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October 16, 2004   

I have added 3 brimstone challenges, 10 BTVS challenges, 25 Challenges to the *GIJOE* corner, 2 challenges to Mortal*Kombat, 8 X*Men Challenges

September 19, 2004  
Have added 6 Challenges to the *GIJOE* corner, 4 challenges to*X-MEN C&E* corner, plus 8 challenges to the *Brimstone* corner:)  

September 05, 2004   

Have added 30 new MiB Challenges to my challenge list.... 

September 05, 2004    

Have added a new mailing list section/Archives called HarlockSlash 

July 18, 2004 

Have added another MiB Challenge to the list.... 

July 18, 2004    

Have added a new Challenge section called HarlockSlash 

July  18, 2004 

One War of the worlds Challenge  

July 18, 2004 

Added a New Lexx  challenges to the page today 

September 28, 2003  

have added 20 quincy challenges  

August 03, 2003  

Added 20 Alien Nation challenges, 10 Mortal Kombat Challenges, 1 new MiB challenge, 1 Brotherhood Of The Wolf Challenge, 1 Tek War challenge(see page 9a) and 10 Mummy Challenges to the challenges section of the website. 

March 2, 2003  

Added 20 Ent challenges to the challenges section of the website. 

November 10, 2002 

Added a New Lexx crossover challenges to the page today 

April 29 , 2002  

Site reopens at Populli.net today....  

April 27 , 2002  

Dencity has closed down as of April 30,2002, I obtained a new webspace at Populli.net  

April 13, 2002 

One story by T.R. Gardner Uploaded today entitled "Birthdays And The Trickster" 
September 2, 2001 

A New DZL fic uploaded to the archives today by Dominique Modiano And Stormborn entitled 
"Aura Torben, Or On Slap Is Not Enough" 

July 24, 2001 

Uploaded the DZL story to the archives today by NeuroScholar entitled "Zero-G Brunnan G" 

June 18, 2001 

The story by Dominique Modiano entitled "The Last Stop" was uploaded today.... 

Febuary 16, 2002  

Mnemosynes Realm Of the Demented muses has opened today with the listings of a bunch of challenges  

Febuary 10, 2002 

The Exist-In-Shadow section Of this site opens today with only 10 challenges within the arhives  with two pieces by D.F. Hillford entitled "Dream Storms" a poem and a story entitled "Secretarial Gossip" 

Febuary 5, 2002 

Two more stories by T.R Gardner uploaded today Eternal Pairing (a sequel to Eternally Yours) 
and The Chase 

November 5, 2001 
Another story by T.R. Gardner entitled "Energy To Burn" 

October 31, 2001 

Two new stories in the archives today by T.R. Gardner("Eternally, Yours" And "Just A Hand" 

Febuary 5, 2001 

The Late-Night-Musings Section of this site opened on Feb 5, 2001 not much here so far. 
Only one un-beta'd little drabble by me entitled "ABC Nightmare" and several Challenges. 

October 18, 2000 

One story added "The 790 Horror TV Show" by Mel Hyland 

October 13, 2000 

One story added "Bad Answer" by Dominique Modiano 

September 3, 2000 

One story added "Warmed Over" by Jerboa & Lemur 

August 11, 2000 

One story added "Untitled - Gundam Wing/Lexx" by Sephiroth 

July 27, 2000 

One story added "Vistors" by Jade sequel to "Jaina" 

July 24, 2000 

One story added "Fortuitous Malfunction" by Lexxentric 

July 22, 2000 

One story/poem added today "Kai" by Jerboa 

July 17, 2000 

Four stories added "Frozen Tongue"  by Dominique Modiano, JenPinto & Jennix 
"Burst Of Life" by Jerboa, "Kai's Fetish" by Brother Theo<updated>, "Memories 
Part 5 To Move Is To Die" by Dominique Modiano 

June 25, 2000 

One story added "Memories Part 4 Tattoo" by  Dominique Modiano 

April 26, 2000 

One story added "Memories Part 3 Balloons" by  Dominique Modiano 

April 22, 2000 

One story added "Tastes Yummy" by Dominique Modiano 

April 9, 2000 

One story added "Kaila"by Sephiroth 

April 4, 2000 

One story added to DZL Archives today "Infinity 1 Jaina" by Jade 

March 26, 2000 

One story added to DZL archives today Wip "Dead & Devoted" by Sephiroth 

March 5, 2000 

Two stories added to Dark-Zone-Liaisons archives today "Beyond The Darkness" 
by Jerboa and "Mind Over Matter" by Rhondda Lake 

Febuary 13, 2000 

Three stories added to the Dark-Zone-Liaisons archives today "Memories 2 Fishing" 
by Dominique Modiano and "Kai's Fetish" by Brother Theo 

January 25, 2000 

Added three fics today "Today I Theoden" by Juxian Tang, "NookSlash" By 
Sephiroth, and "Memories part 1 Sweet Dreams" by Dominique Modiano to 
DZL Archives 

January 16, 2000 

Three stories added to the Dark-Zone-Liaisons archives by Brother Theo entitled 
Black Widow, I Love Life, Right Timing 

December 1, 1999  

Construction began today at this site.....  

 Construction began December 1, 2001
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