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Welcome to my little corner nook for all the bits & pieces that I've come up with. Not much really here yet storywise but I'm working on them. In this section all the content is listed by my writing name of D. F. Hillford instead of by my various listing names......


D.F. Hillford's Fanfiction Corner


Men In Black: 
Dream Storms 
Jay/Kay pre-slash Completed August 18, 2001 
This is an AU poem of the possible fallout from the episode "Out to Pasture Syndrome"  

Secretarial Gossip 
Jay/Kay slash Completed January 11, 2002 
Three secretarial agents gossip in the cafeteria get an eyefull

War Of The Worlds: 

ABC Nightmares By D.F. Hillford 
Ironhorse/Blackwood Pre-Slash  Completed May 22,1999  
A short drabble where someone is having nightmares each sentance begins with a letter of the alphabet. 


The Prophecy Of The Forgotten by D.F. Hillford  
Is a prophecy I thought up for a challenge on one of the mailing lists I'm on in the BTVS is fairly odd and quite long. 



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