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Well this section is currently dedicated to challenges from the three BTVS ML's that I have posted  challenges to.  There are so many of them now that they have to have a separate page. More will appear here over time as I think up more of these demented ideas. The Muses really love to bother me with ideas that's why I create challenges. We'll see how many I think up as time passes.......All the ones on this page were posted under my muse name of MS.....
Challenge #1   
The Crow Challenge 

 Xander is butally tortured and murdered by a group of people{not Vampires} 
 along with his beloved cousin. A year passes,the slayerettes battles  continue and Xander returns as the Crow. How will the Crow confront his past  pains? How do you think the Scooby gang would react especially Giles?  What  dark power was involved in Xander's demise?  Will Xander return to the land  of the dead in the end? 

Submitted by DSRT
June 27, 1999
Challenge #2   

What if in the season 2 episodes called Becoming part 1 & 2 instead of only Giles being kidnapped from the library what if both Xander & Giles were  taken by Angelus' henchman? 

 - must contain m/m 
 - Angelus tortures Xander {any nasty method you wish} 
 - Giles forced to watch{Well he is a Watcher after all} 
 - deal with the aftermath and repercussions of the ordeal 
 ex: emotional,physical 

 Submitted by DSRT
July 19, 1999
Challenge #3   

What if the other members of the gang were  aware that Giles is in love with Xander and are unable to take the tension  anymore so they decide to do something about it?{In the episode called "The  Prom" we see Giles get very snitty when Xander brings up using his road trip money to buy a tux for the Prom.} 

 - Must be m/m 
 - can take place during or after the Prom ep{either or Both} 
 - Everyone must be involved {even Anya, Cordelia & Wesley}in getting the two  together except Xander {who may be aware or not of Giles' feelings} 
 - The gang should use treachery, jealousy, deceit, trickery maybe even  captivity to get them together{admit their feelings}. 

 Submitted by DSRT
July 25, 1999
Challenge #4  

This is based on a challenge that I posted to a different list it has been altered  to fit Buffy TVS series. 


 - Xander must be the main {victim}focus of the drama 
 - The drug Rohypnol{AKA Date Rape Drug} 
 - missing time, amnesia 
 - possibility of Aids{testing} 
 - Lots of H/C, guilt, fear and anger 
 - vengence 
 - Must be m/m 

 Submitted by DSRT
August 3, 1999
Challenge #5  

I have a new  challenge for list members 


 - Must be m/m, X/G 
 - A disastrous day{emotional &/or Physical} 
 - Xander's{or Giles'} Birthday 
 - an unusual present 
 - a warm night 

 Submitted by DSRT
August 29, 1999
Challenge #6  

Can you just imagine watching Xander as a Stripper. YUM. 
Anyway here is a challenge for the list along those lines. 

 - must be Slash 
 - Xander performs his stipper act(What do you think he might choose?) 
 - The guys are there 
 - The girls aren't supposed to be but are(disguises??). 
 - Xander must leave with one of the guys(could be 
 Giles,Angel,Oz,Devon,Ethan, or whoever you choose.) 

 Submitted by DSRT
October  5, 1999
Challenge #7 - Secrets  

Can you just see the the  slayerettes mooning over these romance novels and Giles trying to keep the  secret that he wrote them all the while he is feeling very smug about it - 
 Giles has a secret!! 

 - m/m 
 - Giles is writing romance stories 
 - slayerettes mooning over the stories 
 - Xander finds out about Giles 
 - several secrets revealed 

 Submitted by DSRT
January 27, 2000
Challenge #8   
A Birthday Challenge  

A birthday challenge. Lets see if anyone will attempt it. 

 - m/m(G/X pretty please) 
 - Giles' Birthday 
 - Slayerettes throw a party 
 - Girls arrange an unusual present (one that Giles wants) 
 - handcuffs, rope, a blindfold and Giles' bedroom 

 Submitted by DSRT
September 1, 2000
Challenge #9  
Buffy TVS/Hellraiser  

What if Xander's maternal <Great?>Grandfather is Pinhead(according to the movie's backstory he was a military man - British I think from the old picture in the Hellraiser movies). What if the Cenobite leader was caught <binding spell? like Angelique of H:Bloodlines>? How would the other  cenobites as well as the labyrinth where they reside react to this sudden loss of leadership? 

 - Must be m/m, Giles/Xander 
 - Xander's father & Ethan use the Puzzle box 
 - Pinhead is captured 
 - Cenobites attack Sunnydale 
 - Attracted to Xander by bloodline 
 - labyrinth mazes 
 - tortured souls 
 - a bell, a book, a candle 

 Submitted by DSRT
October 28, 2000
Challenge #10  

 The Watchers council wants Xander assassinated due to a Prophecy that isn't what they think it is. 

 - Must be Xander/Giles(m/m) 
 - a misleading Prophecy 
 - Watchers' Council orders Xander's death 
 - a betrayer within the council(good or bad?) 
 - the death card from a tarot deck 
 - an awakening to change 
 - Xander's feelings both old & new 
 - Giles protective(Ripperesque)steak should be seen 
 - a Battle Royale 

 Submitted by DSRT
December 21, 2000
Challenge #11  

The Slayerette gang throws a yuletide party for Christmas/New Years/Winter's Solstice (you decide which)Where someone has slipped a potion into the punch bowl that has a strange effect on all who drink it. 

