By NeuroScholar

A brief synopsis of "The NeuroVizier" is offered here by way of
providing a back-story to "0-g BG:"
His Divine Shadow's neuroscholars were the guys who engineered the AI
up-grades for all of HDS's zombie cyborgs' neuralnets. The Grand
NeuroVizier managed to escape The Cleansing, and after
emerging from cryostasis in The Dark Zone, captures Kai and Xev. His
intention is to inhabit Kai's body, as he sees Kai
to be his finest specimen: Killed in his prime, with all the grace
and finesse of a mature man, yet still the beauty and agility of
youth. He proceeds to make certain 'modifications'

to Kai's body, for the ancient and grotesquely deformed neurovizier
desires all the pleasures of the flesh but without any of its
weaknesses or limitations. He uses Xev to tease Kai, the better
to test Kai's sexual response, while he tweaks Kai's sensory systems
to just the right level of performance. Kai and Xev manage to bravely
escape before the Grand NeuroVizier can transfer his consciousness
into Kai, and our story picks up again after they've made it safely
back to the Lexx...



Part One:  ASCENT
Sex with Xev was all he could think about since regaining his
emotions.  His memories were mostly positive now, when he
was in her presence, giving him relief from his usual tortured
recollections.  Her golden color reminded him of pleasant summer
afternoons on a beach, and he longed to smell the sun on her skin.
He hoped they might find a planet with nice beaches someday, and
began to fantasize about playing in a gentle surf with Xev, and
making love on a white sand beach, his body absorbing the heat from a
sun and warm sand.  And Xev
might pretend he had living flesh.
Since his sexual functioning had been fully restored, sex with Xev
was constantly on Kai's mind.  Stanley was remarkably sympathetic to
their needs, and 790 was easy enough to avoid, but Kai and Xev still
craved total privacy.
Then Kai remembered the Weapons Plexus.
Taking Xev by the hand he led her to the cavernous vaulted chamber
within one of Lexx's ocular parabolas. A thousand feet above them was
the neural plexus that synchronized plasma bursts from each unit of
the weapons array.
He pulled Xev close, looking into her eyes with a lusty grin, and
wrapped his left arm tightly around her waist.  His forearm was like
an iron bar against the small of her back, and her waist was so tiny
that his long fingers reached almost entirely
across her belly. He bent his right knee between her legs, so her
crotch was supported by his thigh. He raised his right fist towards
the plexus, primed his brace and told Xev to hang on.
She wrapped both arms around his neck and squeezed his thigh with
hers.  He held her tight and fired the brace.  She squealed in
delight as they shot upwards, but halfway to the plexus Kai slowed
their ascent while he forced a deep kiss on her mouth. Then he began
to slowly swing and spin while dangling from the plexus.  Xev
couldn't resist making slight rhythmic hip

movements against the coarse fabric and hard muscle of his thigh.
She broke their kiss with a gasp as her excitement forced a greater
need for oxygen, and straddled his thigh while they swung and twirled
in a bungee ballet, dipping and arcing and stealing the occassional
kiss while Kai would suddenly let them drop a few hundred feet, for
Xev loved the feeling in her tummy.  And Kai loved the way she kissed
him as they slowly ascended again.
Eventually, they made it to the plexus, and Xev grabbed the edge of
the platform while Kai placed his left palm under her butt and heaved
her up.  A service platform circled the plexus and was a good twenty
feet wide, giving them a very private playground.  Xev smiled with
anticipation as she noticed that Kai had prepared a love nest with
pillows, blankets and refreshments for her.  She fell back against
the pillows with a sigh, closed her eyes and waited for her heart to
recover from the exhilarating ascent.  She could feel Kai slowly and
gently begin to remove her clothing while she relaxed, keeping her
eyes shut, enjoying every touch of his hands, the sensation only
adding to the butterflies that were already in her stomach. 

- 3 -

He then began to lovingly brush her hair until it was loose and
smooth and glossy, gleaming gold and red.  She was relaxed almost to
the point of sleep when a cruel tickle on her pubic area jolted her
eyes open.  She looked down at her crotch to see Kai with a mock-
wicked glint in his eye, brushing her pubic hair!  He brushed it this
way and that, into different patterns, pausing occasionally to lean
tilting his head to criticize his work.  Then she saw him spit on his
fingertips and reach down to twirl & twist a strand of hair into a
ropy curl.
"Kai, what are you trying to do down there?"
"My darling, I am amusing myself trying to form these hairs into a
pattern complimentary to your navel tattoo."
Xev sat up to take a look, and when she lifted her head

again she was almost nose-to-nose with Kai.  Their eyes locked as
they were trapped in the time-warp that lovers feel when they lay
their souls bare to one another.  Kai's soul was ancient and complex,
and Xev always felt an elating surge of power whenever their eyes
connected in this special way. Her belly immediately filled with
electricity, and she could feel her juices begin to well up within,
bringing her out of hypnosis.
Kai's face had become very serious while they were locked in this
trance, but when he saw that Xev's body had disconnected her
consciousness from his, he smiled, and picking up the hair brush
closed his eyes as he held it under his nose, inhaling deeply of her
scent.  He then offered her the brush and asked,
"Will you do my hair?"
"Take off your shirt, turn your back to me and hold still," she
commanded while Kai did as instructed.
Xev lightly dragged the brush across her own crotch, reliving one
more time the unusual sensation this man had created for her, and
then ever so lightly explored how the bristles felt against her
nipples, noting how much pressure to use.
As she began to undo his hair, she pondered for the thousandth time
how much it resembled a sculpture of the Lexx, or a dragonfly with
one wing. Brushing out the braid she marveled at how much longer it
was.  Braided, it reached only to just below his shoulder blades.
Loose and straight, its ends caressed almost to his lower back. Xev
worked small
sections loose with her fingers, and when brushing them out she
worked the bristles against the skin of his back in a gentle massage.

