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Summary: A Look at Kai's history in poetry 
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Note: English is not my first language (it's french), so do forgive any grammar gone bad. 
Status: Complete, Copyright 2000
By Jerboa
You are a stranger to this world 
Stolen from your life and death 
On that fateful day you saw your end 
As you breathed your final breath 

A child of darkness, you became 
Victim of your destiny 
Your soul and mind both drained away 
They left your body empty 

"The dead do not..." 
Is what we hear you say 
As you live this untrue life 
Since darkness took you away 

The dead do not feel pain 
Or joy, or sorrow, or dread 
The dead do not feel anything 
As the dead as simply dead 

Your skin is cold and pale as ice 
Your hair is black as night 
But your deep and soulful eyes 
Seem to glow with their own light 

For an endlessly long time 
You were forced to kill 
All these great deeds of evil 
All done against your will 

You wish not a second life 
Of this world you ask nothing 
But for the chance to leave, to flee 
This mockery of living 

You long for this life to end 
For this existence to cease 
To end this pain you do not feel 
To finally know true peace 

And as you walk this living realm 
In your heart there is no hate 
Only the cruel, bitter knowledge 
That this must be your fate.