 - must be /m(Giles/Xander)as main pairing 
 - A Yuletide Party 
 - a bespelled punch(Egg Nog?) bowl 
 - the culprits (pick someone,lots of choices) 
 - Giles singing "Blue Chistmas 
 - An enchanted Giles 
 - Xander taking his car keys 
 - liberties taken by Giles 
 - Xander taking him home(whose?) 
 - Hidden secrets revealed by both 
 - revenge against the culprit(good or bad?) 

 Submitted by DSRT
December 26 2000
Challenge #12  

 What If Xander had been abducted from his real family by the Harris family as a baby. What if the truth came to light of this abduction? How would  Xander handle the truth? How would his Friends? How would his real family(parents) react to finally finding him again? Why was he abducted and how could it possibly be connected to an odd prophecy that the Watchers' have kept hidden for centuries? 

Challenge #12A  
 - Must be m/m (Giles/Xander) 
 - Parents must be Riley's parents 
 - an centuries old prophecy 
 - an infant abduction(Xander) 
 - a Shadowing fiqure 
 - a mystical Tome 
 - A grotesque ritual 
 - Solar Eclipe 
 - Silence & Song 

 Challenge #12B 
 - m/m (any of these X/Spike, or X/?) 
 - Parents must Giles' Parents 
   (some couple have children late in life) 
 - an centuries old prophecy 
 - an infant abduction(Xander) 
 - a Shadowing fiqure 
 - a mystical Tome 
 - A grotesque ritual 
 - Solar Eclipe 
 - Silence & Song 

 Challenge #12C 
 - m/m (Giles/Xander) 
 - Parents must be Glory & The Mayor  (Well he mentioned numorous times  that he was married, often current time) 
 - an centuries old prophecy 
 - an infant abduction(Xander) 
 - a Shadowing fiqure 
 - a mystical Tome 
 - A grotesque ritual 
 - Solar Eclipe 
 - Silence & Song 

 Challenge #12D 
 - m/m (Giles/Xander) 
 - Parents must Wesley's Parents  (perhaps they blame him for the loss) 
 - an centuries old prophecy 
 - an infant abduction(Xander) 
 - a Shadowing fiqure 
 - a mystical Tome 
 - A grotesque ritual 
 - Solar Eclipe 
 - Silence & Song 

 Challenge #12E 
 - m/m(any of these X/Spike, or X/?) 
 - Parents must Jenny/Giles(you fiqure out how) 
 - an centuries old prophecy 
 - an infant abduction(Xander) 
 - a Shadowing fiqure 
 - a mystical Tome 
 - A grotesque ritual 
 - Solar Eclipe 
 - Silence & Song 

 Challenge #12F 
 - m/m(any of these X/Spike, or X/?) 
 - Parents must Ripper(Giles)/Ethan(if a spell can  change Giles into a demon why not into a woman?) 
 - an centuries old prophecy 
 - an infant abduction(Xander) 
 - a Shadowing fiqure 
 - a mystical Tome 
 - A grotesque ritual 
 - Solar Eclipe 
 - Silence & Song 

 Challenge #12G 
 - m/m Giles/Xander 
 - Parents(other) you pick em 
 - an centuries old prophecy 
 - an infant abduction(Xander) 
 - a Shadowing fiqure 
 - a mystical Tome 
 - A grotesque ritual 
 - Solar Eclipe 
 - Silence & Song 

 Submitted by DSRT
January 4, 2001
Challenge #13 

AU:New Man 

What if in the episode "A New Man" the only way to change Giles back from a demon into a human was to have sex with the first person(Xander) he touched  before the sun comes up or the transformation will be permenment then they must continue to do so nightly for a set amount of time(could be a month, a week or whatever you decide) to make sure the transformation back is permenment. 

 - must be m/m (Giles/Xander) 
 - The truth about the New man spellbreaking 
 - The Spell's timelimit 
 - Buffy attempting to explain it to Xander 
 - Spike bluntly telling him 
 - a passed out Xander 
 - Giles' Bedroom 
 - Spellbreaking sex(decide how long or how many times it takes) 
 - a shattered bed frame 
 - Discoveries & Truths 
 - a new dawning 
 - roses 

 Submitted by DSRT
Jaunuary 19, 2001
Challenge #14 

What if there was more to Ripper's(Giles) break up with Ethan Rayne and his becoming a watcher than what has been let on in the show? This is basically  a What If/Time Travel challenge with a bit more tossed in. What if Xander ended up trapped in the past with no personal memory of who he is, but is able to remember certain facts and events such as what a slayer is, various battles that had been fought in the future but nothing about who his friends were or his own homelife. And just suppose that he had been found by a slayer and her watcher who just so happens to be Giles Sr. who takes him in. 

 - Must be m/m(Xander/Ripper, Giles/Xander) 
 - a strange box 
 - a terrible spell of blood & bone 
 - Xander disappears into the past 
 - Found by the slayer & her Watcher Giles Sr.(Ripper's dad) 
 - Amnesiaic Xander(Partially) 
 - Becomes Giles' Sr. Assistant 
 - Ripper & Ethan magical activities 
 - Ripper is rescued by the slayer,his father & Xander 
 - Friendship begins & progresses 
 - a horrific apokolyptic battle 
 - Ethan attacks Xander (magically...jealous much?) 
 - Ring of fire 
 - photo album 
 - secrets & truths 
 - memories returning 
 - Realizations & Confrontions 
 - conjoining of souls 
 - silver rings 

 Submitted by DSRT
January 24, 2001
Challenge #15  
 Alien Nation & Buffy TVS  

 What if the realms of Buffy TVS coexisted with Alien Nation(TS). What if Matt Sikes & Xander Harris are related and involved in an ancient Apocalyptic Prophecy that someone/beings intend to have come to pass and others want stopped. 

