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This is a Fan site dedicated to the Comic/Animated Series/Movies entitled The Men In Black, this is a purely fanish venture no money is made from any of the content located among these pages. This site is primarily for the display of fanfiction created by the members of the Exist-In-Shadow mailing list. Which is of a slash/adult nature. The Original Men In Black began as a myth that was adapted by L. Cunningham to create a wonderful comic mini-series that was later turned into a movie, then into an animated series adapted by WB  which basically means that the related imagery, backstory, characters from the books (Comic/Novel), Movies and Series are  Aircel comics, Marvel/Malibu Comics and Warner Brothers/Columbia Tristar Studios. This site is a fannish venture, no money is made at all - This site was created  in hopes of promoting more MiB works in any form in the future. Keep the dream alive......We Love The MiB.