- 4 -

Kai's voice was like his hair:  Full and dark, all smooth silk and
velvet, but now becoming a soft, low growl,
"...rrrmmmmm, -that feels nice..."
So she would pause occasionally to stroke his broad back with the
brush bristles and her fingernails.  Kai practically purred like some
large beast, his "mmm's" turning into a deep rumble in his chest,
punctuated by an occasional soft "ahhh..." as she found and worked a
special spot.  She loved Kai's back, not only for its masculine
gorgeousness but also for its lack of hardware.  Xev was elated that
she could finally indulge in and relish the feel of his hair in her
fingers.  The glossy blackness of it belied the cold, slightly coarse
and artificial texture.  It was beautiful, but it didn't exactly feel
like living human hair. Yet she found herself very stimulated by its
exotic nature.
She reached up to let his topknot down, and stretched her

legs as she scootched closer to Kai's back.  She noticed her own
scent rising up from herself.  She sniffed the brush, it smelled like
her but slightly less so, and mingled with Kai's own unusual scent.
His scent was rather neutral, no doubt designed that way to
facilitate the assassin's stalk. Yet there was a subtle undertone,
like a hint of masculine musk and ozone, which she had grown quite
accustomed to and now, in the way of all lovers, found sexually
She finished brushing out his hair until it hung smooth and even like
a black satin cape about his shoulders, and asked,
"Kai?  Do you enjoy the way I know...down there?"
Kai turned around and studied her enquiring face.  Ah, Xev, he
thought, Don't be so insecure, just relax.  He pulled all his hair
over to one side, until the entire thick mass of it was hanging over
and in front of his right shoulder.  He grabbed a huge fistful of his
own hair as he bent his head down between Xev's legs and used his
hair to wipe and sponge away her moisture there. Then, still holding
the large wad of hair and Xev-juice, brought it up to his face and
inhaled deeply, looking Xev straight in the eyes.  He somberly,
almost reverently, kissed the wettest spot of his hair, and when he
then let it fall, a few strands remained stuck to the stubble on his
chin.  He smeared his hair across his chest, and Xev thought it was
the sexiest thing she'd ever seen.
She reached over to unhook the strands stuck to the stubble around
his mouth, then touched the hair on his chest, tracing patterns into
it where her juice had plastered it to his skin, and used the tip of
the brush lightly to expose his nipple.  Kai looked down to watch,
then said,

- 5 -

"It's much better than spit for making patterns with hair."
His eyes crinkled into a smile as Xev fell back laughing.  She was
delighted to see the flowering of Kai's personality as he re-
integrated his long-lost emotions.  Then she had an idea. She dipped
a finger into herself and smeared it over the implants in his chest.
Then arranged his hair down  over them, pressing down, effectively
hiding them from her sight.

Now he really looked beautiful.
Xev placed her hand on his jaw, rubbing her palm lightly along the
edge of it, feeling the shape of solid bone and the slightly rough
skin.  She traced a forefinger around the outlines of his beard-
shadow, and felt a surge of arousal at how it framed his lips.  She
noticed the red line of his cheek tattoo running parallel to the blue
edge of his
beard-line, and wondered which came first.  Maybe the tradition
originated when it was the fashion for Brunnen G men to wear full
beards, and the tattoo was made at the time in a man's life when his
natural beard line was evident, so that the

mark would always be visible.
Her eyes traced the tattoo from his ear to his mouth, like the path
of a thought. So many questions, yet as long as she'd known him he
was still all male mystery.
She moved closer, almost as if to kiss him, but just to take

a closer look at his skin, and saw the origin of the bluish shadow-
cast in dark roots embedded in white flesh.  She noticed, too, that
he wasn't entirely smooth-shaven, which was what gave his skin that
subtle fine-sandpaper feel.  Far from finding it uncomfortable and
unattractive, she found
it to be very male, very sexually stimulating.
To Xev, the visual and sensory effect of Kai was so perfectly
masculine she could stare at him forever and forever be aroused.
Yet a part of her mind remained haunted by his past. His beard had
stopped growing at the moment of his death.  She wondered how fast it
had grown in life, and tried to imagine him shaving.  How she would
love to have watched the living Kai shave!  She knew that would be
very sexy, and visualized herself turning his routine shaving ritual
into imaginative foreplay!  She wondered how long it had been between

last shave and his death, and an image of the last time he'd shaved
haunted her mind:  Was it just the mundane act of a normal man, or
was it done in rushed desperation, knowing he would be called into
battle at any moment?  Was it done slowly, deliberately, with Brunnen
G pride, and full awareness that it was the last time, that soon he
would die?
Kai looked deeply into her eyes and watched as the spark of arousal
within slowly became a glittering tear.

- 6 -

He took her hands from his face and kissed her palms gently with soft
lips, pulling her into his lap, then hugged her close
and tender, like a father comforting a young, sad child. Kai was
resolved to the fact that Xev's sexual response to him would forever
be tempered by her intellectual realization of his personal tragedy.
Knowing that she was a love-slave, he felt moved to respect for her
ability to put aside her own needs and so deeply feel his pain.
Xev was now crying openly, letting her sobs crescendo

loudly to keep her heart from bursting, letting out all the anguish
she'd ever felt on this man's behalf, until finally her tears turned
to ones of joy as she realized that now, at last, they could fully
love one another.
Kai was unable to cry, however, and since regaining his emotions had
disciplined himself not to think of his past. He was afraid to find
out how he would react, afraid he would go insane with grief, so he
existed now in full warrior-mode at all times, focusing entirely on
the present, concentrating on what was happening  external to himself.
He probed his memories only for data to assist his understanding of
some present situation, or information to plan a strategy.
Yet the modifications made to his body by the NeuroVizier left him
with no choice but to be hyper-aware of his own profound sexual
response to Xev.  This was an emotion beyond his ability to control.
And to give himself over to it, to allow himself to experience joyous
pleasure with someone who loved him, seemed right and moral.
He felt Xev's hugs slowly evolve from those of a hurt child to those
of an aroused woman, and his body responded instantly and
automatically. As Xev gave in to the joy of the moment, her clutching
desperation became firm massaging of the muscle and skin of the
shoulders of her man.  Yes, HER man!  Finally she could revel in the
feel of him, letting her body respond to his in a fully natural way.
She could feel him responding to her in kind, and as she straddled
his hips and pressed her abdomen along the

length of his,  she felt his hardness growing against her opened
loins.  She groaned slightly in her deep cluster-lizard way, then
arched her body back, letting her
 head hang and her hair sweep against the bottoms of her feet as she
let out a long, slow sigh.

- 7 -

Kai looked down to see her lips part to the sigh, those uniquely Xevy-
sexy lips, now his to indulge, and he saw her long golden graceful
throat with its perfect skin, muscular yet soft and smooth like the
rest of her, and a primitive beast rose from somewhere deep within
his psyche.  He wanted to sink his teeth into every muscle on her
body, and had to fight the sudden urge to savage her throat.
Xev saw the lust in his eyes and curled back up to tear his
fly open, he seized her waist pulling her tight against himself,
seeing how her breasts bulged high against her chest as he mashed
them to his.  He grabbed her hair and forced her head back, exposing
her throat, and began to rake it with his

teeth, inhaling her skin and flesh, then strongly massaging with his
tongue.  He could feel that if he moved his hips just so, she would
let him grow right into her, and so he did.
Xev squirmed her hips slightly until she could feel the head of his
cock poised at her entry, and pushed down carefully at just the right
angle, then became as still as a statue, feeling Kai slowly fill her,
deeper ever deeper with each involuntary gasp, until she thought it
would never end.
Then Kai grabbed her butt in a death grip and began rocking his
pelvis in small arcs.  Xev tensed in pain and let out a small squeaky
scream as Kai's glans butted her cervix at the wrong angle, and Kai
immediately loosened his grip and stopped, freezing all movement, as
still and hard as rock. Better to let Xev ride him in her own way.
After all, he was a mature man and a warrior, he should be able to
demonstrate some self-control!
Xev felt Kai stop dead in his tracks at her scream and was grateful
that he held stone still while she adjusted herself to a more
comfortable position.  She drew herself up straight, and putting more
of her weight on her own knees, paused to re-compose herself.  Her
eyes were at the level of his neck, and she also couldn't resist
kissing him passionately there, pushing his hair away so she could
caress his collarbones.  She instantly became hyper-aroused again and
Kai could feel her hot, thick juices flowing down over his testicles
with every one of her powerful pelvic contractions.  She began to
slide up-and-down along the considerable length of his shaft, not
wanting him too deep just yet.  Slowly her body began to accommodate
itself to his, to mold itself around him, and she was so very
grateful that he seemed to understand and did not move.