 - takes place durring both Series 
 - must have m/m pairings (Xander/Giles, Matt/George) 
 - Apocalyptical Prophecy 
 - Matt & Xander's mysterious ablilities (you decide) 
 - Dire curse 
 - Exchange Of Favors 
 - Overseers & Demons 
 - visionary dreams 
 - Dark Knight 
 - Blood Moon 
 - fabled pairings 
 - Crossroads 
 - Black Fire 
 - A battle 
 - death's heart 
 - a sacrifice 
 - Changing paths 

 Submitted by DSRT
Febuary 3, 2001
Challenge #16  
BTVS/Rocky Horror Picture show 

 Dr. Frank-N-Furter never really died in the "Rocky Horror icture 
 Show"(maybe it was faked, the participants lied or whatever) but was actually reassigned by the people of Transsexual to Sunnydale CA. When the  Slayerettes become involved in an Apokolyptic battle, Xander is abducted by the letcherous Dr. Frank-N-Furter(who looks a lot like Rupert Giles<YUM>)  because he misses his long-lost love Brad Majors and he thinks that Xander looks a little like him so he takes him as a replacement for Brad. 

 - Must Be m/m(X/Dr. F, X/Giles, Dr.F/Brad) 
 - Abduction of Xander 
 - A mountain mansion 
 - Deceptions 
 - seduction 
 - Brad Majors is a widower Watcher 
 - repressed memories 
 - Discoveries 
 - Bondage 
 - leather & lace 
 - Hidden desires revealed 
 - Rose Tint My World 
 - fishnet stockings & high heels 
 - chances taken 
 - Truths & Consequences 
 - confrontation 
 - The Slayerettes to the rescue 
 - the medusa machine 
 - a whip 
 - someone saying "Help me Mommy!!" 

 Submitted by DSRT
Febuary 10, 2001
Challenge #17 

What if while assisting Giles, Xander discovers the truth about Spike's background before becoming a vampire and pieces together the roots of the  beginnings of the prophecies that ties them all together and hidden truths of the forbidden that comes with a price...... 

 - Must be m/m(Xander/Giles, Spike/Wesley/Angel) 
 - William was a virgin with women but not men before turning 
 - The journals belonging to William 
 - an esoteric book 
 - Bloodlines 
 - The Watchers 
 - Ancient prophecy + a curse 
 - midnight trysts 
 - vengeful spirit(Clarice?) 
 - Two fated pairings(the 2nd contains 3 people) 
 - tombs of the Fates 
 - conjuction of souls 
 - Choices 
 - Sacrifice 
 - Redemption 
 - Confessions 
 - leap of faith 
 - judgement 
 - Salvation of the hearts 

 Submitted by DSRT
Febuary 13, 2001
Challenge #18 
Buffy/American Gothic crossover 

 A group of demons abduct three people(Dr. Matt Crower, Xander Harris & Anya) 
 believing that they are part of a prophecy involving a fabled trinity of darkness & light. 

 - must be m/m & f/f(Xander/Giles, Matt/Lucas, Anya/Merlyn) 
 - Abductions 
 - a prophecy 
 - Fabled Trinity 
 - magical bindings 
 - Choices 
 - Temptations 
 - mistakes & forgiveness 
 - sacrifice 
 - Truths 
 - Unmasking 
 - two hellmouths 
 - myrmidon 
 - desires 
 - search 
 - Darkness & light 
 - revenge 

 Submitted by DSRT
March 1, 2001
Challenge #19  

A Vicious cult attempts to ressurect a Deceased Demon/God, you decide how 
 they go about it and why. 

 - Must be M/M & f/f(Giles/Xander,Buffy/Anya) 
 - A Deceased Demon/God 
 - Vicious Cult 
 - Bawdy Ballad 
 - hearsay 
 - Dementia 
 - Crossroads 
 - Pyre Flames 
 - Deadlights 
 - Searchers 
 - Diviners 
 - Resurrections 
 - Hauntings 
 - Hell Heir 
 - Void 
 - Destroyer 
 - Silence 

 Submitted by DSRT
March 18, 2001
Challenge #20  
Buffy TVS/Inspector Morse 

 This is an AU challenge verging off the Inspector Morse movie 
 called the ReMorseful Day. What if Morse didn't really die but was some sort of magical being(God,Demon,Immortal, shapeshifter, Alien...you decide  which)? But as time passes he regularly fakes his death & moves on to a new country,a new life until he needs to move on again and now he arrives in  Sunnydale.....Unaware that his past is about to catch up with him in the form of his Ex-Sgt Lewis and a couple prophecies...... 

