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Welcome, Brave Souls 

To the main Gateway of Mnemosyne's Realm Of The Demented Muses, below you 
will find the links needed to enter the main lair of the demented Muses or to enter the 
archives of the three mailing lists I created based on a couple of my favorite shows that 
tend to be of the rare slash category for fanfic on the net. Which is why I created 
these mailing lists to help promote fanfic for each of these series.  One of the rare 
series that I made a Mailing list for is War of The Worlds The Series the mailing 
list is entitled "Late-Night-Musings" and the other rare Series show is such because 
it is new it is called Lexx the Series and the Mailing list is called "Dark-Zone-Liaisons". 
The Third series is a mix of Animated/Comic Books/Movies it is for The Men In Black 
and I named the list "Exist-In-Shadow" Plus a section of Challenges that I've thought up for various other fandoms over the past couple of years. Now as stated on the previous page which I hope you read, This site contains Adult / Slash fanfiction and Mailing list Archives which may include explicit content which is inappropriate for minors so if you are not over 18 years of age DO NOT Enter this site any further PLEASE LEAVE  
NOW by using your back button. If you are OVER 18 years of age and wish to proceed further please use one of the below links/buttons to access the different portions of my site. Currently there are four pathways you can take one will take you to my personal area or you can go to one of the three archives of the three mailing lists that I run those are located under "Portals To The Archives" below. 

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Everything within this website is strictly for the enjoyment of  fans of the various series, movies, Comic books, animated series that I and others within the other 4 archives located through this site enjoy. This is a purely fanish venture, NO MONEY HAS OR WILL EVER EXCHANGE HANDS. We are all so poor.  All characters, places, and objects from various shows/books/movies belong to their respective creators. All stories here are written with the love of the show in mind. This is a slash/adult fan created site only,  basically it is for the use of the fans themselves. We are a quiet society who greatly enjoys this type of storlines and won't tolereate any flames