- 8 -

Kai remained absolutely motionless while Xev made herself
comfortable, waiting patiently for her to try to find a way
to move on him without hurting herself. He relished the throbbing
pulse of his cock within her, so intense he could feel each throb
forcing the tightness of her walls apart, gradually relaxing

her.  The thought that he had caused her pain, though inadvertent,
was unbearable, even while every one of his newly awakened sensory
nerves was screaming out to ravage her.
He stiffened his spine so she could hang on his shoulders while
lowering herself up & down, but wondered how long his warrior
discipline would continue to serve him.  His head

was filling with thoughts of throwing her down and pounding away
toward sweet release...  But he loved and respected her, and would
never consciously hurt her.
When she'd first cried in pain at his initial thrust, he'd froze
instantly, almost panicking enough to start to soften a bit, but now
he was being rewarded for his patience by an increasingly
unrestrained, fully passionate Xev.  With complete confidence now she
grabbed his buttocks, digging her fingernails in, forcing his hips
into just the right angle-of-attack for her clit to push hard up
against his pubic bone, encouraging him to start rocking his pelvis
again in what was for her the perfect arc at the perfect speed.
He watched her ride with abandon, the flesh of her lips drawn back in
a sneer of passion, her eyes growing fierce, her gasps loud and
raspy, her damp-hot breath in his nostrils.  She nipped and bit his
jaw, his lips, and sucked at his throat, the skin at her mouth
turning crimson red from rubbing hard against his stubble.
Her juices had turned into a thick, sticky honey that coated his
balls, their skin sticking slightly to her perineum with each
thrust.  He could feel her grinding her clit into his pubes, and
matched her movements.
Xev knew Kai must have been a good dancer, because his motion fell
naturally and easily into perfect sync with hers, adding an urgent
and unstoppable momentum to the crescendo of her orgasm.  She knew if
he was an ordinary man she would be hurting him when she reflexively
dug her nails hard into his buttocks, slamming herself deep down over
his cock, her butt pounding his balls, as she rammed her clit
forcefully one last time against him, exploding with a half-human,
half-cluster lizard scream that sounded as if she was released from
some eternal agony.

- 9 -

Kai watched her breasts shudder with each twitch of her orgasm, her
hair flying in an arc around her head as she tossed back and forth,
until finally spent, in a slow and gracefully arching backbend
lowered herself down and relaxed into deep gasps.  He could still
feel her contractions, becoming more irregular and infrequent, but
just as strong. His upper thighs and loins were completely covered in
slippery sex-slime, as were hers.  And as her breathing became more
normal and her flush receded, she stretched her arms up behind her
head languorously and half-opened her eyes to

look at him.
He seemed to be in a trance, lips parted in awe, heavy-lidded eyes
taking in her body stretched out before him, his cock still fully
hard inside her.  When their eyes met he suddenly became a man of
action, grabbing her hips and throwing himself down on top of her,
thrusting fiercely in abandon to his own needs.
Xev's body was blissfully relaxed, and she found she could

take him easily, pleasurably.  She felt a different kind of ecstasy,
deep within her belly, as each thrust bottomed-out inside.  She
straightened her legs, then spread them up and out as wide as she
could, she wanted him as deep as possible now.
Kai slammed push-up-style into her like a rapist, the fury of his
passion overwhelming all reason, the only thing that
existed for him now was the cold electrical storm in his belly and
its source in his loins and the sexual beauty of Xev in
his vision.  Fine strands of her hair were stuck to her neck and
breasts, and as he lowered himself to her, his own hair became
captured by her moist sheen, forming a black-and-gold filigree on her
Xev felt another kind of orgasm building within herself, not stemming
from her clitoris, but from somewhere deep, and involving her whole
body, not just her genitals.  The sight

of Kai above her, rock-hard muscles bunched under pale skin, blue-
black hair wildly draping both their shoulders, its disarray
obscuring most of his face yet beautifully framing his lips and chin,
entranced her.  She watched as his normally inscrutable lips now
contorted in passion, twitching with ecstasy, the sight stimulating
her whole being into another orgasm, not sharp and explosive, but
gradual and deeply soul-crushing.
Kai was staring at Xev's lips, so full and lush they almost didn't
fit her face.  They flushed deep purple and so

swollen they mimicked her genitals.  He watched them pull back in a
painful grimace as her face contorted in the throes of another
orgasm, her mouth open wide, and it was the last thing his senses
could take, it pushed him over the edge, his own orgasm riding hers.

- 10 -

Xev lightly raked her fingernails up across his temples and well into
his hair, grabbing great fistfuls of its thick
blackness damp with her own dew, clutching him to herself as she felt
all his muscles dance with the seizure of his orgasm.  His body was
slick with her own sweat and fluid, and his chest hardware slid
harmlessly across her breasts, raking them in a most enjoyably
complementary way to her own orgasm.
As he slowly relaxed, she watched his face transform from beast to
angel.  The weight of his inhumanly heavy body soon became too much
for her, and with a mighty heave she pushed him off, his face and
neck traced with hair, his demeanor one of complete repose.  She was
transfixed by his child-like angelic beauty.  Surely this could not
be a monster, a Dark Legend.
Lightly she caressed the damp hair away from his face with gentle
fingernails.  His beauty was such that, had he been

born a woman, he would have been stunning.  Xev was fascinated by how
his masculinity transformed his features into a very obviously male
form of beauty.  The very long hair did nothing to undermine his
manhood, and she could not understand why some men seemed to find his
anything less than entirely macho.  His lips were still moist and she
couldn't resist leaning in for another kiss.
He opened his eyes and kissed her back, their passion spent the kiss
was demure and of pure love.  He watched over her

as she lay back against his bicep and slept, and when she
awoke he dressed her slowly, and to Xev it was every bit as erotic
and sensual as when he had undressed her.
They stood when it was time to descend, and he pulled her close to
himself. She could feel his right hip drop as he shifted his weight
to his left leg, and once again raised his right knee
up between her legs.  She instinctively tilted her pelvis
and arched her back as he pulled her tighter.  She could feel the
hard muscle of his thigh and the coarse fabric of his uniform rubbing
against her clit and causing her juices to soak through to his skin.
She kissed him very erotically, very teasingly, before pushing away
from him with a playful

glare, for she had other ideas.  She fully intended to enjoy the
She sprung up and wrapped her legs around his waist, ready to indulge
her fearless cluster-lizard side and show off
some of her natural athleticism.  She gripped his waist so tight with
her thighs he knew he didn't have to hold her but he placed his left
hand under her bottom anyway, just for his own peace-of-mind.  Peace-
of-mind.  How odd that it should
concern him at all, how strange to have worries again after
so many centuries. Kai was touched by her unconditional trust and
aroused by her playfulness with its implied challenge to top his
performance thus far.  With a haughty sneer he flexed his bicep as he
shot his brace into the platform and stepped off the edge.