 - must be m/m(Xander/Giles, Morse/Lewis ) 
 - A Mourning Lewis 
 - Family Relations(Lewis & Giles) 
 - Ancient Gods 
 - Magical Warriors & Mages 
 - Unspeakable Horrors 
 - Secrets 
 - Revelations 
 - Prophecies 
 - Desires 
 - Soulmates 
 - Destinies 
 - Demonic Overlords 
 - Hidden Paths 
 - Choices 
 - Gateways 
 - Chalice 
 - Guardian 
 - Classical Music(The Magic Flute) 

 Submitted by DSRT
March 19, 2001
Challenge #21  

In the episode called "The Pack" we see a Hyena Possessed Xander chasing/fighting with Buffy supposedly because he wanted her as a mate...Now  what if that wasn't true?  What if it was just two alphas fighting for  dominance of the pack? What if his interests lay elsewhere? What if the only way he could claim his real desire(mate) was to defeat the slayer(alpha) so he could lay his claim upon his chosen mate? 

 - Must be m/m(Giles/Xander) 
 - a challenge/fight between Xander & Buffy 
 - Hunt to find a mate(Giles) 
 - Fleeing Giles 
 - Pursuit 
 - Graveyard 
 - Altar 
 - Claiming(sex) 
 - Marking 
 - Soul Binding 
 - Blending 
 - Spirit Quest 
 - Shamans' Roads 
 - Secrets 
 - Revelations 
 - Truth & Hope 
 - Results & Reactions 
 - Turnabout 
 - Shoot me, Stuff Me, Mount Me 

 Submitted by DSRT
April 1, 2001
Challenge #22  
Buffy TVS/Man From UNCLE  

 In 1967 durring a mission Napoleon Solo & Illya Kuryakin ran into a demon/God/Warlock, cultist (you decide what) who experiments on them in an 
 fiendish attempt to fullfill an ancient prophecy which misfires triggering a completely different one instead. Tearing Napoleon away from that time to another, stealing his memories and leaving him pregnant(Illya's child) in Sunnydale, California in 1980's. Where he is rescued & helped by (insert your choices here could be Whistler, Angel, The Host or whoever else you can think of) at the request of the PTB. 

 - For the premise of this challenge 
 - Must be M/M(Xander/Giles, Napoleon/Illya) 
 - Napoleon, Illya & Xander must have magical abillities(you decide what they 
 are + Xander's must be doubly) 
 - An Ancient Book (Necronomican, Codex, or other?) 
 - A set of Dark Prophecies 
 - THRUSH & Demonic attacks 
 - Male Pregnancy Spell/?(Napoleon) 
 - Vanishing Napoleon 
 - Time Travel 
 - Truth of Xander's Birth 
 - Amnesia 
 - Wanderer 
 - abductions by Demons &/or Gods 
 - Watcher's Council(ties to UNCLE - Waverly?) 
 - Vengeful Illya 
 - Reunions 
 - Revelations 
 - Fire & Ice 
 - Twilights Bridge 
 - Mystics 
 - Moonfires 
 - Vermilion Matrix 
 - The Last Dance 
 - Cavern 
 - Second Chances 
 - Changing Fates 

 Submitted by DSRT 
April 4, 2001
Challenge #23 

It is Easter, the renewal of the seasons as spring has entered the into our lives once more and many of the creatures of nature are jumping each others bones:) 

- Must be m/m,f/f(Giles/Xander, Spike/Reilly,Tara/Willow, Buffy/Anya) 
 - Demon who looks like a gigantic Bunny Man 
 - Easter Egg Hunt 
 - Magical Eggs(with erotic results) 
 - Sexual pleasures 
 - Chocolate(all forms-solid,liquids, creams) 
 - Crypt 
 - The Magic Box(Giles' Store) 
 - heartstones 
 - Oak Table 
 - Broken furniture 
 - Screams 
 - Fainting 
 - Easter Lilies 
 - 24 hours 
 - Realisations of the heart 
 - beginnings & renewals 

 Submitted by DSRT
April 14, 2001
Challenge #24 
Buffy TVS/V The Series  

 24A: The storylines for Buffy TVS Series and V Begin at the same time so that would mean that the V invasion would have begun in season one of Buffy 
 TVS. How would that change the characters of both series? How would they react to the invasion? How would the slayer handle having to fight Visitors? 
 What if Mike Donavan was related to Xander Harris? What if Martin wasn't really dead? What if the visitors were in some major apocalyptic prophecies? What if the LA Resistance fighters met up with the Sunnydale Resistance 
 group which is primarily made up with the Slayer & Slayerettes? What if Diana was involved in helping the prophecy to begin? 

 24b: The Buffy TVS Storyline begins (you decide how many) years after the orginal V  series ends....(is there Peace or Not between the Visitors & Humans...you decide) and Diana is still causing havok on earth. How would the war have changed Sunnydale? Would the families of the Slayerettes be  very different? How would the Slayer & Slayerettes be different growing up in a double warzone? What if Mike Donavan was related to Xander Harris? What  if Martin wasn't really dead (WWOD)? What if the visitors were in some major apocalyptic prophecies? What if the LA Resistance fighters met up with the Sunnydale Resistance group which is primarily made up with the Slayer & Slayerettes?  What if Diana was involved in helping the prophecy to begin? 

