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Welcome to my little corner for all the challenges that I have posted to various mailing lists over the past few years. Recently I was told that I am very prolific with creating challenges and I sorted through all the ones I came up with and realized that they were right I have thought up a lot of them. Well I decided to add them here to my site. I have listed them all under a single name of DSRT


My Various Challenges
Schemes 1
Schemes 2
Schemes 3
Schemes 4
Schemes 5
Schemes 6
Schemes 7
 Shanghai Noon/Knights
Schemes 8
Schemes 9A
Various Rare
Schemes 9B
Schemes 10
 *Alien Nation*
Schemes 11
Schemes 12
The Mummy Movies 
Schemes 13
Schemes 14
 Quincy M.E.
Schemes 15
B & BB 
Schemes 16
Schemes 17
Schemes 18
Schemes 18
Schemes 20
Schemes 21
Schemes 22
Schemes 23
*Twin Peaks*
Schemes 24
 *V The Series*
Schemes 25
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