- 11 -

They descended in free-fall for a few hundred feet, Xev howling with
glee, until he gradually slowed them down to a steady velocity.  As
he slowly lowered them, Xev leaned all the way back, suspended upside-
down from his waist, arms hanging and swinging, swaying her torso
causing them to spiral in mid-air.  Her acrobatic creativity
impressed him, and was very beautiful and stimulating to experience.
She had an amazingly supple spine, and was apparently double-jointed.
As they descended her confidence grew proportionate to her trust in
Kai's ability to hold her and save her should she make a mistake.
Like a child on a swing, daring fool-hardy exuberance, she pumped her
hips to give momentum to the pendulum that was their bodies.  Like a
trapeze artiste, she snaked her body around his, her movements
becoming reptilian in their fluidity.  Her legs became powerful
pythons, her arms remained soft and graceful.  She used his body like
a trapeze and he felt humbled by her aerial artistry, especially so
since she was dancing on instinct, having had almost no experience.
Her sinuous body became as an extension of his brace cable, the
momentum of her moves determining the vectors of their descent. She
drew a breath sharply through her teeth making a hissing sound as she
gave free rein to her reptilian nature.  Becoming increasingly daring
she slithered all over his body, crawling all over every inch of him,
even up the cable above their heads.  She locked her ankles around
the cable and hung upside-down, eye-to-eye with him, to gauge his
reaction to her dance.
He was mesmerized.
She wanted to snap him out of his trance, so she kissed him brutally,
and he right away came around, a slightly worried expression on his
face.  Not to be outdone, he reciprocated by becoming a more active
dance partner.  It was obvious to him that she loved the sensation of
controlled free-fall, and it inspired him...

- 12 -
Part Two:  The Cargo Moth

Kai loved the way Xev surrendered herself so trustingly into his arms
when they were ascending and descending the
plexus.  It was apparent that using his strength and skill to support
and manipulate her body caused her much pleasure, and awoke in Kai
memories of erotic daydreams he'd had as a young man on Brunnis II.
He was beginning to become more comfortable with his sexuality now,
and was starting to indulge himself in a fantasy or two...
He began to prepare for his next sexual adventure with Xev by re-
programming the mothbreeders to grow a cargo moth. Cargo moths were
essentially larger versions of the shuttle moths, with a roomy cavity
behind the seats.  He should have done it long ago, it would have
made things easier, but except for missions of assassination, the
creative portion of his brain had been deliberately inhibited as part
of his transformation.  Everything changed when the
NeuroVizier 'modified' him.  With the regaining of his emotions came
the ability to use his full creative potential, and it was like
walking from a dark cave into bright daylight.
He took Xev out in the cargo moth leaving strict instructions with
Stan and 790 not to disturb them except for dire emergencies.  They
did not have to go far to escape Lexx's slight gravitational field,
and when Kai disabled the moth's grav-gen, they found themselves
floating in zero-g.
Xev's body felt it was buoyed up in a very salty ocean, in a dream,
but her insides felt like she was in free-fall.  She felt slightly
dizzy and disoriented at first, but gradually acclimated as she
learned to concentrate on maintaining her bearings consciously at all
times.  She then noticed Kai watching her, and smiled sweetly at him,
her face

reflecting her inner joy as she realized why he'd brought her here.
Xev intuited that these moments - so dream-like in themselves - would
be forever relived in all her dreams to come. Seductively, she began
to remove her clothing, and it
floated all about the interior, becoming ensnarled by her free-
floating hair.  As she disentangled herself, static electricity
caused her hair to disperse in an aura

around her head.  The dry, charged air had caused each strand to
separate itself equidistantly and straight out from her scalp,
creating a golden halo.

- 13 -

Kai wadded up her clothes and wedged them safely under a seat, then
marvelled at the radiant being in front of him. As she floated, she
became silhouetted against the deep-space starfield through the
moth's eye lens, and the stars shone through the red-gold strands,
the clean translucence of her hair refracting their light like tiny
prisms into every sparkling color, so she seemed to possess an
angelic golden halo dotted with stars and tiny rainbows. When Kai
reached out to touch it, miniature electrical storms danced
throughout, startling Xev into a sharp gasp.
Since Kai did not require oxygen, he didn't have the whole "inhaling
of your hair in zero-g" problem.  But Xev, of
course,did, and she used her fingers to tame the floating strands
away from her face.  She put her upper arms against her cheeks and
crossed her forearms over her head, framing her face with the creamy
flesh of her arms.  As she did so, her sexy armpits were exposed, her
breasts shifted out and up towards her face, and she looked like a
bound slave-girl.
Her ecstatic face itself emitted an inner glow, as if from some
higher spiritual force, absolving him of all past sin.

Regaining his emotions at first plunged Kai into an
horrific nightmare, as the memories of all the faces he had seen over
all millennia past came into crystal focus, and with them the full,
undiluted onslaught of their emotions; the emotions he had elicited
from them in their last moments of life.  He was feared, hated,
abhored, an object of disgust and occasionally, pity at best.  Even
the bioscholars feared him, only His Master did not.
His Divine Shadow saw him variously as a weapon, a trophy, a pet, and
sometimes in His more perverse incarnations, as a sex toy.
But now all that was forever exorcised by the love, trust, and
admiration flowing freely from Xev's eyes.  For this, his feelings of
gratitude towards her gently nudged his soul into a state of grace.
He slowly bent to kiss her, lightly nuzzling her nose, lips, chin,
barely brushing them with his lips. Then pressing a little more
firmly, his lips against her upper lip, and then her lower lip, and
then the corners of her mouth.  He probed the little dimple there
with his tongue, then curling his tongue upwards slid it along the
space between Xev's upper lip and teeth, gently sucking on her upper
lip, and ending with an exploration of the opposite corner of her
She kissed him back, gently prying with the tip of her clean, pink
tongue.  The sweet taste of it made Kai want more, and he lost
control, passionately sucking it deep into his mouth, inhaling it
with an inhuman vacuum force.