 - Must be m/m, f/m (Giles/Xander,Mike/Martin/<+ or> Philip), Ethan/Diana, 
 - An ancient prophecy(involve Xander & Mike) 
 - Misguided Traitor 
 - Knights Of Three Orders 
 - Abductions & Torture 
 - Buried Alive 
 - Hellmouth 
 - Sacrifice 
 - Altar of (?) 
 - Powerful Demons & Gods 
 - Blood & Souls 
 - Incarnations 
 - Foresight 
 - Choices 
 - Betrayals & Truths 
 - Redemption 
 - Decisions 
 - Soul Bonds 
 - Revelations 
 - Mothership explosions 
 - World Shaking 
 - Links between Worlds 

 Submitted by DSRT
April 29, 2001
Challenge #25  

April Fools days floats by unnoticed & unmarked by Sunnydale residents until 
 May 1 when the Demons & all Creatures of April Fools Day arrive in town and begin to weak havok & mayhem, A month late. Then things become really  odd..... 

- Must be m/m & f/f(pairings Giles/Xander, Buffy/Anya, Rielly/Spike, 
 Tara/Willow, Angel/Wesley, Cordy/Faith) 
 - April Fools' Day(late) 
 - A strange prophecy 
 - snow storm 
 - Imps, Tricksters & odd demons 
 - Pranks, Tears & Laughter 
 - misinterpeted ingredients 
 - Magic spell gone awry 
 - erotic results(Nympho storms?? Orgies?? You decide) 
 - Soul Bindings 
 - Seductions 
 - Broken Bed frames 
 - Handcuffs, Giles' Ties, 
 - Leather & Lace 
 - sexual exorcisms 
 - A few home truths 
 - fires 
- possessions 

 Submitted by DSRT
May 1, 2001
Challenge #26  
Prophecy Challenge  

The Prophecy Of The Forgotten.... 
Click the above link to go to the prophecy/poem for this one it wouldn't fit here....... 

 Submitted by DSRT
June 15, 2001
Challenge #27   

 Must be m/m (Giles/Xander) 
 - Anya breaks up with Xander 
 - Male Vengence Demon arrives in town 
 - A curious wish 
 - Alternate Universe 
 - Lonely Giles 
 - Surpressed Desires 
 - Buried Secrets 
 - Revelations 
 - Choices 
 - Magic Doorways 
 - Rings 
 - soft music 
 - seduction 
 - Rose petal covered bed 

 Submitted by DSRT
June 16, 2001
Challenge #28  

 During a mission Agent Jay is abducted, tortured left for dead by a group of Apokolyptic Demons & Aliens(they are working together), but he awakens with amnesia wandering around the Hellmouth. He is rescued by the Slayer &  Slayerettes who discover that he is involved with an ancient prophecy. 

 - must be m/m (Jay/Xander, Xander/Giles, Jay/Kay) 
 - Jay believed dead by MiB 
 - A Mourning Kay 
 - An Ancient Prophecy 
 - Healing body & soul 
 - beginning of companionship between Jay/Xander 
 - An Apololyptic war (Aliens & Demons join forces) 
 - Hidden past 
 - Secrets & Truths 
 - Revelations 
 - Destruction of MiB's headquarters(Magical/Tech) 
 - Mib joins forces with Slayerettes 
 - Buried feeling revealed 
 - spell blade 
 - A Battle 
 - sacrifice 
 - the rite of Heartsblood & Soulmusic 

 Submitted by DSRT
June 18, 2001
Challenge #29 

 MS's Challenge #29A 
 Buffy TVS/Sleepy Hollow 

 On Halloween night(All Hallows Eve) Xander is abducted by the Hessian Horseman and the gang has to wait one year to attempt to rescue him from his clutches during the next Halloween night. 

 - Must be M/M (Xander/Giles, HH/IC, Xander/HH) 
 - Crossroads 
 - Water 
 - Trials 
 - Roses 
 - Chances 

 MS's Challenge #29B 

 The Hessian Horseman is captured and enslaved by(you decide who could be - Ethan, Glory whomever you want) to terrorize the Slayerettes and the town of Sunnydale. 

 - Must contain m/m(Giles/Xander, HH/IC) 
 - Amulet 
 - Sword 
 - An ebony Hiroglyph covered box 
 - Wandering Soul 
 - Crossroads 

 MS's Challenge #29C 

 On Halloween Xander recieves a strange package from the Watchers Council and 
 when he opens it he vanishes in plain view of the Slayerettes. Leaving behind a few clues that they must solve before the first light of morning arrives on All Saint's Day(Nov 1) 

 - Must be m/m(Xander/Giles) 
 - A Ring 
 - Gargoyle statue 
 - Bag Of talking bones 
 - Apples of Pomona 
 - Bonfires 
 - Two visitations(Pomona & A Lord Of the Dead) 
 - Dancing and Singing 

Pomona, the Roman goddess of fruits and trees 
Lord Of The Dead(pick one...Celtic,Egyptian,Roman, Greek, ect...) 

 Submitted by DSRT
October 30, 2001
Challenge #30 

After the episode "Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered" (season2) Xander must 
 make amends with Giles for attempting to use the love spell on Cordy which backfired unto all the ladies in town including Jenny. 

 - Must be M/M (Giles/Xander)or even M/M/F(Giles/Xander/Jenny) 
 - Apologies 
 - Punishment 
 - Forgiveness 
 - Silk Ties 
 - Leather & Tweed 

 Submitted by DSRT
November 12, 2001
Challenge #31  
Challenge #31A  
MiB:TAS/Buffy TVS 

 During a mission Agent Jay is abducted, tortured left for dead by a group of Apokolyptic Demons & Aliens(they are working together), but he awakens with amnesia wandering around the Hellmouth. He is rescued by the Slayer & 
 Slayerettes who discover that he is involved with an ancient prophecy. 

