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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from Late-Night-Musings that I have posted to I've thought up so many for this fandom that I've created a separate page here to display them so I don't overcrowd the Groups section with them:). Well see how many I think up as time passes.......
Challenge #1: 

This challenge has a few requirements 
- Ironhorse in dress uniform 
- His large Knife 
- restraints 
- Domination 
- an empty cottage except for Harrison 

Submitted by Dark Sepulchre 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #2: 

Harrison Blackwood is abducted by the alien renegade Quinn who tortures him for days, sending video  tapes to Ironhorse to test the bonds of friendship to see how far the miltary man would go for Blackwood. Durring this time Ironhorse must confront his feelings for his friend. 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #3: 

 Missing Scene Challenge: 

What really happened durring the withdrawl scene in "Choirs Of Angels" from season one that causes Paul Ironhorse to be wearing a completely different outfit than when he locked them in Harrison's office. Why does he look so uneasy when Harrison wakes up on the couch under the blanket (Native designed). What do you think happened did Harrison attack him or did Ironhorse take advantage of the dear Scientist. It can be first time or a continuing realationship depending on your mood. PS: If you can't remember which episode this was from it was the one where Suzanne's doctor friend was brainwashed by a subliminaltape into working for the aliens to find a cure to their inability to adapt to earth diseases and the doctor gave Harrison a copy of his tape. 

Submitted by DSRT
AKA Cerri 
Challenge #4: 

Colonel Ironhorse is accused of sexual harrassement by a service man/woman from before his involvement with the War against the aliens. This person has a personal vendetta against him and is willing to use any means of destroying Ironhorse even using his friends to acomplish this goal {all or few}. 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #5: 

Harrison is seperated from Ironhorse and the Omega squad while dealing with an alien satrap, he is attacked violently and left for dead. How would Ironhorse deal with his anger at what happened, would he hunt the attackers down in revenge. How would Harrison deal with his attack and recovery as well as the pain it causes his friendships. 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #6: 
WOTW/Twin Peaks 

The aliens have a new base set up in the odd town of Twin Peaks unaware that the residents of the lodges(White & Black) watch over this seemingly sleepy little town intend on fighting back. 

- must be m/m(Harrison/Paul, Truman/Albert) 
- four arsons 
- BOB & The Giant 
- Visions 
- Truman gets shot 
- The townspeople remember the 50's invasion 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #7: 

Debbie knows that Harrison and Ironhorse are both in love with each other but they don't seem to want to admit it to each other much less themselves. How would one seemingly innocent child engineer ways of making see and admit the truth to themselves and each other - she may have help(Say The Omega  Squad). 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #8: 
WOTW/Army Of Darkness 

The aliens have accidently found the dreaded book "The Necronomican" and attempt to use the knowledge from it to destroy the human race but the book has it's own agenda and they don't conincide with the aliens. The army rises once more to reclaim the book? 

- must be m/m(Harrison/Paul, Ash/?) 
- A massacre 
- Abduction 
- Possession 
- Dedites 
- Magic and Mayhem 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge  9: 

This challenge has a few requirements 

- Harrison's mountain cabin 
- a long weekend 
- A bad storm {rain or snow} 
- a through drenching 
- near hypothermia 
- a landslide / avalanche 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge  10: 

War of the Worlds the Series crossover with RGB 


- Must be m/m 
- The Blackwood Project is in New York following the aliens trail. 
- Alien "Quinn" & Walter Peck must be involved as villians. 
- An Ancient Ritual of Destruction. 
- Ghosts & Demons must help the RGB & Blackwood Project. 