- 14 -

Xev felt the sharp pain of her tongue being stretched to its limits,
as if it was about to be torn out of her head by its roots, and began
frantically beating on Kai's shoulders with her fists, her scream
muffled, swallowed by Kai.
Kai immediately released and Xev put her hand demurely over her
mouth, looking up at him with enormous, glistening, tear-filled
eyes.  Clearly, he would have to be more careful with his strength.
He apologized profusely and assured her it would never happen again.
As he sought to comfort her with a gentle hug, he added:
"But you can suck my tongue anytime you want as hard as you want,
without fear of hurting me."
And with that he kissed her, offering her the tip of his tongue.  The
cluster-lizard wanted revenge concurrent with the love-slave's lust
and the two forces battling within her made Xev lose control, as she
sucked Kai's tongue into herself with all her strength, raking the
cold meat of it with her teeth, her jaws aching as the sides of her
cheeks collapsed inward.  As his tongue began to absorb her heat she
could taste the slightly salty metallic flavor,
which mingled deliciously with the scent of Kai's skin.
Her eyes rolled back in her head as she began to moan, and Kai
savored the sound even as he felt the humming vibrations with his
When she'd exhausted herself, her mouth opening in gasps,
Kai took advantage to continue his own explorations.  His tongue was
long like everything else about him, and he slid it directly towards
the back of her throat, as if it was a straight,

hard penis, and backed off just a little as she was starting
to gag.  He curled the tip upwards, slowly and firmly tracing the
ridges along the roof of her mouth, and the feel of it made Xev
shiver and melt.
Her body floated towards his entirely of its own accord, as

if drawn by some unseen magnetic force, the unusually strong density
of his body generating its own irresistable gravitational pull.
He ran his tongue firmly along the edge of her jaw and down her neck,
gentle bites alternating with passionate sucks at her throat.  Her
breasts in null-g were something else. They bobbed and moved
independent of each other, and Kai
was delightfully amused trying to corral them with hands and mouth.
Xev floated in a dream-like state, enjoying the unusual sensation and
extra stimulation provided by zero-g.
He continued on down to her belly, having to grip her hips firmly to
keep her from floating away.  He traced the lines of her navel tattoo
with his tongue, and then moved lower, tentatively licking at the tip
of her pink excitement, just visible as it peeked out from its nest
of hair.

- 15 -

His hands were large enough to cup a buttock in each palm while he
used his thumbs to open her labia, presenting him with all the inner
glory that was Xev.  The curly hair glistened with dew like freshly-
varnished gold, bits of captured starlight sparkling throughout.
He caught a faint whiff of the ocean, and the aroma and
appearance of her tender flesh reminded him of feasts by the sea,
where Master Chefs artistically created visual and gustatory delights
from the freshest and most delicate of shellfish.
He straight away plunged his powerful tongue deep into her,

the feel of her contractions upon it a revelation to him. He could
feel every nuance of every muscle twitch within her, and became eager
to make her come, the better to experience it with his tongue.  He
slid firmly up-and-down across the valley between her entry and her
peak, swirling around the clit itself, increasing pace and pressure
gradually, pulling the skin apart in gentle increments until he had
her completely stretched out and bucking in his hands.  His cock
became painfully rigid in anticipation.
She came in great, convulsing heaves but without the restraint of
gravity Kai's tongue easily remained in deep contact, enjoying every
nuance of her surprisingly powerful contractions, until her pleasure
became sweet agony and she grabbed fistfuls of his hair, tearing it
loose from

his bun.
When she was finished, he lifted his head and gazed at her across the
length of her belly and breast.  She opened her eyes and gazed back,
seeing his mouth glistening with her own cum.  Dreamily, with half-
closed eyes, he slowly ran his tongue across his upper lip, savoring
the unique flavor of pure Xev.  He went "mmm" as he sucked on his own
tongue in the manner of a connoisseur sampling an exquisite wine.
"Kai?  How does it taste?"
He opened his eyes and tilted his head at the question, the
slightest of smiles on his lips.  Then he slowly drew his body up
along the length of hers, the floating strands of his hair, pulled
loose by her passion, caught in her perspiration and dragged along
her body after him, tickling her ribs and breasts, leaving shivers
and goose-bumps in its wake.
She wanted to know how she tasted, he thought.  So he

brought his face directly over hers, and she could smell herself on
his breath when he said,
"Like this..." he kissed her full on the mouth.

- 16 -

Xev opened her mind to the odd and slightly disturbing proposition of
tasting her own cum, but she loved him so much he could do anything
to her and she would enjoy it.  Her tongue met his and she could
taste her own tangy muskiness in his mouth, and began to understand
why he liked it.  It was the Very Essence of Sex.
The kiss lasted forever, gradually deepening in intensity, then
becoming forceful and rough, and Xev realized she had not satisfied
her man.  His passion was rapidly becoming uncontrollable.  She broke
the kiss and wriggled free, and Kai backed off, curious to see what
she was going to do.
She needed to look at him, to drink his full male

magnificence in with her eyes.  She quickly pulled off his clothing
and unworked his braid with her fingers, then finished pulling apart
his bun.  Strands of his hair were
still sticky with her own cum, and clung to the outlines of his neck
and chest, accentuating the shape of bone and muscle underneath.
But most of it floated free about his upper torso like the mane of
some mythical sea beast.  Stray tentacles of it got caught in his
chest hardware, mercifully obscuring it from her view.
Her eyes raked across his body with an almost palpable intensity, as
she thought about when she'd first seen  him.

The visual experience of his exquisite features contrasted jarringly
with the gut-wrenching fear induced by the realization of what he
was.  In fact, everything about him was a contradiction:  The ragged,
drab uniform against the clean glossiness of his elaborate and
perfectly-styled hair; the sensuality of his face yet devoid of any
feeling; the warm, rich timbre of his otherwise chilling, emotionless
His body so tall, slender and graceful, was perfectly masculine and
sexually attractive, at the same time inducing mortal fear in all
those who saw him.  His obvious power both seduced and terrified.
And the exotic hairdo, so

alien and almost laughable in its elaborate design, clashed with
everything underneath it, throwing his victims a visual loop that
became an emotional one, as fear combined with wonder at what his
hair must look like loose and free, what he must have looked like
They say that at the moment of your death you fully and intensely
experience all of your emotions at once.  Maybe that is what
fascinates so when seeing Kai:  He IS deadly, he IS dead, and he is

- 17 -

Zev knew what at least some of his victims must have felt before
dying.  He was terrifying, yet awesome in his unique, cold beauty.
The total effect was mesmerizing, hypnotic, paralyzing.  The
bioscholars must have known what they were doing, she herself had
felt effectively frozen in her tracks.  Until then, she had been of a
quick intellect and reflex, reacting instantly and correctly to any
threat.  Now she felt helpless in his gaze, as if in a physical grip,
while Stanley next to her degenerated into a blubbering panic.  She
remained too tranced-out to feel relief right away after Kai suddenly
took off, leaving them on the bridge of the Lexx.
Later, when she watched him refuse His Shadow's command to kill them,
questioning His authority and judgement, driving Him into a rage,
only then did she feel some relief, but also an admiration, and then
joy:  They had found a powerful ally!  She and Stan rushed to follow
him to help in any way they could.
When it was all over and His Divine Shadow lay destroyed, Kai and Zev
locked eyes.  He saw her for the first time through his own memories,
and she saw her hero, her shining black knight, the man who had
successfully defied and overcome the greatest evil in the Two
Universes.  He had saved their lives, and Zev could now freely  -if
not always openly-  relish his handsomeness and bask in his charisma.
Since then, Xev could never understand how so many men seemed
mystified by Kai's magnetic effect on women.  To Xev, his
desirability was obvious:
He is very exotic, and therefore interesting.