 - must be m/m (Jay/Xander, Xander/Giles, Jay/Kay) 
 - An Ancient Prophecy 
 - Healing body & soul 
 - An Apololyptic war (Aliens & Demons unite) 
 - Secrets & Truths 
 - Revelations 
 - MiB joins forces with Slayerettes 
 - A Battle 
 - sacrifice 
 - the rite of Heartsblood & Soulmusic 

 Heartsblood & Soulmusic is whatever you want it to mean..... 

Challenge #31B  
 The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS 

 Alpha and Ethan Rayne have joined forces, they each abduct the companion of their old lovers(Alpha gets Xander & Ethan grabs Jay), to use in an horrible ritual to gain power.... 

 - Must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
 - Jay & Xander Abducted 
 - Nasty things done to them(Use your demented minds:) 
 - Blood & Soul Ritual 
 - Alien version of Necromnomican 
 - Obsidian Blade 
 - Admissions 

 Challenge #31C  
 The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS 

 Agent Jay is finally able to get a Vacation away from the MiB(and his overprotective partner) and somehow ends up in Sunnydale, CA. Where he is 
 attacked and later disappears..... 

 - Must be m/m(Xander/Giles, Jay/Xander, Jay/Kay pre-slash) 
 - An Attack(Aliens? or Humans? You decide) 
 - Coma & Amnesia(Jay) 
 - Alien weapon/device 
 - Abduction 
 - Explosion(The Magic Shop, Library, LTD - you decide) 
 - Truths 
 - Clean up teams 

 Challenge #31D  
 The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS  

 An escaped alien serial murderer(think worse than Hannibal Lector folks) crashes it's spaceship in Sunnydale, CA. Finding the perfect place to 
 entertain itself after a run in with a demon. 

 - Must be m/m(Giles/Xander, Jay/Kay) 
 - 6 murders(2 alien, 2 human, 2 demon) 
 - abduction of Jay And Xander 
 - Magical search in Magic Shop 
 - Clues(3 you pick) 
 - Bloodstained Tarot cards - The Fool, Knight Of Wands, Judgement, The 
 Hanged Man, The Devil & The World Cards 

 Challenge #31E  
 The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS  

 An Alien Jewel is stolen by through magic by someone(you choose who) in Sunnydale,CA. But the jewel is more than anyone realizes.... 

 - Must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
 - Alien Invasion Fleet 
 - Hellmouth opens 
 - Dangerous ritual 
 - Destroyed LTD 
 - Hybrid weapon(magic/Tech) 

 Challenge #31F 
 The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS 

 The daughter of an Alien Diplomat runs away from home and ends up involved 
 with an evil crowd/cult "you decide type" in Sunnytdale, CA and the MiB Agents Jay & Kay are sent to retrieve her. Paths cross between MiB and the 

 - Must be m/m(Jay/Kay, Xander/Giles) 
 - An Alien Book(Magic? Technological? demonic? You pick) 
 - Prophecy 
 - Abductions 
 - Two pairs of conjoined souls 
 - Alien devices 
 - Major mistake 
 - Clean up team 

 The MiB:AS/Buffy TVS/Angel 

 Alpha and Ethan use quick clones to impersonate Jay and Xander which they then destroy in a way that makes each group(MiB & Slayerettes) believe that the two are dead. Why(you decide)? The two reappear together one year later 
 in LA at the Hyperion Hotel.... 

 - must be m/m(Giles/Xander,Jay/Kay, Wesley/Angel) 
 - Two furnerals 
 - Prophecy 
 - Demonic/Alien War 
 - Second Chances 
 - Dragonfire & Gryphon Feathers 
 - Mind Healing 

 Submitted by DSRT 
January 23, 2002

What if the Demon of Inspiration in the episode "Once More With Feeling" had abducted Xander as his mate? What if only Xander's true soulmate could retrieve him from the depths of his abductors' realm? What if that person turned out to be Giles? 

- must be m/m(Xander/Giles, Xander/DOI) 
- Jeweled Mirror 
- 3 spirit guides 
- three different colored Roses 
- Rope, Chains, a Sword 
- Dragon's armor 
- Fire magic 

Well I don't know the name of the demon from that episode which is why I call him the "Demon of Inspiration"(DOI). Hope that this inspires someone out there:) 

Submitted by DSRT 
March 15, 2002
Harry Potter/Buffy TVS 

During Season 2-3 of BTVS 
When his magical talents suddenly and violently come online Xander is abducted by Giles to prevent the Watchers council from claiming him into the order first and sent to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry....for training & protection. 

- Must lead to m/m(Xander/Percy, Giles/Xander, Giles SR/Dumbledore) 
- Ancient Prophecy misread 
- Obsidian Light 
- Wheel of Fortune 
- Mystic Heart Awakens 
- The Fates Unspoken 

Submitted by DSRT 
March 15, 2002

Write an Alternate Universe story that diverges from the cannon of the third season episode "Lovers Walk" Basically this challenge revolves around the question "What if Cordelia and Oz were the ones caught kissing instead of Xander and Willow?" 

