"wow, heh, what catastrophe happened here?" 
    Chuckling a little to herself before heading on down the hallways and 
ignoring the sounds around her, she kept playing with her lethal toys while 
slowly cruising toward the bridge, wondering where her other captors were at 
the same time. 
    "Hmmmmmm, Dead Boy?  Captain Tweedledumb?  Robot Head?  I got your little 
woman in the ice box!"  Hello?!  Mmmm, must have gone on a field trip or 
something.  Eh, oh well.  More room for me", she replied to herself as 
finally reached the bridge and went to took the empty captain's chair when 
she noticed something else different about the people here, kneeling down to 
see the empty and nonfunctional 790-but then again, she didn't know that yet, 
"well, well, well.  Hello robot head.  How you been doing lately?" 
    Not noticing any activity yet, she waved her hand up and down in front of 
its big eye screens to grab its attention, only to get nothing again-which 
she really didn't have a problem with anyway. 
    "Well, no one home, eh?  Oh well", she replied, kicking it aside a little 
more to make room for her in the chair, then realizing that the ship won't 
respond to her unless she made a couple changes, like into a different voice, 
more specifically Stan's. 
    "Lexx", she asked in his tone, "what's your status?" 
    "Not good, Stanley.  I am getting worse...it hurts." 
    "What hurts, Lexx?" 
    "The burning inside me...it hurts really bad." 
    "Oh, I see.  Well, have we heard anything from the planet yet?" 
    "No, Stanley.  We received several random transmissions, but no one has 
responded yet." 
    "Oh, I see, what kind of transmissions?" 
    "I don't know." 
    "Well, are any of them digital?" 
    "I think so, Stan." 
    "Good, can you tap into those signals and then look up anything on that 
planet...it's history and science and stuff like that, and keep it coming at 
me fast if you do?" 
    "It is a strange request...but as you command, Stan." 
    Smiling heavily as the Lexx began to flash rapid and heavy of the facts 
and history of the planet below, all of it leaving an interested glance on 
her face as the ship kept turning page after page of information on the 
screen in front of her. 
    "Interesting...very interesting." 

    Back on the planet Earth, dawn began to break out into the sky and with 
it both Kai and Stan arose to it, one already there because he never went to 
sleep in the first place and the other not so agreeable to it even though the 
dead one persisted him physically by repeatedly kicking him lightly in the 
shoulder to wake him up, which did not sit well with Stan who was still 
trying to get back those pleasan dreams he finally had before hand, but 
eventually he had to give and finally wake up because he knew Kai wouldn't 
quit until he did. 
    "Wake up." 
    "All right", Stan replied groggily, "just stop kicking me, would you?" 
    "What would be the point?" 
    "I didn't think there was one to begin with", Stan replied, wanting to 
get the rest of his clothes on but wouldn't do so until Kai turned around 
which he did easily, "so, what's the plan?  I suppose you have one." 
    "I suggest we go find the ones who shot that missile to our ship and see 
if we can find a way to reverse it." 
    "Oh, that's much easier said than done, and just where exactly do we find 
said people?" 
    "I do not know", Kai responded, looking up at the proud city surrounding 
before turning back to face a fully clothed Stan, "I suggest we go to town." 

    Fortune treated the two travelers a bit more kindly as the day passed, 
giving them both leads as they passed through the humoungous capital city, 
passing by all kinds of people that grabbed their attention in different ways 
as they searched for a way to save the Lexx, but sadly not getting much of 
anything as hours later into the day, they both found themselves in the heart 
of the city with nothing to help their cause plus the fact that they still 
didn't know where to go but the good news was that they figured out how to 
understand the maps and had a better idea of what to do now as they stood out 
in daylight and amongst the crowd in front of a phone booth with Stan 
searching through the big, heavy yellow paged book that went with it while 
Kai stood beside him with his ear pressed to the phone, trying to contact 
someone of influence still to no luck as he hung up to try again. 
    "Kai, will you give it up already, that's like the fifth one you called." 
    "I know, but we must keep going and besides, we're almost out of change." 
    "Oh, we got all the change we need", Stan replied looking down at the 
busted bottom part of the machine that held the change in it, "not like it 
would do us much good, that was the last scientist mentioned in this book 
thing here.  Maybe we should try something else...like a lab or something." 
    "That could work...you should look one up." 
    "No need", Stan replied, grabbing Kai's attention and pointing to some 
big building nearby, "Smithsonian Institute...that's got to have some big 
wigs cranium cramming freaks in there." 
    "Agreed, but it is across the street so we must go the nearest place to 
cross."     "Oh come on, all the way over there, why can't we just cut across 
    "Because Stanley, we do not want to be caught and we must follow their 
not to", Kai replied already on his way there with Stan quickly following him. 