His face beautiful, yet perfectly masculine.
He is very powerful, yet completely self-disciplined.
Capable of doing anything, but would never dishonor his heritage.
Horribly dangerous, but righteously moral and just.

Frightening, but fiercely loyal to his friends.
His hair bizarrely alien, yet tantalizing with the promise of
revealing its full glory.
Impossible to upset, he makes a girl feel safe.
Impossible to arouse, he makes a girl want to try, over and over and
over again...
Maybe he could sometimes seem effeminate in his beauty and passivity,
but it begged for Xev to consider her own masculine qualities;  her
aggressiveness and strength, her
decisiveness, and of course, that libido.
"Kai, we belong together.  We are both the only ones of our kind,
both somehow very unique, and VERY lucky to have found each other and
fallen in love."
"I know,"  he softly answered.  Their uniqueness was something he had
contemplated extensively since regaining his emotions.

- 18 -

...and the poignancy of their ensuing embrace quickly turned to
abject lust as Kai's insistent hard-on poked Xev's hip.  She grabbed
it with her hand, and began to toy with her new-found ability to
literally lead him around by it as they floated about...
Kai's body relaxed into the sensation, going entirely limp save the
rigid part of him in Xev's hand.  It was a completely fascinating and
unexpected experience.  Xev watched as his body moved in ripples and
waves in counter-sync to her pulling on the skin of his cock,  his
hair flowing to-and-fro like dark seaweed in ocean surf, now hiding
his face, now revealing it.  His eyes were closed, his lips slightly
parted, and his expression almost child-like, the illusion of youth
and innocence so complete. Vulnerable-seeming and angelic of
countenance, she thought she had a glimpse of what he must have been
like in life.
As she increased the speed of her stroke, his nostrils flared and his
body began to tense.  His muscles began to stand out in hard relief
and his veins to bulge.  The softly parted lips began to pull back in
a lust-grimace, and Xev could no longer resist taking him into her
mouth.  There was a reason love slaves were designed with large
mouths, and for once Xev was grateful as she sucked as much for her
own pleasure as for his. She felt a surge of arousal so intense she
almost orgasmed herself from the powerful eroticism of the act.  Kai
was literally anchored to her mouth, and had to resist bracing
himself against the walls of the moth.  His every instinct screamed
for him to push into her, to take control, but the sensation was so
uniquely pleasurable that he held back and let Xev have her way with
Gradually a delicious turmoil of sensations grew within his belly,
like a cold electrical storm.  Xev felt his climax draw near and it
drove her into a frenzy.  In her cluster-lizard passion she raked her
fingernails the length of his thighs, hard.  But Kai did not feel it
as pain.
His long neck and sharply-defined jawline so utterly male, so sexy in
his moment of passion, and the hair flailing in wild tangles seemed
to fill the moth with its lustrous black lightning, as he spurted
protoblood cum into her mouth so forcefully she started to gag.  She
watched as a few stray droplets floated in front of her face like
opalescent pearls of many sizes.  She bobbed after them, catching
them in her mouth, not wanting to waste a single precious drop of the
creamy, salty-sweet cum.  It's flavor had the faintest hint of
Her mouth full, Xev swam to Kai to offer him back his vital life-
fluid with a kiss.

- 19 -

Kai was a master of 0-g.  He had moved and worked and fought without
the aid or hindrance of gravity on countless missions. Besides never
needing ammo, a reason the brace was his primary choice of weapon was
its usefulness in a null-g environment.
But this was Kai's first sexual experience in 0-g.  As a young man on
Brunnis II he would frequently fantasize about space, and these
fantasies would inevitably become erotic, yet his wildest daydreams
could not match this reality.
He was, of course, perfectly adapted to 0-g now.  In fact his brace
was the perfect tool for null-g operations.  Not only could it
destroy, but it could also retrieve.   He could control the amount of
recoil, from minimal, barely affecting his relative position, to
maximum, jetting him rapidly along a vector directly opposite the
target trajectory.  He frequently used it as an anchor during deep
space maneuvers, and also to transport himself jungle-vine-style
between any objects within his range of fire.
Now he watched Xev free-float, spent with the effort of their
passion.  Her hair was in disarray, clinging to her perspiring skin,
and her breasts bobbed softly like the bells of jellyfish floating in
a gentle tide, caught in a fine silken net of her wet-gold hair.
He inhaled deeply of her exotic scent, so heavily feminine, with
intriguing cluster-lizard-in-heat undertones.  Her unique combination
of pheromones saturated the air with every sigh of her heated breath,
every flush of moist skin, and every pulse of her swollen sex, until
condensation began to form on the interior of the moth, and the
windows grew opaque with fog.
Xev opened her eyes to see Kai suspended in front of her, surrounded
by the entire black mass of his mane.  Her own wet lust had raised
the humidity in the moth, and the moisture was condensing on Kai's
cold body giving him the illusion of sweat. His thrashing had caused
strands of his hair to stick to his moist skin, forming an intricate
filigree as of black lace on alabaster, all across his neck,
shoulders and chest.  A little black tentacle snaked its way around a
nipple, forming a perfect
curl around the aureola. Capillary action was causing it to slowly
siphon moisture to the nipple, and Xev saw the globular droplet
growing on its tip.  She was transfixed by the oddity, expecting a
teardrop-shape to form, until she remembered the lack of gravity. The
droplet was perfectly spherical, like a miniature crystal ball, and
it magnified the nipple within.  Soft stars through hazy windows were
mirrored on its surface and surface tension held

it together as it grew larger and larger, until Xev snaked the tip of
her tongue out slowly to it.  When the distance was very small, the
droplet seemed to elongate and jump to touch her tongue of its own
accord, as if drawn by her gravitational
pull, wanting to return to its original source deep within Xev's
body.  It stretched until it looked like a fine silver
thread between Kai's nipple and Xev's tongue.