- must be m/m(Xander/Giles)f/f(Willow/?) 
- heart wounds 
- realizations 
- new paths 
- vengeance demon 
- a gift 
- new world 

Submitted by DSRT 
May 10, 2002
Challenge #35  
Buffy TVS/Brimstone 

One of the 113 souls that escaped from Hell has returned to Sunnydale CA to 
pick up where they left off in their Armageggon schemes that had been 
stopped by Buffy and the Slayerettes.(you decide which destroyed villian it is:) 

- must be m/m(Giles/Xander, Zeke/Lucien) 
- Heart of the Hellmouth 
- Night rose 
- Fallen Feathers 
- shroud of darkness 
- Karmatic Wheel 

Submitted by DSRT 
June 28, 2002
Challenge #36  

It is Xander's birthday and with all the problems of late it has been forgotten by all including Xander. On the midnight stroke Xander runs into a dark angel who decides to give the young man his deepest heart's desire. Something that Xander has been in denial about that he must now face. Love or Fear... 

- must be m/m(Xander/Giles) 
- A surprize gift 
- two paths 
- Fate's blessings 
- Black Feathers 
- Roses, Leather and Englishmen 

Submitted by DSRT 
September 1, 2002
Challenge #37 
Buffy TVS/Shanghi Noon 

What if a powerful demon from the time of the old west in the town of Carson City abducted Roy Bannon and tossed him into the future, only to reappear falling from the sky down upon the Slayerettes in modern day Sunnydale, CA  as they are tracking the followers of the same demon. 

- must be m/m (Giles/Xander, Roy/Chon) 
- Book of Shambala 
- Chinese Magic 
- Ritual of the Moon 
- Dragon Teeth 
- Twisted prophecy 
- Silk knots 

 Submitted by DSRT 
April 19, 2003
Challenge# 38 

A strange mist envelopes Sunnydale cutting them off from the rest of the 
world...then it gets even stranger. 

- must be m/m(Xander/Giles) 
- Lost souls 
- Re-enactment 
- A Promise 
- Forgotten Curse 
- Exception to the Rule 

Submitted by DSRT 
April 19, 2003
Challenge #39 
The Mummy Returns/Buffy TVS 

While helping Evie and Rick on an excavation of a Temple dedicated to Sai 
the Egyptian personification of destiny. A Gate opens and Jonathan vanishes 
into the well of time to awaken in Sunnydale CA. 

- must be m/m(Jonathan/Giles, Giles/Xander, Jonathan/Ardeth) 
- Prophecy 
- Future shocks 
- Watcher Files 
- Crossroads 
- Medjai 

Submitted by DSRT 
April 19, 2003
Challenge #40 

An ancient demon comes to Sunnydale to extract revenge on the reincarnated 
souls of those who stopped it centuries ago...Xander, Giles, and Willow 
plus(you decide) 

- Must be m/m(Xander/Giles, Willow/?) 
- Black Knight 
- A Promise 
- Forgotten Curse 
- Exception to the Rule 
- Blood Moon 

 Submitted by DSRT 
April 19, 2003
Challenge #41 
Enterprise/Buffy TVS   

While the ship is assisting an alien race, a demonic creature attacks the crew. Wounding many and abducting Tucker before vanishing through a black portal. 

 - must be m/m(Tucker/Reed, Giles/Xander) 
- Bloodlines of the Slayer 
- Prophecies Of Light 
- Strange meetings 
- Sacrifice & Finalities 
- "Starfleet never put this in the brouchre." 

Submitted by DSRT 
April 19, 2003
Challenge #42 

Giles has been involved with Xander for sometime when Rupert's father comes to Sunnydale for help against a unnatural stalker(you pick what) that is hunting him and killing those around him. 

- must be m/m(Giles/Xander) 
- quarrels & venting 
- Assassin 
- Bombs, poisons, Gunfire and magic 
- surprise 
- Magical Wards 

Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #43 
Mortal Kombat 2/Buffy TVS 

Johnny Cage awakens in Sunnydale CA in a daze after the events of Mortal Kombat 2. He runs into the Scooby Gang and his Nephew Xander who takes him in. While an ancient evil arrives to open the hellmouth to bring Outworld into contact with the Earth. 

- must be m/m(Rayden/Johnny, Xander/Giles) 
- Prophecy 
- Consort 
- Blood Moon 
- Lightning Strike 
- Codex 


 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #44 

The Watcher's discover an ancient prophecy involving the ancient and believed to be mythical(so the watchers think) race of Dragons and the possible destruction or salvation of the world 

- must be m/m 
- shapeshifters 
- Storms of Ice & Fire 
- Warlord in Eclipse 
- Flight Of Dragons 
- New beginnings 


 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #45 
Alien Nation/Buffy TVS 
What if the realms of Buffy TVS coexisted with Alien Nation(TS) at the same time. Now just suppose that Matt Sikes & Xander Harris are related and involved in an ancient Apocalyptic Prophecy that Overseers & Demons intend to have come to pass and others want stopped. Matt & Xander both have mysterious ablilities (you decide type) 

- must have m/m pairings (Xander/Giles, Matt/George) 
- Dire curse 
- Exchange Of Favors 
- visionary dreams 
- Dark Knight 
- Blood Moon & Black Fire 
- fabled pairings 
- Crossroads 
- A battle 
- death's heart 
- a sacrifice 
- Changing paths 

 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #46 
This challenge is Role Reversal... 

What if a more mature Xander had come to Sunnydale as the Watcher/librarian instead of Giles. Now just suppose that Rupert/Ripper had been the teenager who joined the Scooby gang instead. 