    "Party pooper", Stan replied as he went along, noticing that others were 
staring at both of them and giggling at them as they passed which began to 
irk the poor captain, "and is it just me or do these people think we're a 
little strange for their taste or what?" 
    As they approached the crosswalk, nearing even stranger people as Kai 
reached his hand to activate the signal button, it seemed that the stranger 
people had more interest in them then they did as they all stared on at the 
both of them with curiosity and hilarity while all Stan and Kai could notice 
was that they were dressed up like women, and quite badly at that. Stan 
studied each of one them carefully while avoiding them as politely as he 
could, two of them with bad wigs and tattoos while one has all sorts of metal 
piercings sticking out all over the orifices of his body, another one even 
had a mustache on him which just made Stanley laugh in hysterics 
while all of them seemed to take more notice of Kai and completely ignore the 
captain as they moved closer to gander at the assasins own strange looking 
    "Oh honey, look at this.  Where did you ever get a beehive like that, 
sugar?  That has just got to be most fabulous one I've ever seen." 
    "Like for sure." 
    "It is my own hair.  It's grown since I was a child." 
    "Well, I must know your beauty secrets." 
    "Uh-hun, girlfriend." 
    "Uh, excuse me", Stan interrupted, "but why are you guys dressed like a 
of cheap, overworn sluts?  Not to mention that you really need to shave, sir." 
    "Well, I never", the one drag queen Stan insulted replied with a heavy 
    "Honey, it's not just dress up, it's a state of mind because you see, 
unlike you, we are beautiful." 
    "Sing it, girlfriend!" 
    "Besides", the head drag queen replied poking at Stan's shirt, "what's 
your get up supposed to be?  Last time I checked it wasn't Halloween yet." 
    "Uh huh." 
    "What are you blabbering on about now?  And...and...and this is not my 
get up!  It's my uniform and I earned every bit of it!" 
    "Uniform?  For what, honey?  The Guild Of Tacky Colored Wearing Men?" 
    "No!  It's for the Divine Order." 
    "Oh, the Divine Order, well honey, it's obviously got to be divine if 
they make you wear stuff like that." 
    "Why you", Stan angrily replied while the others laughed at him, ready to 
strike one of them in return had it not been for Kai, who grabbed in his arm 
in just the nick of time and grabbed his attention again. 
    "That light says we can cross now." 
    "Well, good.  See you later, you freaks." 
    "Well, goodbye to you too, tacky boy", one of them replied as the others 
laughed behind him, "hey, pale face, if you ever need any hair tips or have 
plenty to give me in return...you know I'll never be afraid to listen in, so 
you can get back to me any time on that, sugar.  Okay?" 
    "Yeah, right", Stan mutter under his breath as they approached the other 
side of the street, "well, that was an interesting acquaintance." 
    "To say the least.  These beings tend to be more experimental than others 
that we've encountered." 
    "Or just more freaky", Stan replied, "but of course, I'm still not 
suprised that they'd pay more attention to you and your hair than they do to 
me, but then again everybody seems to pay more attention to you.  You sure 
get a lot of popularity for...a corpse..." 
    Stan wanted to rant to keep his friend's attention more focused and vent 
out his own feelings at the same time, but slowly noticed that Kai's 
attention was now refocused on something he thought was more important, which 
turned out to be a big metal box containing some big mass of paper with a 
small amount of print covering along with a small picture on the side.  Stan 
was wondering what the thing while Kai was already halfway through reading 
the front page, which really began to get to Stan. 
    "Oh, what is it now, Kai?" 
    "Stan, this newspaper...it can help us." 
    "What are you talking about now?" 
    "This front page article...it talk about the scientist that discovered 
the alien craft heading toward this planet." 
    "You mean Lexx?" 
    "Precisely.  If there is anyone in this city who can help us, it is most 
likely that it is him." 
    "Well, that's great.  However, we don't know who he is, where he is, or 
how we can get to him?" 
    "Well, it says here that his name is Dr. Joseph Emerson, that he lives 
somewhere in this city and I presume that he would be as eager to help us out 
as much we need it because it also says here that he was against their leader 
launching an attack against us." 
    "Okay, let's go." 
    "We still have the problem of where to find him-" 
    "Ha, solved that.  Thanks to that phone book, I know that he lives way on 
the other side of the city, so I suggest we get started considering we have 
no money to afford transportation." 
    "We can catch that big vehicle over there", Kai replied holding up a big 
wad of change in his hand then pointing to a bus with the other hand, "I 
believe they take exact change." 
    "Kai, I don't know or care what I would do without you, but things would 
sure be less easy.  Come on, let's go find this Emerson character before 
things get any worse."