- 20 -

Xev's arousal seemed to hold no bounds, and she engulfed Kai's nipple
and as much of his pectoral muscle as she could in her mouth, sliding
her tongue around, sliding her hands over his tight buttocks, his
entire body slippery with her own moisture. She entwined her limbs
around his like a mating eel, slithering her body along his for
maximum skin contact.  Her hair was becoming damp from the humidity
and began to twist itself into
ropy dreadlocks.  She clutched his head to her breast and her hair
writhed about as she loomed over Kai, his body white stone while he
gazed up at her, paralyzed by her wild beauty.
She looked like Medusa with Kai her alabaster victim.
Xev was erotically intrigued by the way her own hot breath condensed
on Kai's cool skin to form a glowing sheen all over

his body, like the lusty passion-sweat of a living man in full
ardor.  The glistening wetness highlighted bulging veins, throbbing
with protoblood, branching out to marble his body blue, making his
neck look like a larger version of the shaft of
his own slick, wet cock.   She extended her long lizard tongue to lap
at his skin, tasting herself on him, their two flavors intermingling
into one unique sensory delight.
Kai's sexual recovery time was quite rapid, requiring only the amount
of time it took for him to reabsorb his protoblood cum. Seeing Xev
becoming hyper-aroused yet again caused him to

quickly become rigid.  He asked,
"So how do you like making love in zero-g?"
She radiated pure joy as she laughed at his question, then purred in
a mock-pouty voice,
"But I miss the feel of your heaviness on me!"
He placed one hand under her ass and the other over her lower
abdomen, just below her belly button, and pushed his palms together,
simulating the pressure of his abdomen on hers in gravity.
"Is this better?" he asked as he slid his cock into her.  It took
every ounce of his warrior's self-discipline to enter her slowly and
gently, the effort causing him to groan like a tortured animal.
He could feel his own cock through the flesh of her belly as he held
her tightly, massaging her womb with the heel of his hand.
Xev's eyes glazed over in ecstasy.  She moaned at his deep-tissue
massage of both their sex organs together. She drew her
 knees apart and up, clutching them to her chest to allow him deeper
entry, and Kai saw her unruly breasts flatten and grow still as they
became trapped between her chest and knees.

- 21 -

In null-grav now he found he could slowly and carefully spin her
around the axis of his erection, her hair twirling like a spinning
dancer's in slow motion.  Xev sigh-groaned at the odd and excellent
stimulation, and when she closed her eyes it felt as if Kai was the
one twirling his dick inside of her.  She opened and closed her eyes
several times playing mindgames with herself, wondering at the
sensation of her being the one spinning on Kai
or Kai turning within her, depending on her conscious perspective,
until she grew quite dizzy.
Xev stretched out her arms to grab the backs of the seats to stop her
head and body from spinning while she waited for her

dizziness to pass.   Kai was still inside of her, dog fashion, and
paused to let her regain her bearings.
Kai was enjoying this new perspective of Xev.  Her beautiful ass,
which he had watched so many times, climbing in and out of the moths,
and ahead of him up stairs and ladders, and all the other times he
noticed its perfect symmetry but of course, felt nothing.  Now he had
a full appreciation of every contour.  Her butt was gorgeous, and he
couldn't resist placing his hands all
over it, feeling the velvety smooth skin, the slight layer of just
enough fat to make her soft and curvy against the contrast of her
tight, well-defined muscles.  He was spellbound by the way her skin
responded to his touch in zero-g.
He pulled out to get a better view, seeing the droplets of her

cum still glistening like dew on the tight red-gold curls.  Her folds
were quite swollen and slick, the pinkness becoming richer and
brighter towards the center where it became a deep purple, and as she
pulsed with desire, her contractions caused globlets of thick, clear
fluid to ooze out.
He gently pulled her folds apart with his thumbs, he could just make
out the ridges within.  He placed only the tip of his cock
against her opening and began to rub it around, holding himself by
the shaft and working in, out, and around, teasing her and enjoying
the feel of her ridges, thoroughly lubricating his glans and sending
pulsing shockwaves of ecstasy up the shaft and deep into his belly.
Xev couldn't take it and pushed against the seatbacks, hooking her
legs around his hips, trying to get him to go deep.  He braced his
hands and feet against the walls and buried himself in her.
His decarbonized flesh was too dense to float in water, but with no
gravity his heavy balls floated up and forward causing them to
collide with Xev's clit.  As he continued grinding into her, his
testicles became coated with her honey.  It became sticky like glue
as it dried in the air, and his balls now stuck to her clit every
time he bottomed-out.  On his backstroke his testicles seemed
reluctant to release her clit, pulling on her folds.

- 22 -

To Xev it was the most intense love-making  ever.  She visualized his
cock with its huge bulging veins, and thought she could feel their
outlines within her, feel them pulsing with an inhuman force against
her vaginal walls.  Her clit and his balls kissed and clung to each
other like lovers in their own right, loathing to part. Combined with
the paralyzing pleasure of his cock stretching her to her internal
limit, massaging her cervix and beyond, she came too quickly, too
She arched her back like an acrobat with her thighs wide-spread like
a frog, she could barely keep her feet hooked around Kai's buttocks
to force him to remain deep inside.
Kai had a hand on her belly and another between her breasts,

and he pressed her to himself, the better to feel every inch of her
body's cumming.  His ebony hair intertwined with her red-gold as if
they, too, wanted to make love to every strand of hers.
And every star pulsed like a quasar, and the planets spun ever
faster, until the universe collapsed within her, died, and was
explosively reborn once again.
Thus did the fabric of her reality expand and condense, an infinite
number of universes coming and going like tides washing across her
Kai was just getting started.
He turned her limp body around to face him.  Xev saw his eyes like
slits, staring unblinkingly at her breasts as their shape subtly
changed in null-g.  She took one with both hands and squeezed hard,
pulling the nipple towards her mouth to flick it with her tongue,
giving him a private show.  He could feel her
fading but still strong orgasmic contractions, sucking at him like a
mouth with a mind of its own.  When she consciously contracted her
exceptionally powerful vaginal muscles it felt just like it did in
gravity, but when she fully relaxed, her pelvic organs floated and
moved as his cock inside poked this way and that, exploring how her
internal anatomy shifted to accommodate his entire length.  Sometimes
his movements pushed air into her, and other times his angle-of-
thrust created a tight, sucking vacuum inside.
Kai thought he was just getting started, but he was wrong.
The unique sensation of her internal structures floating freely
around inside her, lightly massaging his cock through her honeyed
walls, responding to his every movement with ripples and waves, and
the added sensation of the zero-g dance his balls were doing...
He reflexively arched his back, and it demonstrated the strength and
flexibility of his spine.  A perfectly beautiful arc, the tendons of
his large thigh muscles bulging, straining as they anchored his torso
against the momentum of his orgasm.  His abdomen stretched so taut
the skin itself felt as hard as the underlying muscle.