- must eventually lead to M/M(Xander/Rupert) 
- Changed paths 
- Mayhem 
- Black Leather 
- Sword Magic 
- Mystic Texts 

 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #47 
X-Men/Buffy TVS 

The First Evil has always been there plotting and arranging the defeat of the light for centuries. Now just suppose that It even arranged the discovery of Mutants to the world to cause chaos and fears to run rampant to lead to a war of Humans against mutants. Knowing that whomever won would lose against the armies of the first. The Scooby gang and the chosen may have won the first battle but can they win the war against the First Evil? 

This challenge are based on a couple of strange X-Men/Buffy premises. 
1-What if the real reason Eric changed into Magneto was because he had been possessed by a demon who exiled his soul to a demonic hell in preperation for the First's contingency plan all those years ago and that the demon broke up with Xavier and is constantly trying to destroy him due to fears of being found out by Xavier? 
2-Just suppose that Eric Lensherr had been a Watcher and Magda had been the Slayer plus both were gay? Now what if Magda had been turned a few years before Erik met Charles? 

- must be m/m(Charles/Erik, Charles/Magneto, Giles/Xander) 
- Revelations of deceit 
- Forbidden texts 
- Torture 
- A Summoning 
- Bloodstone Gateway 
- Last stand 
- War of the first evil 


 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #48 
 Due to a spell Giles is de-aged to a Teenager...Say Hello to Ripper:)

- must be m/m(Xander/Giles)
- one month
- Rock
- Fires
- Chase
- Book
- Bus


 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge 49AA - Beginning
Crossover with G*I* JOE

What if that Halloween, Xander had worn one of Snake Eyes black Ninja uniforms that somehow had gotten mixed in with items donated to Goodwill that he deceided would make a good costume? and just suppose that when the spell ended Xander kept all the knowledge and skills of the Ninja...

- must be m/m(prefer Xander/Giles or Xander/Snake Eyes)
- Ripped Seams
- Merger
- Nightmares
- Hunt
- Training
- Search

Challenge 49AB - Rescue

During the Summer Snake Eyes is captured and brutally tortured by Cobra for information but during his resistance to it, his pain reaches Xander who is still strugling to cope from permament lingering effects of the Halloween incident. Xander sets out to rescue the Ninja wearing the black uniform to disguise himself from Cobra as well as from Snake Eyes...

- must be m/m(Snake Eyes/Xander or Xander/Hawk)
- Torture
- Hidden Traps
- Deception
- Rescue
- Military Base
- Vanished

Challenge #49AC - Revelations

A so called Big Bad(You Choose) has joined forces with Cobra in their bid for world domination not realising that this ally has an agenda of their own. Now the Slayerettes cross paths with G.I. Joe and Snake Eyes finds out about that Halloween incident and the Rescue...

- must be m/m(prefer Xander/Giles or Xander/Snake Eyes)
- Nightmares
- Prophecy
- Twin Blades
- Soul Destroyer
- Bringers Revamped
- Bonds

This can be Giles as lover or father figure...


 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #50
 After escaping the Initative Ethan returns and tries to attack Giles but instead wounds Xander quite badly...

- must be m/m(Ethan/Giles, Xander/Giles)
- Crystal Door
- Transfusion
- Long Recovery
- leg braces
- Migraine
- Myth Books

 Submitted by DSRT 
Challenge #51
Challenge 51A
Crossover with G*I* JOE

While on his roadtrip that summer Xander rescues a wounded mute man from a group of Vampires...

- must be m/m(Xander/Snake Eyes)
- Damaged Car
- Cobra, Demons & Vampires
- Magic
- Scars
- Prophecy

Challenge 51B
Crossover with G*I* JOE

Snake-Eyes' Apprentice Kamakura and Falcon are both abducted while off duty by a newly revised version of the Initative...But the Chosen Ones & New Watchers locate the group 18 months after the two GI Joes abduction....

- must be m/m(Falcon/Kamakura, Xander/Snake Eyes)
- Experiments
- Torture & Comfort
- Splicing
- Bad reactions
- Rescue
- Fallout

Challenge 51C
Crossover with G*I* JOE

What if when the hellmouth closed the other Hellmouth was in Maryland near Fort Reed instead of Pittsburg?

- must be m/m(Snake Eyes/Xander or Xander/Giles)
- Club & Bars 
- Erotic Dance
- a Curse
- 4 Suspisous deaths
- Candy
- Pendant

Challenge 51D
Crossover with G*I* JOE

Xander made it farther than Oxnard he managed to reach Maryland KY just outside of Fort Reed. Working as a stripper at a local club he becomes attracted to one of the older men who frequents the club. His name is Hawk...

- must be m/m
- A Pass
- Seduction
- Secrets 
- Fall
- Leave taking
- Letters

Challenge 51E
Crossover with G*I* JOE

After the fall of Sunnydale Xander's parents finally tell him the truth he is not their son but their Nephew. His Mother died and his Father was a military officer who they think was killed in a helicoper accident while saving another...Xander decides to find out more about his real parents but his search unexpectedly leads both G*I* JOE & Cobra to his door...

- must be m/m(Xander/Giles, Storm Shadow/Snake Eyes, Kamakura/Falcon)
- Prophecies
- Demonic Foe
- Swords, Sais & Battle Axes
- Mage Wars
- Wounds
- Mystic Warriors


 Submitted by DSRT 
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