Submitted By DSRT
AKA Raven T.
Challenge #11: 

An old lover of Harrison's or Ironhorse has showed up bringing many problems in their wake as well as having their own mysterious adjenda which could destroy the team. Who are they working for ? What do they want? How far are they willing to go? 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #12: 

 Harrison is upset about their lack of progress in stopping the alien's plans of late. He is  getting stressed out and depressed causing great worry among his friends leading  Ironhorse to do something drastic to help his friend the one problem is if the scientist will  let him help or not. 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #13: 

Crossover Alert {Kindred: TE/ WOW} 

The aliens are in the city of San Fransisco where where their activity comes to the knowledge of  a police detective named Frank Kohanek . While investigating some of the activity he runs into one of the aliens and he disappears causing the Kindred to search for him since he is under Julian's protection. 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #14: 

Warning f/f Aler

Suzanne is lonely and very frustrated she enjoys teasing Paul and Harrison but really has no interest in them in anything more than friends. She decides to go running to vent out her frustrations and meets up with Sgt. Karen Coleman who is also running to blow off steam. They talk about their problems with their colleagues and not being able to find any lasting relationships especially durring the war against the Aliens. They find that they have much in common and spend time together. How would these two come together for the first time? Who would make the first move since they are quite forward, strong women? 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #15: 

Crossover Alert {ST:Voyager/WOW

The Crew of Voyager follow a group of time traveling aliens through a strange wormhole that leads back to earth in the 1980's era. These Aliens are trying to prevent their people from losing their invasion of the Earth through any means necessary...... 

- must be m/m(Harrison/Paul, Chakotay/Paris) 
- Disappearances 
- Acidental Meetings 
- Hidden Files 
- Prime Directive Quandry 
- Experimental Energy Source 

 Try it, I dare you :) 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #16: 

Harrison Blackwood is involved in a hit and run car accident which leaves him with partial amnesia. He is unable to remember any personal information at all, but he can remember technical things such as the war against the aliens, what he learned over his life but no actual experiences. 

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #17: 
Harry Potter/War Of The Worlds The Series 

What if Harrison Blackwood attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after the deaths of his parents during the 1954 invasion and adoption into the Forrester family. Just suppose that his Foster father had attended the school along with Harrison's real parents. Now as an adult Harrison also has the talents of his family that he keeps hidden from his current friends that is until the Mothern aliens discover Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry..... 

- Must be M/M(Blackwood/Snape<PSR>, Blackwood/Ironhorse) 
- Infiltration 
- Attacks on the teachers & Students 
- Signals detected 
- Secrets & Truths 
- Blackwood arrives with team 
- Chessboard, Fires, & Moonlight 

PSR:Past Sexual Relationship 

 Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #18: 
Just suppose that the events of season two were a simulation done by the Aliens...What if their underlings found out and tried to change the course of events?

- must be m/m(Harrison/Paul)
- Abductions
- Set backs
- lab accident
- hospital treatments
- pendant

Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #19: 
Sentinel/War Of The Worlds The Series 

Season 2 of War Of The Worlds Never occured 

The Mothern aliens are using the Rainier University to cover their experiments on the teachers/student body. Blair is also affected by one of these experiments causing violent headaches and blackouts while his mother is visiting. She senses the alien vibes within the University and contacts her old lover Harrison Blackwood who is also Blair's  Father for help. The Blackwood Project arrives and many secrets will come to light....... 

- Strange occurances 
- Bizzare behaviours 
- A Melting Crook 
- An Relic from the Anthropology wing 
- Swarms of insects 
- Two public Zone Outs 

Submitted by DSRT
Challenge #20: 
Submitted By DSRT
Challenge #21: 
Alien Nation/War Of The Worlds The Series  
have both series take place in same timeline... 

The Mothern Aliens join forces with a couple of ex-overseers who are unware that the people are really Mothern aliens. They begin abducting various people including Matt Sikes who's related to Paul Ironhorse on Matt's mothers side of the family. 

- must be m/m 
- Native ancestory 
- Vengeance 
- Alien Technology(Newcomer/Mothern) 
- Lightning 
- Ancient Knowledge 

Submitted by DSRT
August 15, 2003
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