- 23 -

Xev was getting the ride of her life and was not about to let herself
get bucked off.  She squeezed his waist with her knees and dug her
heels into his steel-hard buttocks, as his pounding grew out-of-
control.  She braced her hands up against the ceiling, to keep from
getting her head banged against it by the fury of Kai's passion.  His
lips were now pulled back so tight in agonizing lust that his lower
lip split at the cute little indentation there, but Kai seemed not to
notice, and Xev saw the orange glow flicker up from within him.
Before the tissues had a chance to completely fuse back together, she
kissed his lower lip, tasting the source of the slight scent of ozone
she sometimes noticed.  It felt like a tiny electrical shock, and she
wondered if she should ask him, the next time he went down on her, to
bite his lip.
He was gasping, sucking in great lungfuls of air in reflex to his
orgasm.  She held him close, watching his lips relax into a part
between spasms, the left side of his upper lip curling slightly with
a twitch before the start of each desperate inhalation.  And their
hair intermingled like an orgy of sea snakes mating.
His universe contracted and expanded, contracted and expanded,

was created and destroyed and created all over again, with every mind-
bending pulse of his release.  Time slowed then ceased,
the only thing in existence was Xev floating before his eyes.
Her body was so relaxed he could see her skin and flesh ripple,
quaking with his every spasm.
Xev was happy that she had come first this time, the better to enjoy
the vision of Kai's orgasm without any distractions from her own.  He
appeared before her as he had in her dreams, as she so frequently
fantasized and hoped, her ultimate hero and the best

of everything male.  When he had spurted into her, Xev felt its
unnatural forcefulness and his cock seemed to swell and bulge beyond
its already formidable dimensions.  His hands tightened their grip on
her buttocks, as he heaved into her, bruising her folds, mashing her
clit, as the veins on his gracefully backwards-extended neck bulged
and throbbed in an iteration of those on the shaft of his cock.  Jet-
black strands clung to the contours of his throat with their inky
tracings, as if intending to strangle him.
Even the sound of him titillated her,  the soft animal grunts
accompanying each thrust crescendoed into a primal roar so deep and
powerful she could see his chest hardware vibrate.  She thought about
how nobly and gracefully he had resigned himself to its presence.
She could at least do the same, and not allow it to detract from her
enjoyment of his otherwise flawless beauty.
The roar began as a deep, almost sub-audible rumble in his chest and
became a baritone scream as he pulsed within her, she could feel each
roar as it thrummed through his cock and into her

very soul.  The throbbing blue veins on white skin seemed to become
intertwined with the wildly profuse strands of black plastered across
his chest and shoulders, his mane loose about him, writhing like the
dark tentacles of a sea monster thrashing in the stormy ocean of his
...and all their past suffering was rewarded.

- 24 -

You deserve this, Kai, this and more, Xev thought as she took in the
sight of him, a sight to which she was now hopelessly addicted.
For Kai the moment was bittersweet with the realization that he could
not make her pregnant.  How he longed for that one small act of
creation!  Would it cancel out any of his acts of destruction?
Her love had redeemed him, washing away all past sin, overwhelming
the tortured  memories, and driving back the alien influences he had
absorbed from all The Shadow's victims, whose intrusions into his own
thoughts were like an unceasing mind-rape.  Her purity and goodness
cleansed what was left of his soul, and in the afterglow of their
love Kai felt relief at last.
Although he could not cry tears, when the fire of his orgasm waned
Kai hugged Xev tightly, sobbing softly on her shoulder
with quiet little gasps of both joy and pain.  He held her as close
to himself as he could without crushing her, feeling the fierce
pounding of her heart reverberating through his own chest, as if it
were beating for the both of them.
Xev pressed her lips hard against the shell of his ear and whispered
directly into him,
"I love you...I love you...You are everything to me and I am yours
forever...only ever yours."
And Kai replied, his voice unsteady from the intensity of emotions he
had to re-learn to control,
"Our love is our best destiny, we two creatures unique in this
existence.  I think of how we came to be together and what was
a nightmare seems like a miracle now."
Xev closed her eyes in a silent prayer, and as they hovered in their
embrace, their hair floated about them, the strands touching here-and-
there in gentle butterfly kisses.
After some unknown length of time, they both felt the slight bump as
Xev's head floated into a wall.  They opened their eyes, each to see
the other smiling back through clouds of red-gold and black.
He longed for the ability to make her pregnant, for that one creative
act to prove he was not just a bringer of death, the Avatar of
Destruction, and prove to himself that all the horror was truly past.
His voice was hoarse and husky when he softly said,
"Xev, I wish I could give you children."

- 25 -

She looked sadly into his eyes, and with the sincerest of whispers
"Oh, Kai...I wish it, too.  But love slaves cannot get pregnant.
Maybe some day we will find a little boy, like Norb, that we could
raise as our own, in the way of your people.  Then you

wouldn't have to be the last of the Brunnen G anymore!"
They both paused in sorrow at the memory of the little boy.  He had
meant little to Kai at the time, but now he grieved.  He remembered
Xev's protective nurturing, it was obvious her maternal instincts
were intact.  Yes, he knew she would make an excellent mother.
When he was alive he had given little thought to marriage and
fatherhood, taking it for granted that they would come to him in due
course.  Now it loomed in his mind with an all-consuming importance.
"Xev, if you become my wife, I will not be the last of the Brunnen G,
for it was the custom of my people that a woman become a member of
her husband's clan.  Xev...will you be my bride?"
She looked into his eyes for the longest time, trying to see the man
within, knowing this was another of those moments she will live in
"Kai, when I fell in love with you, I became yours for eternity, and
I would be honored to wed you in the tradition of the Brunnen G.  So
my answer is..."
...and smiling broadly, her eyes crinkling with joy, she kissed his
lips and said, "Yes," and she kissed his left cheek and said, "Yes,"
and she kissed his tattoo and cried,
As they hugged they presented a tableaux of two gorgons in love,
their heads of serpents intertwined, writhing male-and-female, black-
Kai wrapped her up tightly in his arms, raining softly demure kisses
about her face and neck.  Xev knew Kai was suppressing all of his non-
self memories, and wondered how it would affect their love-making if,
in the future, he was to draw upon them.  But for now she was
enjoying the pure Kai, the Essential Kai, and he was
 full of surprises in his own right.  She was getting a few new ideas
But Xev was rapidly overwhelming the moth's ability to produce
oxygen, they would have to return to the Lexx soon.  With heavy
breath she sighed into his ear,

- 26 -

"Thank you Kai, for everything, I could never have dreamt how perfect
love could be.  Only by returning here and repeating this experience
as fiancees could we possibly hope to top ourselves!"
And then with a sly little smile she said,
"I love you, Kai, and I will give you anything... all the sex in the
But Kai was already thinking ahead, especially about how to outdo
himself.  He smiled smugly as his silky voice tickled Xev's ear,
"Ah, yes, my beloved Xev, my dear betrothed.  We will do this again
soon, I promise.  But first, 790 and I must synthesize a little kaboo

***  FIN  *** 

 Copyright 2001 by author Neuroscholar